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How Orthopedic Surgeons Perfoming Limb Lengthening Surgery Are Making Over 8 Figures A Year In Salary

How Orthopedic Surgeons Performing Limb Lengthening Surgery Are Making Over 8 Figures A Year In Salary

Limb Lengthening SurgeryAfter this recent podcast posting I did with Andrew on his experience with going through with cosmetic surgery to gain almost 4 inches in extra height, I started to become interested in wondering “just how much money do this doctors make on average, annually?”

I decided to do some “back of the envelope” calculations and if my values are accurate, then orthopedic surgeons who perform the limb lengthening surgery may be the highest paid medical specialty in the world.

About a month ago, I was trying to find information on which medical specialties make the most out of all the medical professions. It turns out that from all the sources I’ve found online, orthopedic surgery is consistently ranked the highest paid specialty. The average values that are usually raised are about $430,000-$450,000/ year in earning for guys who work with the spine specifically. (source 1, source 2, source 3)

There was one resource (here) , which a different value, putting the average earnings much higher, at $710,000/ year.

Orthopedic Surgeon Salary

We find that orthopedic surgeons who perform specifically on the spine makes even more than neurological surgeons and cardiovascular surgeons. I guess the old image of brain surgeons and heart surgeons was not as financially beneficial as we are made to believe. They may be within the top 3, but are not at the top. That goes to spine surgeons.

If we are to assume that the average non-spinal orthopedic surgeon (hip & joint) was making about $600,000, then having a ranking of being an excellent surgeons would increase that salary upwards by 30%, making their earnings to be around $1,000,000/year.

Now these guys are reaching the level of earnings only seen in Investment Banking ($1-$3 Mil/year), Senior Partners at Mckinsey ($2-$4 Mil/year), and Senior Partners at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz ($4-$8/year). Only Hedge Fund Managers and Major Movie Stars (and directors) have a higher earning potential per year, and those entertainment guys don’t have the same level of stability has guys in consulting & finance. However, there is a few unique breeds of physicians whose earnings rival even the guys in finance, consulting, and law practice. That is what we are talking about here.

I was recently watching the TV Show House MD, in the 2nd season in the episode “The Mistake“, A surgeon that house tries to bribe (and then blackmail) mentions his salary at the hospital. It turns out that even one of the worst surgeons in the hospital who performs liver transplants makes around $600,000 on average. Obviously the show is not based on reality, but the producers and writers of the show try to be accurate on those types of figures when they do their research, especially for a medicine based tv show. So let’s assume that the value the actor playing the doctor speaks of is reasonable, at $600,000. Of course this was back in 2005, so we would have to take into account the 3-5% increase annually of physician salary to keep up with inflation over the years, even accounting for the factor of the major economic depression of 2008-2009. This is the first indicator that the salaries of surgeons in general are very high. So we can already assume that really good physicians at major hospitals are bringing in already almost 7 figures a year. I remember an anecdote about the highest paid physician in Canada, and his/her earnings per year was around $4-5 Mil/Year.

Something that doctors don’t tell their patients is their salaries, but one well known fact is that doctors who do their own private practices, instead of working in hospitals, clinics, and teach make the most money, but only if their private practice is doing very well with a good marketing department. So let’s increase that factor by another 30% for surgeons.

My own dentist back in Bellevue, WA (one of the richest regions of the USA because of Microsoft, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos who both live in Medina) was making half a million a year herself from good marketing which she paid for years ago after finding a firm to advertise her services. She was the only dentist with a medical staff of half a dozen dental hygienists, which doesn’t include the front desk people who do all the accounts and billing.

Something that most people who never went to Med School know about is this test called Step 1, which is the first version of the USMLE. It is based on the score you get in this one grade which determines which specialties you can apply and/or get into. The cut off point for passing is around 190 currently but to be considered for the best, highest paid specialities you need to have a score of around 240 usually, with the highest almost always being Plastic Surgery in recent years. What happens is that this three digit number is the best indicator of which residency programs that you would be even matched with. Matching is one of the most interesting processes medical school grads will ever half to go through. You fly around the country, or even other countries to interview with perspective residency programs so that you get to interview the programs/clinics/other physicians and they get to interview you. It really is very much like dating, but only there is no chance that you will end up naked in a hotel room at the end of the interview with the other people (unless it went really, REALLY well).

