LSJL Update 9-13-2016

I tried hand clamping but I seemed to plateau with it so I’m back to using the C-class but more intensely than before.  Here is me doing some bones with a C-class clamp.  I’ve been getting some progress with my feet at least but that could be because changes in the feet are more noticeable because my shoes feel more snug.  Here’s the last feet images I took for comparison.  The first image there is actually the before picture.  Also the II phalanxes(toe closest to big toe) seems longer as well which makes sense since I’m clamping close by.

But my feet seemed to go up in size very quickly once I change methodology of using the C-class clamp over the hand clamp.  So if there’s no changes in a week then I will try something different.  Michael thought about using two C-class clamps at once.  Ideally, yes you want to gain height but the feet is where I’m getting results and if my right shoe no longer fits that would be hard to deny proof and I could use that proof to acquire more resources to translate to height increase research.

Since the II toe is growing I’m worried less about a precise clamping location and more about clamping force.  Now it is possible that the feet could be flattening but the big toe is already pretty straight.  Well if I can keep getting results than such minutiae won’t matter.

Here’s pictures of my feet:


The right toe is bigger.  I’m not to the point where I need to go up a size for my right foot but I’m closer.

Here’s some unilaterally swollen feet:  The bones don’t physically look longer.  So I don’t think it’s swelling making my feet appear longer.


Here’s another unilaterally swollen foot:


Here’s another:


11 thoughts on “LSJL Update 9-13-2016

    1. Tyler Post author

      I found some measurements that the right metacarpal was greater than the left whereas all the phalanges were greater in the left than right. It could be that the left side of my body expresses more CNP less FGFR3. Right metacarpal being longer is sign of growth if all the left bones in my body are in fact longer than my right. But I don’t expect you to take that as proof which is why I keep trying.

  1. Bill

    “if my right shoe no longer fits that would be hard to deny proof”
    O. J. Tyler

    Right toe actually looks bigger, but there’s too much room for error, the proof would be actual x-rays and measuring of the actual lenght in Gimp to rule out other possibilities. Would be cool if you could provided, just go see a doctor and tell him you are having some unusual pains in your joints and voila, you get a free xray (at least works that way in Europe).

  2. Kevin Reilly

    I am confused by your post. You have swelling or edema on one foot and then the other foot/leg unless the one photo is flipped. You should write your articles so people fresh to the topic have some kind of understanding to what you are talking about.

    Why is one foot swollen? “…if my right shoe no longer fits that would be hard to deny proof…” You seem to say that a swollen foot is hard to deny proof that your foot bones are growing???

    1. Tyler Post author

      I don’t understand what you mean by the sentence “You have swelling or edema on one foot and then the other foot/leg unless the one photo is flipped.” I showed pictures where my feet was inconsistent of a foot with swelling and edema. We’ll see if I can get stronger proof of growth but I’m interested in hearing your evidence that it’s definitely edema.

  3. Bran

    Hey Admin

    I remember when you said there are people out their who have unique bodies that relate to height in an article well Josh Gott from Britain they say he has deletion of one of the three chromosomes which is an antagonist or preventer of Growth hormone and this is not pituitary gland tumor condition it is different and he stands at 6ft11 and still growing and he is the only person in the world with this condition.

  4. Jason

    Hi Admin,

    I just want to take a moment to thank you for all the work you have been doing, and even if the main objectives of this site do not come to fruition, at least it has given some of us hope. I also wanted to suggest that you make a summary page which details all the methods that will make you taller if your epipheseal plates have fused or not, almost liie an occassional culmination of your efforts.

    Thank you again

  5. Jason Heeley

    Hi Admin,

    I would like to take a moment to thank you for taking your time out to make these posts. Despite being an avid reader of your articles, I acknowledge that the ultimate objective of this site may not come to fruition; it is likely that there is no magic pill, however one should not overlook the hope these articles provide. I would also like to add that it would be highly beneficial if you were to make a summary of the methods/substances that have been able to increase your height (whether your epipheseal plates have fused or not, respectively) – a culmination of your efforts.

    Once again, thank you.

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