Updated Information About XCrunner and Alkoclar’s Claims On Methyl Protodioscin

Almost 99% of the messages we get to the email are just not helpful at all and people asking us to post the PDF for the Grow Taller 4 Idiots E-Book, which we can’t do anymore. Sometimes a reader of the website does provide some interesting new information for us to read, and reconsider. This series of emails were given to us by a reader, who goes by the first name Jacob. We read the series of emails, looked at the links, and wanted first to post them down, before we wrote another post giving our analysis and thoughts on what they said, since the entire series of messages is quite long.

May 25th

Hi, Tyler

On making your next post on your website, I suggest a possible further research on this topic.

Do you remember Guy name of Alkoclar and XCrunner mentioning about Methyl Protodioscin?

Well I thought it’s lab made but apparently it’s also extracted from either Tribulus Terristris or Dioscorea Nipponica Makino.

In many of Methyl Protodioscin compound that is sold especially on Alibaba, most of them happen to be extract of Dioscorea Nipponica. Few of them were also extract of Tribulus Terristris. Chemical compound of Methyl Protodioscin nonetheless happen to be C52H86O22. I’m not too keen on chemistry and I had several theories behind this which was shut down by several people.

There are lab made compound of Methyl Protodioscin that is produced in America (several labs I checked) but unfortunately they are only sold to doctors and researchers with chemical lab company ties. Ordinary people may not be able to obtain them or the price is too high for few mg even for sample purpose.

The link below is worth checking out because it says that Dioscorea Nipponica (from ethyl acetate extract method) INHIBITS Pi3K pathway

But we need stimulation of Pi3K (along with CNP expression and IGF-1 and HGH) for bone growth to occur and many of these pathways are dependent on each other.


This is contrary to XCrunner who said that Methyl Protodioscin creates DNA methylation and I have yet to find any article that supports this claim. Not doubting him but this is worth looking at because it seems contrary to his claim. You might want to put this in your next website because it’s worth checking out.

Also I found a Chinese herb named Si Wu Tang (on the other hand) that seems to proliferate Pi3K pathway.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24156308 – “Si-Wu-tang extract stimulates bone formation through PI3K/Akt/NF-κB signaling pathways in osteoblasts”

I also found another Chinese herb named Roots of Asparagus Cochinchinensis

which claims to have some Methyl Protodioscin in them but that root doesn’t belong to either Tribulus or Dioscorea family.


http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26379748 – “Methyl Protodioscin from the Roots of Asparagus cochinchinensis Attenuates Airway Inflammation by Inhibiting Cytokine Production

Cheers, Regards,

On May 27th

Yeah I will continue on from my previous email. Below is email conversation I had with ‘O’ (XCrunner)



He mentions bmp7, osteogenic protein and gdf5 in addition to methyl protodioscin and dimethyl icaritin and also mentions that his latest client from Czech Republic (35 year old woman grew 2 inches in three weeks from 5’8″ to 5’10”.So from my thinking on this, it seems like methyl protodioscin and dimethyl icaritin isn’t enough; it seems like there needs to be more and from what I seen here, bmp7 and gdf5 is like protein in DNA (I could be wrong) and you can’t really get this from supplements. These “protein” seems like something you have to get from certain bio-chemical lab and have these inserted or injected into the bone or body.I’m also in a learning phase and this height increase topic has been an obsession with me. I could go on research like this on my own and not realize time flies by. Unfortunately we are all in a theory based learning and none of the users online (from my assumption) seem like they applied this because perhaps maybe most weren’t serious, they were skeptical, didn’t have enough money, not possible or all of the above.If I knew I was going to do this seriously, I should have majored in Bio Chemistry instead. All in all, take my posts with grain of salt. Some of what I said could be right or wrong.But I think as far as Dimethyl icaritin is concerned, it’s probably pure icariin (Horny Goat weed) that Xcrunner might have want us to obtain.

I try to order these compounds from alibaba (since it was impossible for me to obtain any of this in the United States because they don’t release these to ordinary people)… my attempt in trying to get these product from China (most of the sources in alibaba comes from China) has been futile from miscommunication from sellers not understanding what I specifically wanted to being inconsistent with their price and general bad feeling about ordering from overseas from possible customs objection in the states. Possible scam scheme is also probable and not to mention, the Chinese don’t have good reputation with quality products and I might not be able to know if what they sent me is real or not and also unfortunately I would not have any chemical source for me to send my product to for testing in case if it’s real or not.

On doc file of compiled XCrunner’s note, they are out there online and I even found one from your naturalheightgrowth website.

he mentions..

Methylprotodioscin, Icariin and Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine.