It might be interesting to ask oneself why is it that plastic surgery matching requires such a high step 1 score. (Read Successfully Matching Into Surgical Specialties: An Analysis of National Resident Matching Program Data). At this point, I guess cosmetic surgery is one of the most lucrative specialties with extremely high payoffs. We know that almost all types of cosmetic surgeries requires that the patient completely pay out of their own pocket. I don’t know any medical insurance plans which cover it. The only medical situation where I would guess is if one decides to use the medical excuse of a deviated septum causing sleep apnea to get a rhinoplasty but even that requires that a person use a medical reason first to justify their desire to get it just for cosmetic reasons.

I’ve been living in the Gangnam area of Seoul for almost a year and a half and I know personally very well just how lucrative plastic surgery can be. A 2 Hour surgery can be a total of $50,000 (and upwards) out of pocket. The BK Hospital based in Nonhyeon-Dong in Gangnam-Gu of Seoul is probably is the most famous and has surgical clients fly in from every corner of the world to go there for their excellent service and high quality of surgeons. There is no insurance, no discounts, just you and your bank account.

If we then combine the specialty of orthopedic surgeons and plastic surgery surgeons together, we create the most lucrative medical specialty there probably has ever existed, cosmetic orthopedic surgeons. Cosmetic Orthopedic Surgeons focus mainly on limb lengthening surgery and helping their clients to become taller. That fact is that even in Seoul, Gangnam there is still only maybe a dozen surgeons who are focusing on this micro-niche of surgical speciality.

Andrew has said that the combined total of his surgery with rehabilitation, room and board, etc. was about 70,000-80,000 Euros. That amounts to around $100,000-$110,000 USD. If Andrew wasn’t from Singapore, which is probably the richest country in the world (maybe Monaco is slightly more), then there is probably no way he would have been able to afford this type of surgery.

That was where I started to do actually do my back of the envelope calculations. The average american worker has an hourly rate, and we take that hourly rate and multiply it by a factor of 2000 to figure out how much their yearly income is. If we just took the $50,000 someone like Dr. Betz makes per surgery, and multiple that by 2000, that comes out to $10,000,000 income per year.

If instead we assumed that Dr. Betz himself did all of the real surgery, then he probably can only perform 1-2 surgeries every working day. If we then multiple the cost of each surgery, at $50,000 with the number of surgeries performed each day, at about 1.5, and then multiple that value by the number of days a person in either the USA or Germany works, around 200 days per year, that comes out to be $50,000*1.5*200 = $15 mil / year.

If we consider the fact that the most well known limb lengthening doctors like Paley, Betz, and Ilizarov have their own clinics and medical centers named after them, then it is not that unreasonable to assume that the best cosmetic orthopedic surgeons are bringing in 8 figures a year consistently. Of course that type of income would only come if one chose the right specialty in the beginning and they went into private practice for themselves, and they would need to chose cosmetic surgery since that would mean that there would be less hassle with the medical insurance people. Forget Insurance, Forget HMOs, Forget PPOs. The people who go to these medical also have to sign NDAs and medical legal forms which completely take away the possibility that the patient can fill lawsuits against the doctor if something goes wrong.

Cosmetic Surgery is notorious for the fact that unlike most other medical practices, there is very little blame on the surgeon, so any problems and complications would not affect them. The medical staff require that the patient understands all of the types of complications that they are likely to experience and makes the patient sign off the chance that the limb lengthening clinics would be legally responsible for surgeon/human error in the operating room.

For course I would guess that the medical doctors don’t pocket the full 8 figures. Half of that probably goes to paying their medical staff, the rent on the land for the clinic, the medical equipment, the annual licensing. At the end, His 8 Figure Salary gets reduced to about $3-5 Mil/year. Nice enough to get two summer homes. Dr. Betz may not be a Michael Bloomberg or Rupert Murdoch who can own their own private jets but he would be earning as much as most CEOs of major Fortune 500 Companies, minus the ridiculous stock options and yearly end bonuses. For limb lengthening surgery, the niche is still sort of like the Old Wild West.

