Glucosamine Sulphate Helped This Person Grow 5 mm In Height

Glucosamine Sulphate Helped This Person Grow 5 mm In Height

Update April 9th, 2014: It has come to my attention through the comments that many people believe that the 0.5 cm of increase in height is due to measurement error (maybe due to posture changes, hair length, or differences in measuring style) or from the lack of taking into consideration the diurnal variations of height due to IVD/disc/spinal/vertebral compression/decompression through out the day, after one gets out of bed. I would like to believe, that the person who originally gave me the message has been following this website, and understand how height changes throughout the day, to have taken those factors into consideration. If not, then this post would be worthless. I would like a response from the original commenter on it though,  just to give us some type of assurance that they did take those two factors into consideration carefully.

I’ve been really busy this past week so nothing has been written. However, I did want to share this small bit of news for the people who did pull the trigger and try out the glucosamine sulphate. On the viral post This Non-Prescription Supplement Has Been Scientifically Proven To Make You Grow Taller Even With Closed Growth Plates a recent comment made gave the first bit of evidence and validation that at least for some people, the Glucosamine does work.

We clipped the comment and posted it below for you guys to read.

Glucosamine Sulphate

The pictures that they eluded to are also posted below for viewing.



The claim is that they’ve been taking the 1500 mg dosage for 3 weeks. They company he bought it from is called Blackmore’s. We did a little bit of research and it seems that Blackmores is a very reputable vitamins distributor.


I am not exactly sure what the 2nd picture is actually indicating, but I would assume that they are showing a change in height measurements. The picture is just really hazy.

Something that is very concerning is that in the message, they used the term “glory hole” which is a well known term used to refer to something sexual in nature. We are fully aware that the comments could be just a joke made by a person trying to bring our hopes up.

It is completely possible that this claim could be a complete lie and this person is just talking bullshit and making a mockery of the website (and what we are trying to do it), but I am making a choice to report it, since there is a chance that the claim could be true. We will let the normal readers to make a decision on what they think, and let them decide whether they want to try the supplement or not.

If the reader thinks that the claim is legitimate and want to try the supplement out, check it out below It is an affiliate link and the website will get about $1 for every purchase you make from Amazon.

Click here to check out or buy the bottle from the picture, called the Blackmore’s Glucosamine Sulphate at 1500 mg

8 thoughts on “Glucosamine Sulphate Helped This Person Grow 5 mm In Height

  1. Mel Frank

    This type of measurement is not verifiable because height fluctuates more than 5mm a day anyway. Most people don’t measure their height consistently accurately and they also measure at different times of the day.

    1. Lyvloev

      +1, I know that I can get up to 1cm if I lean on the chair while sitting for around 30 minutes, also lying on the ground is much faster around 10 minutes.