About 500mg 2x a day, once in the morning and once later in the day (3-6pm)

This will re-open the growth plates + IGF-1 boost from the Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine.

I will be combining the MENS routine with this as it will re-open the growth plates.

You can lift weights and fap.
Avoid junk food and don’t cycle these supplements.


Xcrunner never mentioned Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine so I don’t know where this popped up. Perhaps he has more list of ingredients that he is not telling us. Either way, he contributed a lot regardless… but I’m just trying to verify whether what he said was true and I’m willing to put myself as a guinea pig …. reading is good but applying and attempting discovery is better.

Interestingly, when I typed in “Methyl Protodioscin height” in google (already pre-shown as google search word), one of the link I found was this…


On that website, the Methyl protodioscin they recommend seems to come from Tribulus Terrestris (Not Dioscorea Nipponica).

Another interesting link from the same source


I took some notes as I went on and read from variety of sources online and other scientific source. I also took notes from your website as well and try to tie all this as one puzzle piece like you said.

(+) CNP, (+) cGMP, and (+) Nitric Oxide, (-) PDE5, (-) Myostatin   so plus is “increase” and minus is “decrease”

increase CNP, cGMP, Nitric Oxide level in addition to inhibiting PDE5, Myostatin. I get were Icariin comes from since it seems to inhibit PDE5 and inhibit Myostatin,

Also there are many product that claims to have Icariin but when I read this,…. (some products have icariins with the “s” at the end. This link says to get icariin (60%) as best source. I thought they were biased since they might want to raise the sales but what they say makes sense



Worth reading.

On Methyl Protodioscin…

The word Methyl threw me off at first so I had to research on this. XCrunner mentioned that Methyl Protodioscin increases DNA methylation. If we can use SAM-e supplements (that does the same by increasing Methyl Protodioscin), couldn’t we substitute that and just use SAM-e plus Icariin?

Chinese yam also has Methyl Protodioscin and if you can extract this using alcohol or Propylene Glycol then it might be possible to obtain Methyl Protodioscin without relying on chemist (although safer route seems to say that it is better relying on chemist) … I think ordinary people can extract roots too.

Introducing Methyl group CH3 by substituting CH3 and take out one of Hydrogen atoms…     Protodioscin is (C51H84O22)

Chuan Shan Long (Dioscorea Nipponica) has Methyl Protodioscin … If we can somehow shred this into a powder, soak it in boiling water and boil it off with alcohol. The US customs is pretty anal about what you can import from foreign countries and many natural products from China are banned from entering the America because many Asian plants are invasive (cause environmental harm) and are not FDA approved.

Recent find. (I emailed Alkoclar but he replies with short answer and it doesn’t seem like he is interested in giving out samples anymore..


username by the name of theotheradam put interesting post

#1 Raise FGF2 
Astragalus Membracaneus 

#2 Inhibit FGF3/RasingCNP

as far as I know Astragalus Membracaneus is in IGH-1 (pill that sells with Ghenerate) along with IGF-1 spray. 

Astragalus Membracaneus also sells by powder. 

I have A LOT to write on these topics… and I didn’t mean to bombard you with all this and more links to read. This should ALL tie together.

Like I said, this is my obsession and I could go on and on and research into this ALL day ALL night.

If you are interested, I like to talk to you more. You can add me on gmail and we can chat and talk more about this. Sorry about my writing style, it seems confusing with scattered notes style but I think you can pick up what I’m trying to say here.

On May 27th

Kaneka from network54 forum 177048 (Joey’s forum) and also mentioned by Easyheight


32 year old man growing from 5’10 to 6’0″. I also hear few stories about people growing after their plates were “closed” so In some ways when XCrunner has told me that growth plate never closes but remain inactive.

Modified fast and junk food makes people obese, we have steroids that make people’s muscles HUGE… and there should be steroidal altered chemical compound from some plant extract that can make people grow taller past the puberty age.

You also mentioned Alfalfa, http://www.naturalheightgrowth.com/2012/09/09/increase-height-and-grow-taller-using-alfalfa/

I think the key ingredient is Isoflavones. Found this… interesting http://growingright.blogspot.com/2013/06/alfalfa-to-grow-taller.html


So the key here is to obtain Heirloom or Perennial Alfalfa

The Alfalfa that Kaneka megadosed is from company Holland and Barrett

I remember I megadosed Alfalfa same way and all I got was bloated gas and massive diarrhea but maybe my body wasn’t ready at that time. This was long time ago in 2005 or 2006 or so if I recall.
I also remember trying out Tim’s Adultheightincrease Super Monster homeopathic drops possibly in 2010… didn’t work for me…