So is there any other type of medical speciality that would be comparable to what these guys do?

I thought about the possibilty of transplants, specifically liver, pancreas, heart, bone marrow transplants. On the website National Foundation for Transplants, we find out that the cost of getting these are in the millions.

Liver Transplant Cost

I am reminded on what happened with Steve Jobs during the 2007-2009 time period after he found out that he had pancreatic cancer. He eventually got the Liver transplant. His name probably got bumped up the list because of his superstar status, his name, and his financial resources. For him, a $2 Million Liver Transplant doesn’t mean too much since Job’s Net Worth was around $5 Billion at the time, when the Iphone and Smart Phone market was still growing at a geometric rate.

So would a cardiac surgeon who regularly performs heart transplants make as much as a limb lengthening orthopedic surgeon? I would say no.

I remember volunteering for a professor who was doing research on plastic surgery after my Junior year in my undergraduate degree. I worked with three other research interns, who were both in the Pre-Med route. One of them had already gotten accepted to Duke Medical School and the UVA School of Medicine. The other was already in Medical School. The one already in medical school expressed to me about how he was one of 6 kids to a Gyno/Obstretrician who had his own private practice. His father who had been a OB/GYN for 30 years had over the last couple of decades been squeezed by the medical insurance companies making his practice and his life a living hell.

Now imagine that situation and multiple it by 3X to understand the malpractice insurance hazards of those physicians who perform heart transplants and liver transplants. With a limb lengthening surgery, it takes you about 4-5 hours to perform one. With a Heart transplant, because you are going to have to literally crack open the sternum, and rip open the chest, it would take usually 10-12 hours of surgical time. Add in the fact that you probably have 3 surgeons performing the surgery, 3 anesthesiologists, and a few nurses on call, and the idea of making slightly more than the low 7 figures goes out the door.

As a cardiac or neurological surgeon, you will make 7 figures, but you are restrained by the rules created by the medical insurance companies forcing you to pay for malpractice and liabilities. If you go with cosmetic orthopedic surgery, you can potentially reach in the 8 figures range.

Natural Height Growth Podcast, Episode 12 – Andrew Tells His Story On Getting Limb Lengthening Surgery

Natural Height Growth Podcast, Episode 12 – Andrew Tells His Story On Getting Limb Lengthening Surgery

Logo1It has been so long since I’ve uploaded a podcast episode that I sort of actually forgot the process on how it was done. It took me about 2 days and 5 hours to remember all the steps and there might be a few things I left out so this post will probably be corrected and edited over time.

Episode #12: Andrew Comes On To Tell His Story of Getting Limb Lengthening Surgery and Answers Questions

Andrew is a currently a young man in his early 20s who went through with the Limb Lengthening Surgery to gain almost 4 inches in height. He went from 1.69 Meters tall (about 5′ 6″) to 1.78 meters tall (about 5′ 10″), gaining a full 9 cms in extra height. In the podcast, he explains how he was able to get up to 9 cm in extra height, the complications he went through, and the type of changes from other people he noticed after he got the surgery.

We actually had to redo the first interview because I found out after the first talk with him that his voice had not been recorded, only mine. (Here is a PDF of the notes on the answers, question and outline of the 1st interview I did with Andrew.)  Some questions were omitted and others were added on for this 2nd interview, which ended up much smoother and of better quality.

Internal Limb LengtheningTo can also get in contact with andrew through his website. His official website is at LegLengthening.Blogspot.Com. It is a free, image based blog similar to Tumblr. We clipped a few of the pictures he uploaded to the website and got the X-rays where the internal nails were still inside his inter-medullary cavity. The picture to the right is of him with the legs shown before the surgery. To see the after pictures, go to the website.

The X-Rays shows how much his femurs have been lengthened after 78 days after the surgery from clicking the internal nail.


After seeing how thin the rods are from the picture to the left, we sort of understand why the rods for him snapped in half cleanly. They do seem to be quite thin.

