Drinking Milk Does Make People Grow Taller

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Something I read recently made me think back to this old adage that drinking milk will somehow make a kid grow taller.

In the early days of the website, I had talked about and argued over the implied correlation between dairy consumption and perceived greater adult stature. There was never any real conclusive proof in the first post, and over time, after a few more posts, I started to switch my opinion that drinking milk could possibly increase one’s height, and increase the rate of height increase.

One particular life incident that will forever be in my memory makes me think back to this idea. I once met two extremely tall german girls, both around 6′ 2″, buying 2 gallons of milk each and telling me that they drink milk similar to how they drink water. Of course, just how much significance should one put into 1 very odd, outlier experience?

Here is a theory I propose which probably will not be possible to be validated without some serious effort by medical professionals, over a long period time that is not reasonable to most researchers.

Drinking Bovine/Cow derived milk does make people grow taller, but it is not in the way that people would hope.


  1. If you started to take up the practice of drinking milk, even at the age of 10, when one is still growing, there would NOT be any noticeable increase in one’s adult height.
  2. However, if you can develop that milk drinking habit, and you also get your children, AND your grandchildren to drink milk from a very early age, basically the moment they are being weaned off drinking their mother’s breast milk, then your grandchildren will be taller from it.

I call it the grandchildren milk height theory, which I will shorten to GMHT.

Now, a lot of my time these days are focused on thinking at a subconscious level about orthopedics and orthopedic research, specifically because I have decided to dedicate my life towards this endeavor. I have personally read over a thousand studies, and there are a lot of ideas that run in the back of my mind. 90% of those ideas that I have while I am driving, showering, working out, etc. I write down but never decide to write up about, because they are either too scientific and have no actionable steps that the average reader can do.

Something that I recently really got into is the idea of using probiotics, or changing one’s gut biome/intestinal bacteria culture or composition. There was this stunning study that was done in fecal transplantation where you take a female who has been predisposed towards being overweight her entire life, and can’t seem to lose weight no matter what she did. She undergoes a fecal transplantation using the fecal matter from a woman who has been thin her entire life, who is predisposed towards thinness. The result is that the previous state of being always overweight is completely gone, and replaced by a women who basically seemed to have changed her genetic makeup. This study that I learned is absolutely stunning to me.

There is now even clinical studies being done to test this idea (Fecal Microbiota Transplant for Obesity and Metabolism) as well as proposed pills sold that is basically “poop”. In 10 years, it is possible that real doctors are going to be suggesting to their patients that they should swallow poop pills to help them loss weight. The most crazy thing about this is that I have read articles by people who have said that if you can created some pill that can help people loss weight and keep the weight off, you would become a billionaire. So it is kind of interesting to think about this idea – “Can a person become a billionaire by selling pills whose active ingredient is human feces?”

The famous podcaster Joe Rogan is famous for saying that he imagines the human species as just a very complex type of bacteria super-organism (Joe Rogan’s Theory on Life and People). In the medical lecture where I learned about fecal transplantation, the professor said that if we didn’t have any type of way to control, direct, and organize the bacteria in our body, we would pop like a balloon or shrivel up like beef jerky in minutes. In our stomach alone, there is supposed to be around 100 trillion microorganisms

This idea that we can change something that would seem to most people so intrinsic, brings back the idea of Lamarckian Evolution, which Darwin’s camp disproved more than a century ago. Before there was Darwin’s theory of evolution, there was Larmarck’s Theory of Evolution, which I have mentioned before multiple times on the site. What I am proposing is epigenetics, which most people who study/do research/work in the biological and medical sciences don’t believe in. Epigenetics and the field is indeed very controversial, and many studies that have been done to see if it is real has not stood up to the scrutiny of medical research professionals.

Based on darwin’s theory on how evolution really works, this theory I propose right now is basically wrong since the mechanism which I propose goes against how darwin explained why there is such diversity in the species in the world. Let’s make that clear.

Whereas Lemarck says that the features of our bodies change to “adapt”  to the the interaction of our bodies with the external world, which get passed onto our children, Darwin says that the changes that we find is due to random variations at birth. The net result of what we see, in terms of variation is from the variations that are not as successful not reproducing as much and dying off. Darwin is right on this point. This idea that we can do something to our bodies and/or genes, and have that change get passed onto our children is extremely unlikely. However, this theory does need to be proposed, since it is a Theory of Leap Of Faith. Its exact mechanism and steps are not completely logical, but there is just not enough data on to completely disprove this idea, since it is in “gray areas”. It just might work.

The Steps in the Mechanics of GMHT.

  1. Your start first with the first generation, where the still growing adolescent is given a lot of milk for consumption. – The result is no noticeable increase in height, if we compared their final height to say an identical twin which will be used as the control.
  2. This causes their gut biome to change – At this point, I can not tell the reader how the composition and culture of the bacteria in their stomachs will change. Just that the type, composition of bacteria in their intestinal tract will be altered.
  3. When the adult female becomes pregnant, they should immediate start to take calcium, vitamin d3, iron, and magnesium supplements, because those specific minerals are the exact ones that the developing fetus is going to be absorbing from their mother’s bodies. This is not just to ensure that the baby born will already be big, but also to prevent any possibility of hip fractures that can develop from the calcium deficiency causing pregnancy-induced osteoporosis.
  4. When the first generation has their kids, they immediately get their children, the 2nd generation to start having cow milk into their system immediately after they are weaned off their mother’s milk, which they should continue to consume until their are 2 years old (mother’s milk here, not the cow milk). This will have some dramatic effects on the ability of the develop infant’s body in being able to direct the calcium in their bodies towards the ossification centers in their bone. We are specifically talking about Calcium and VItamin D3 here. The gut biome changes again.
  5. When the 2nd generation have their children, they will repeat the steps done by the 1st generation towards the 3rd generation. The result is that the 3rd generation will grow into adult heights which will be noticeable taller than if they were not consuming the milk.