      1. Jake

        Hello Michael and Tyler my name is Jake and I’m am an avid follower of your work. I constantly check up on this site and the lsjl forum. I am a 24 year old male from the midwest and I just wanted to briefly share what helped me increase my morning height. I start my height increase regimen in dec. 2013 i started at 5’6.5 maximum morning height and 5’6 1/8 lowest night height. I began in dec. by stretching but didn’t notice any gains. After a month of stretching i incorporated. sitting with two ten pound ankle weights on each leg a few times a day along with my stretching.. My morning geight increased to about 5’6 5/8 after using the weights. But My morning height didn’t increase much more than that after that. So another. month later I bought a inversion table ioff craigslist and within three weeks by march 2014 my morning height increased to 5’6 3/4. So I was stretching sitting with weights and doing inversion three times a day a lot of work. But my biggest increase was yet to come. I am really desperate to get taller so after my inversion table my height seemed to max out at 5’6 3/4 in the morning. I decided to sit with my ankle weights a different way I decided to sit with them longer. because intially when I would sit with them I would kick them off after like 20-30minutes beccause they would begin to feel uncomfortable. So amid march I started sitting with the weights as long as I could once you feel that uncomfortable feeling after like 20-30minutes that is where it seems you want to be I now call that the growth stage.So i probably sat with them about an hour and a half two ten pound weights on each leg when i measured myself I stoop a whopping 5’7 1/8 mid day it freakin blew my mind. So I did it again and the very next day I woku ap at an astonishing 5’7 1/4. So to recap literally within one day of sitting with ankle weights into this growth stage as long as you can it feels like your body is ripping apart i think this is where the mist growth comes from 5’6 3/4 Max morning height to 5’7 1/4 morning height. So I have been doing this everyday since mid march so about a month and I maxed out at 5’7 3/8 inches kn the morning. I wanted to share this with everyone because the absolute biggest factor in my growth was from sitting with the ankle weights until you feel really stretched as you dangle them over the side of the bed. I wanted to share this because I know what its like to be short and hate your life and get down I sincerely hope that you could make a post about this and share this with others . To see if they sit with ankle weights the way I did if they would grow. So to recap get two ten pound ankle weights a bed high enough that your legs could dangle off of freely.Then sit until what I call the growth stage for me it s like 20-30 minutes in. This is where the real stretch begins.Try to sit in this state witg out getting up to relieve any pressure for as long as possible. I typically just sit on my phone watching youtube videos. And its typically about an hour and a ballf for me until I literally can’t take it anymore and have to sit up. I have a very accurate way of measuring my height so there was no problems with my measurements. I want to share this to get feedback and hear peoples opinions.So please Michael if you could share this and you cab email me jf you want to correspond. I want people to experience the slight growth I did and for us to all see how we could better tweak it to get even more height. Goodluck to you all. I would have shared this on the lsjl forum but it wouldn’t let me sign up for some reason. Sorry for any grammatical mistakes I had to type this quickly on my phone and with little time to slare. Gokdluck to you all hope to hear how it goes…..later!

  2. Alph M

    Yeah… I also think that 5mm means absolutely nothing.
    You’ve got to make hundreds of measurements over the course of several months before being able to conclude anything.

    I don’t get why this website, which usually has a scientific mindset, features such an article.
    They should know that 5mm = statistic fluctuation only … 🙁

  3. Julius

    Hello Jake.
    Congratulations on growing I hope there is more to come and thank you for sharing I will propbably try out your routine. Can I ask how old you are and also did you continue to stretch and use your inversion table while chilling with the ankle weights. Thank you.

  4. Alex

    I’ve been a follower of naturalheightgrowth for a bit longer then a lot of people. You try to make a mockery out of what I was explaining and its kinda offensive.. I’ve tried and bought many pdf readings from other sources that really did help me get a little height(turned out to be temporary).. I gave up for about 6-8 months until recently I just had the time and decided I’ll try taking the tablet.

    I take everything you say about your research seriously. If you said eat shit I probably would of done some research on it haha..

    I wanted to try the tablets you recommended from amazon but I don’t live in the US and I found an alternative locally. I just went out and bought the one in the picture. I have no idea if those tablets or the ones you affiliate on amazon are any different.

    I measured once a week every morning. The second photo taken actually looked like a good angle from my phone camera.. Only after I uploaded it i noticed how bad the quality is.. We measured very carefully, the numbers on the wall are from 180cm-189cm the lines in between are the results.

    Anyway like I said in the original post. I’m open for questions. I’m not a liar. I’m a long time follower. I take a lot of care in how I measure. Kind of disappointed to be accused like that.

  5. Alex

    The glory hole was just a joke reference to the site. I was in a good mood when I wrote that so I was writing out of my excitement.

    And I didn’t mean that Glory Hole…

  6. Alex

    I’ve only just read the top part of this article so ignore the angry bit.. I’m busy atm I quickly browsed this article and must of scrolled to the trolling bit without reading from the top. Anyway Michael I’m speaking to you. Write a list of questions you want answers to and I’ll respond asap 🙂


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