We note the diagram to the right where Andrew gives us a clue on how the surgical procedure is performed, based on his understanding. Something that I did not ask him in the 2nd version of the interview as whether the surgeons used a hammer and chisel to make the first incision or used a thin saw. It seems that for Betz, he used an electric saw to cut through the bones.

We see that the initial holes to insert the titanium rods are made to the back in the buttocks area.

Guide To Femur

Here is the video we found on him from his Youtube Channel TheAndrewshizzles showing how much his femur bones have healed and the types of movements that he can now perform.

Some major websites, people, and places mentioned include….

andrewshizzlesYou can find his limb lengthening diary on the MMT Forums from the thread “Andrewshizzles – Internal Femurs – Dr Betz – 2011 – Blitzkrieg For 9 CM“. This was one of the most extensive threads and well written dairies on the entire forum. There was a lot of great support from all the admins there.

Dr. Betz for this particular surgery used his own design, which is often called the Betz Bone Method, which is an extension or derivative on the Albizzia Nail. For the internal methods, there are three variations/versions…

  1. Albizzia
  2. Fit Bone
  3. ISDK (Intramedullary Skeletal Kinetic Distractor)

You can also see more information and reviews on Dr. Betz from the Limb Lengthening Forum website. Click Here for the Thread on Him.

Click Here to Subscribe via iTunes and/or leave a review for the podcast!

Length of Time: 41 Minutes

Review of Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Dong Hoon Lee For Limb Lengthening Surgery

Review of Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Dong Hoon Lee For Limb Lengthening Surgery

Dong Hoon LeeBefore we start on this post, I did want to completely admit a few things for the readers of the website.

  1. I am currently living in the country of South Korea. The exact location where I am actually living at is about 5 minute walk from the Gangnam Station in the Gangnam area of Seoul.
  2. One of the reasons I came to Korea besides for a business opportunity was to take a look at the medical tourism opportunities. I went in for a consultation to the famous BK Hospital located in the Nonhyeon-Dong area about over a year ago to get a possible nose reduction and eyelift (I have rather baggy eyes)
  3. In the last 3 months I have taken my Korean girlfriend to the Severance Hospital (associated with Yonsei University) in Gangnam about 10 times or so because of certain medical issues she has had to deal with. We were referred to the Severance Hospital by a neurologist.

What I am trying to state right away is that because of my very unique situation, due to the exact location of where I have lived for almost a year and a half now, from the very beginning of the website, I have had a much more lenient approach and view on cosmetic surgery than most of my friends back in the US or Canada. Remember also that I am an American and a guy. What this means that my viewpoint on the use of cosmetic surgery to “improve” or “remodel” one’s physical appearance is positive.

I have known for a very long time that the Gangnam area, specifically the Apgujeong Dong area is filled with Plastic Surgery clinics by the hundreds. Every single day I am reminded over and over again of people who have gone under the knife, and let surgeons break their bones to make themselves more beautiful. They have chosen to endure maybe a 1 month of excruciating pain for a possible 30 years of benefits for improving their physical appearance ever so slightly. The fact that every single time I turn on the TV or go to the movies and the ads and previews are filled with commercials for cosmetic surgery clinics show just how pervasive it is in this part of the world.

The video below from Simon and Martina of the Eat Your Kimchi blog might be worth checking out to understand the South Korean psyche and thinking process on why they feel that changing one’s appearance through surgery is okay.


At this point, due to what I have seen on a daily basis, and based on my own life story, I completely and fully accept the idea of using cosmetic surgery to make a person more beautiful, whether it is to make them taller by breaking their leg bones in half, or to cut the jaw bones to give the face a more V-like shape.

So let’s take a look at what is probably the only well known South Korean physician or surgeon which advertises this controversial cosmetic surgery procedure to the international community.

His name is Dr. Dong Hoon Lee (or Dr. Donghoon Lee)

I first became away of Dr. Dong Hoon Lee from scouring through the old journals written by people on the Make Me Taller discussion forum which were used to document/log their personal journey. When it came to doctors in this country of 50 millions, he was the only one that was really blatantly promoting, marketing, and advertising his services.