If we were to be completely analytical about this, we can even skip the 1st step. That first step might not be needed, but to explain the basic idea. This is indeed Lemarckian and Epigenetics, but the entire premise behind the website and this crazy endeavor of trying to manipulate one’s almost pre-destined height which is 80% controlled by one’s genetics, we have to use crazy, basically unvalidated ideas which most real scientists say is false.

What I am saying is that we can systematically change a person or a group of people’s heights by changing their gut biome with at least a 3 generation effort with increased dairy consumption to get the high level of Vitamin D3 needed so that when the children are still very young as infants, their immune system has already become altered. The extra Vitamin D3 will help be more effective in directing the calcium in their infant and adolescent bodies to go towards the bones.

It might be surprising but most American adult males are deficient in Vitamin D3 and most females are deficient in Iron and Magnesium.

The physiological changes that can happen are the following….

  1. Where once the grandparents (1st gen) were lactose intolerant, the grandchildren (3rd gen) or great-grandchildren (4th gen) are no longer. This is from a systematic almost forced changing of the gut biome to handle it when can be altered when the 4th generation was just an infant.
  2. Where once the 1st gen might have had celiac disease and have gluten sensitivity, the 4th generation don’t have it, and most medical professionals with their current testing devices will say that to the 4th generation that they don’t have a genetic predisposition towards gluten sensitivity, even thought their great-grandparents all had it. Same thing for other intestinal system chronic issues, like Crone’s Disease.

This obviously doesn’t sound as scientifically cool as say using the recently discovered CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tool to create babies will superior height and intelligence, but in my eyes right now, it does sound viable. Like I said, it will take at least 3 generations to notice any effect.

I think back to the insane level of height increase that happened in the Netherlands over the last 100 years and imagine something similar. People are reminded that during Vincent Van Gogh’s era, the average Dutch adult male was quite short, and among the shortest in all of Europe. In 100 years, that stereotype of the Dutch has completely changed. Some people say that the incredible height of the Dutch was always there, just suppressed due to decades of malnutrition and bad childcare. That would suggest that the Dutch, and possibly all Northern Europeans, specifically the Scandanavians, are genetically somehow supposed to be a taller ethnic group than other ethnic groups in the world. Based on just data collection and looking at the tabulated anthropometric data over the last 50 years one can say that.

However, let’s remind the readers that there was a stunning article that the World Health Organization (WHO) published that I found two years ago which showed that when average out, it says that nearly all human tribes seemed to all have the exact same growth potential. That is saying that the stereotypically image of the short vietnamese male of the modern ega may be gone, when the adult males catch up in height in Vietnamese in 100 years to the “tall” dutch” that we find today. It was revealed that the Dutch society adult male did hit a plateau on their average height as early as even 2010, when census data was collected.

Summarizing It All

    • I propose GMHT, which says that drinking cow milk will make people taller, but it takes at least 3 generations of it to work.
    • You have to get the milk consumption to happen early, right after the baby stops drinking their mother’s milk.
    • The goal is to  change the gut biome of the person while they are still an infant, with a malleable immune system that can be altered.
    • This idea should work to cure lactose intolerance, which has been linked to the “short asian” idea since most east asian ethnic groups have a high occurrence of lactose allergy.
    • The milk has Vitamin D3 in it, which is critical in endochondral ossification development.
    • Vitamin D3 will help guide the calcium to the growth plates when the kid is still growing, making the interstitial growth of the long bones to become optimized.
    • Adult men have a Vitamin D3 deficiency
    • Adult females often have a Iron and Magnesium deficiency.
    • When the adult female becomes pregnant, she should immediately start to take calcium, vitamin d3, iron, and magnesium supplements.
    • Don’t supplement the just born baby with any supplements. The mother’s natural breast milk is enough to give the baby the right combination of hormones, vitamins, etc to ensure that the baby will have the most “fit” immune system. Nature had 5 billion years to perfect this natural process so let nature do its magic for the time when the mother is breastfeeding. Sometimes we have to take a step back.
    • Only when the stage of complete and only breastmilk consumption is over should the now infant be given supplements.
    • Add vitamin D3, calcium, Iron, and Magnesium powder in with the milk being consumed, so that the growing baby/infant reaches the full height and growth potential.
    • The full height and growth potential has been claimed by the WHO to be the same for most ethnic tribes in the world, not counting certain tribes that are pygmy due to environmental factors like Island Dwarfism.
    • This means that the male teenagers from stereotypically short ethnic groups may end up being just as tall as the dutch male teenager in a century or so, if they supplemented their next 3 generation of children and pregnant mother with milk and vitamins, at exactly the right stages.

(Note: This time I did NOT use any Amazon Affiliate links here. Too tired to do that.)

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  1. Hans Stokes

    Cow’s Milk can make you or your siblings taller and intelligent. What a load of BULL SHIT! Where is your scientific evidence? Show me the scientific journal where this says.


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