So What Do Most People Think Of Us And Our Website?

So What Do Most People Think Of Us And Our Website?

The once thing that I promised to all the readers and visitor to this website is that I will be completely honest with them. That is however not the only factor that I try to infuse into this website. There are three main qualities that defines Natural Height Growth, which I as the original creator of the website will always enforce so that the spirit here will last as long as I run this place.

  1. Honesty
  2. Transparency
  3. Fairness

Those are the 3 key principles which I want to use to explain this website. I promise to be absolutely completely honest with the readers, about our research and what we find. I try to document and reference everything so that the people will know where we are getting our sources. And I will give almost anyone a chance. Almost any idea they give me, I will look into and do some serious research into.

Honesty is at the core of everything we do here. If we can’t have this fundamental factor to represent the website, then everything we have talked about is useless then. Trust is the critical part of our relationship with the readers.

Any type of extreme claims will be backed up by real scientific articles and journals. We don’t just make things up, unlike some people.

When I talk about Transparency, it is to show the readers that I am just a normal guy, which a normal life, with desires to become taller (and smarter) so that I can have a higher quality of life. I have a fiance now  (from Korea) and hope to get married in a few years. The reason I ever started this website was a way to build something that might make a real difference to the world. I was left by my first love for a guy who was taller than me so I felt so inadequate. My belief back then, a few years ago, was that if I was taller than this new guy she was with, she would not have left me. Looking back on my thinking process, it doesn’t seem to make much sense now. So that is why I ever even started the website, I wanted to find a way to become taller, so that I could get an old girlfriend back. It is a very personal, selfish reason but I understand now that the pain I went through two years ago was what was needed for me to make the push to create something like this. Pain can be a really good force and catalyst for people to make great changes in their life.

However, this website grew to become too big, and developed a certain type of momentum to grow on its own, and now it has become too big to just drop anymore. And, it also gives me a sense of importance and significance to be working on a scientific problem which is important and has multiple practical implications if we could ever find a solution (of course, I will never guarantee that we will find it, no matter how hard we try). As for the scientific posts, what I find, I report, completely and try my best to omit nothing. I give my own opinions, but want the readers to reach their own opinions. No one should listen to another one else with complete blind faith. Critical thinking, being sceptical, is important since we can often get cause in our own lies which we tell even to ourselves. I might make a stupid claim at some point which most people will realize is stupid and obviously wrong, which happens very often. I make a lot of mistakes.

When I say Fairness, it means that I give everyone a chance. Not matter what type of new idea or technique is claimed, I would give it some thought and take an honest real look at it. If it is a supplement claiming to help people grow taller, I want to really study the ingredient list. If they did something wrong and lied about something, I give them the benefit of the doubt and give them a 2nd chance to redeem themselves. Everyone makes mistakes, especially if they are trying to make money from the internet. Some people tell white lies, and other people tell half-lies or omit critical information. However, that is what people do so often.

Here are the mistakes I have made and lies I have told you the readers.

  • When I first started the website, I wanted to make everything completely open and free. That did not succeed, since Cease & Desist Letters, legal issues, and patent right issues, and requests by original content creators (like by Zixa from The Qigong Method) has led me to set to private certain parts of the website.
  • I promised that I would not try to make money from the website and not put advertisement on the website. This promise I completely failed on. (Maybe I became too greedy and lost my way a little in the path. I fully admit that I am human with my faults, failing to resist against greed, lust, sloth, pride, and the other sins)
  • I decided back in the middle of 2013 to add Google Adsense to monetize this website to earn some extra income from ads. In addition, I have joined the Amazon Associates Affiliate program to earn some other income. When you see a link to any product that might be sold on Amazon, it is probably an affiliate link. You can hold your arrow icon over the link and it will show you whether the link is an affiliate link or not.
  • As a small business owner, I would love to make this website my full time job. That would be a dream for me. How cool would that be? 🙂
  • Money does play a factor in the decisions I make, and the implementation of the Adsense and Affiliate programs is what has resulted. Of course, you don’t have to ever buy anything through those links. They are only suggestions, which help out. Most of the time, the website just gets $1 for every purchase you guys make, so it is not like I am getting rich from it.

Let me show you guys one of the first real followers of the website and readers of the website who contacted us. His name is Abel Csabai. He is a Hungarian who was when I first met him going to University in the Netherlands. He is around 183.0-185.0 tall, which is not short, but when you are living in the Netherlands, you might feel quite short in comparison. We even communicated through Skype once and I might have helped him with his Chemistry Lab Homework on how to us Beer’s Law to set up and figure out a refraction problem.

His level of honesty in showing his opinions without pretense is something which is lacking. We found his original videos and posted them below to show what he was really thinking. You can watch both of his videos he had uploaded.

On another side note: He also shared his interest in improving our brains, when my suggestion for him to follow Dave Asprey of the Bulletproof Executive made him sort of a fan. He even found out how tall Dave was, 6′ 4″. It might have been his listening of the podcast episodes that he found out about Dr. D’ Agostino.

After a quick search on Youtube, we found that this audio interview with Dr. Dominic D’ Agostino might have also been done by him. Dr. D’Agostino was in fact on a Podcast Interview on the Bulletproof Executive so there is a 2nd connection. (Listen to the Podcast Episode Here). His talk on the use of ketosis therapies to treat Alzheimer’s and cancer using MCT Oil was fascinating.

2 thoughts on “So What Do Most People Think Of Us And Our Website?

  1. Me

    I don’t know you personally, but from what I see, you are a really special person. Your abillity to put so much effort in that subject is absolutely amazing. The way you express your knowledge, honesty and mistakes are inspiring and I am sure that you’ll success in anything you choose to do in life, and I wish you so. Have a good one.

    1. Me

      That being said, I don’t really know what people think of the website, but I surely know what people think of you…
      Keep it up.


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