Dr. Lee would again be mentioned in the newer Limb Lengthening Forum in a thread entitled “Dr Donghoon Lee (Gyeonggi-do, South Korea) Bundang CHA Hospital”. The pricing listed on the forum thread is…

LON (Lengthening Over Nail) = $40,000
LATN (Lengthening And Then Nailing) = $46,000
PRECICE (Femur) (Intramedullary Lengthening Devices) = $64,000
PRECICE (Tibia) = $65,000
Nail Removal = $5,000

This is his official website Here. It seems that in a post made just a few days ago, on Jan 8th, 2014 Dr. Lee’s Assistant sent an email to one of the board members on the new discussion forum noting to them that Dr. Lee has relocated to become part of the medical staff at Yonsei Severance Hospital. Refer to the thread Dr. Donghoon Lee Moving to Severance Hospital in Seoul, Korea

Quoted from him on the forum…

As I begin my new post as a Limb Lengthening Professor at Severance, I will do my best to make Severance one of the leading hospitals for Limb Lengthening and Deformity correction in the world.
…Above all else, I will be the only one in charge of limb lengthening surgeries at the Severance hospital, so I will certainly have increased responsibilities and a lot of expectations to live up to.”

Contact Information

Email:  assistdong@naver.com & orthopaedee@naver.com
Bundang CHA Hospital Address: 351, Yatap-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (Zip Code: 463-712)
Bundang CHA Hospital Central Reservation Number: (+82) 1577-4488

Note: The contact information above is his old clinic address. The Severance Hospital he will be relocating to beginning in the March of 2014 will be in Sinchon- Dong. Click Here for the Wikipedia article on it. The Severance Hospital I’ve been going to is in the Gang-nam area. They are two different hospitals with the same name, but are in two different locations in Seoul.

Our Review

One of the things we look for in a really good surgeon to make us taller is to look for a type of transparency in their practices. From his personal website DrDongHoon.com we feel that Dr. Lee is being very transparent in his practices. When we reviewed Dr. Paley and Dr. Sarin before in posts about a year ago we were not this thorough in our analysis.

What is interesting is that there is no height limit at which he is setting, unlike most North American doctors in the West. Dr. Dror Paley has stated in a few interviews that he almost always rejects males who are already over 1.80 meters in height (or 5′ 11″) from getting the surgery because they are more likely to be suffering from body dysmorphic disorder. Dr. Lee seems to have no objection on doing the surgery on anyone who desires it, as long as they are healthy enough to go through the rehabilitation process.

He states that the surgery is for people to gain some sort of self-satisfaction, not to fix a medical disability.

For a 1st time consultation it would cost about $330. There is no insurance that would cover this type of surgery, since it is cosmetic in nature and not really of a medical concern. So far he has done about 400 or so bilateral leg lengthenings.

Something which Dr. Lee has revealed for an interview on the Make Me Taller forums was to show that while there is no limit to how much length is possible for the bones to grow, there is a limit due to the soft tissue aka muscles around the bones. While you can stretch the bones to be even even a feet longer, the muscles around the bone can only stretched out so long before they snap from having too high of a tensile load.

What we were sort of surprised with was that the interview with Dr. Lee was also posted on the MMT Forums just yesterday (Jan 15th, 2014). It seems that he is finally getting a lot of coverage from all of the major English based websites on the internet.

Personal Background on Dr. Lee

(from his professional website www.BowLegsKnockKneesLegLengthening.com)

  1. Entered Yonsei University Medical School in 1991
  2. Completed training in orthopedics at Severance Hospital
  3. Became a specialist in 2001
  4. Two-year fellowship under the guidance of Professor Chang-Dong Han from Severance Hospital
  5. part of an Iraq dispatch troop that was stationed in Nasiriya (Operation Iraq Freedom) and served at the Korean Armed Forces Capital Hospital – 9th Airborne Brigade Chief of medicine & Iraq Korean Army medical support committee Chief of medicine
  6. Appointed as an Assistant Professor at Bundang CHA Hospital
  7. study under Dr. Paley around 2010
  8. Completed Baltimore Limb Deformity Course (Sinal Hospital, Baltimore, USA) -2009,2010
  9. Completed ISKD training course (Universitatsklinikum Munster, Germany)
  10. Paley Advanced Limb Lengthening Institute – Clinical Fellowship

Side Note: Technically there is also another Dr. Donghoon Lee in the University of Washington’s School of Medicine Radiology Department (click for profile). We are NOT referring to that person.