On May 27th

My theory on http://www.naturalheightgrowth.com/2014/03/19/lsjl-work-wrong-big-breakthrough/

why gr0wthnut grew 1.5 inches at age 27 but Nixa Zizu didn’t was because (possibly supporting XCrunner’s theory), Nixa Zizu lifted weights… Even though Nixa said he try to avoid leg (deadlift and squat workout) and only did Bench press… still … Both of them did the LSJL very similarly BUT

gr0wthnut only did high stairs machine cardio at the gym (not sure if he lifted weights) but perhaps that might have something to do with it…

Xcrunner on his post said to avoid working out, lifting heavy weights and only masturbate twice a week for that negative feedback loop.

the HGH released all went to recover his muscles instead of going directly to his bones from doing LSJL.

so my assumption, they are all Dependent on each other… HGH, IGF-1, Pi3K pathway, Osteoblast formation, Chondrycyte induction, DNA methylation… all need to work WITH each other.

By the way, earlier I made a typo… Sam-e increases DNA methylation (Not Sam-e increases Methyl Protodioscin) … . still I need to find how and why Methyl Protodioscin and what that has to do with DNA methylation. My purpose was to replace and substitute Methyl Protodioscin if I can’t find it or extract it and use Sam-e instead.

Think link (Indian height increase website — they look like they sell things…) . It looks like Indian height increase website.


Their explanation on height increase supports Xcrunner’s. Their last sentence quote below…

So you see growing taller isn’t about growth plate fusion, it’s about cells. Controlling the differentiation of those cells and increasing the proliferation of those cells. Don’t let growth plate fusion fuse your mind to the possibilities.

I’m 5’8″ and half (174 cm evening height on good days) … on “bad” days with too much movement (it’s 173.5 cm or even 173 cm). My morning height is usually 176 cm or 177 cm… Big height fluctuation.

My goal is 183 cm (6’0″) if more better. My age is 28.

On May 27th

Compiled note I made month ago (Compiled Notes Here)

Most of it you already know and you are more knowledgeable than I am in this regards but it’s also worth knowing from other’s opinion. If this all ties in together and we somehow find a method to grow taller, this demand (will be limitless)

(source includes naturalheightgrowth and youtube video notes)

On May 27th

Found something on Methyl Protodioscin (DNA methylation wasn’t mentioned and am still going to research on this as I go along)

But it says something about osteoclast

From the pdf (attached) … quote below

…… methyl protodioscin, a major constituent , possessed the strong inhibitory activity both on the formation of osteoclast・and the bone resorption ,…..

On May 27th 

as far as osteoclast is concerned, (if I”m not mistaken), osteoclast eat away the osteoblast and osteblast proliferation is needed for growth (one of many factors) and this methyl protodioscin (particularly) from Dioscorea Spongiosa has shown to inhibit osteoclast behavior and promote osteoblast behavior.

I couldn’t find any more than this and if this is true, then perhaps it is a step towards right direction.
On May 29th

From “Medicinal Plants in Australia Volume 4: An Antipodean Apothecary” – By Cheryll Williams

My (Jacob’s) thoughts: I put in red box and also on screenshot. This has been done on animals and detailed that methyl protodioscin stimulates osteoblast proliferation on animals. If it can be done on animals, it would probably make sense that it can work on humans as well. 
Similarly, icariin also seem to simtulate osteoblast proliferation 
quote from link … (shown below)
Osteoporosis – “…Animal studies indicate that Icariin also stimulates osteoblast activity in bone tissue, leading to the development and marketing of medicinal products based on Epimedium extracts for treatment of osteoporosis.

On June 18th

Suggestive idea:

I was thinking… Since Methyl Protodioscin is hard to obtain and they only get released to doctors and laboratory and even if we did obtain them, they are expensive like usually hundred of bucks for few 20 mg or so but we need A lot of them to promote DNA methylation, I have alternate idea which might be cheaper.

Since Methyl Protodioscin is claimed to have the Methylated Protodioscin and the Methylated part just gives off the CH3 to the nearby group, couldn’t we substitute it with SAM-e + regular protodioscin and consume it together?

That way the methyl group from SAM-e gets detached and possibly gets re-attached to protodioscin becoming “Methyl Protodioscin”.

3 thoughts on “Updated Information About XCrunner and Alkoclar’s Claims On Methyl Protodioscin

  1. zack

    So if we buy Methyl Protodioscin and Consume it you mean it will proliferate the cells in our long bones to make us grow taller? though my brother is a doctor I can ask him if he has access to these stuff I will send you the sample as many biomedical companies offer stuff like this to doctors upon their request.

    1. Senior Researcher Post author

      No. I wrote that I have not given my own personal analysis on the claims. Personally I don’t think it is possible. However, there should be some analysis done on the claim.


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