1st consideration you should be aware of before getting surgery in Seoul

There is a slightly unknown practice among the Korean plastic surgery industry to charge a slightly higher price for surgery to foreigners than to the native Koreans. This is partly due to the fact that most foreigners who specifically come to the country for cheaper cosmetic surgery can’t speak the local language. If they spoke the local language, they would be able to talk to dozens of the local clinics to find the best deals on Cosmetic Surgeons.

2nd Big consideration

There is rather sneaky tactic done by people who write fake positive testimonials for the surgery clinics on the various online forums, like Purse Forum, etc. The fake positive testimonials often end with a message saying that if the person who went in the surgery mention the referrals name, they will get some type of insider’s discount. Of course what really happens is that the referral is a sales person who gets a percentage/commission for every patient they refer to the surgeon.

This factor has been mentioned on websites like on the forums and blog postings on My Seoul Secret and the Limb Lengthening Forum on the thread Why We Lost Trust and Left

From reading the threads on the forum, the main reason why the new LLF forum was created was because the people who opened the LLF believes that the SysOp of the older Make Me Taller forum was secretly Apotheosis, who is accused of getting a commission for all people who go for surgery who mention his website or name. There is supposed to be some type of unknown business deal made with the accused SysOp (who is believed to be Apotheosis) and Dr Sringari and Dr. Sarin, and other surgeons who have been heavily promoting their specific method.

Update July 16th, 2014: In a sort of strange coincidence I received a private email message by someone going under the name John. The following message was written…

“Hi, i have enjoy reading your blog, you clearly are a intelligent person who is looking to provide real information exposing all the snake oil salesman. I saw that one of your link in “Forum” is to MMT Forum, maybe you are not aware that the website is a scam too, but only much more dangerous. You can find information on google by searching make me taller exposed. The details are all there. People have been hurt because of information manipulated by the webmaster Sysop who invested money on a couple of cheap indian doctors and promote them via mmt.  He also invested in other doctors  and delete negative feedback about them.  He claims to be impartial……..The details of all these are very long, so take your time to uncover the why and how of it all.  I suggest you consider put some kind of warning that mmt is potentially a dangerous website as the information there is known to be edited or even faked. “

Our Reply: At this point, we have to be completely objective about all the drama that is sort of occurring right now in the grow taller/ height increase website community on the internet. We have no idea what is really going on. We just report what we find on the other websites and let other people sort out their own interpersonal relationship dynamics. If the SysOp admin from the MMT is really promoting bad surgeons to make commissions then that is their choice. They might be misleading people to put themselves into dangerous situations. We are possible consumers just need to educate ourselves and be more informed.

We understand that money can be a very seductive force. Selling, Advertisements, Commissions, Referrals, that is something that will always exist. We will not say that those are bad things since that is the way millions of people around the world earn a living to feed themselves. Cheating or Lying to someone for profit is morally bad but it will always exist.

As for ourselves at Natural Height Growth

Let me be clear right now and say that here at Natural Height Growth we are NOT affiliated with any surgeons or medical clinics which offer the limb lengthening surgery. We do reviews that are as objective as we can make it. Sure, there might be some slight biases but we are trying out utmost to be completely ethical about what we do.

The only affiliate program we are part of is the one with Amazon. We are a part of the Amazon Associates Affiliate program and make on average about $2 for every bottle of supplement (around $40) that is bought through our links, which is not often. I’ve already posted clippings showing the monthly commissions earned from operating this website in previous posts, which is usually less than $10.

We have managed to find his Youtube Channel which allowed us to upload a few of his videos below. To see the his profile, Click Here. His website is at www.BKLL.org

Should You Tell A Person You Are Dating That You Had Limb Lengthening Surgery?

Should You Tell A Person You Are Dating That You Had Limb Lengthening Surgery?

Limb Lengthening SurgeryI recently found out that a new discussion board was created from former members of the Make Me Taller Community. They are now at LimbLengtheningForum.com

I haven’t given much time to looking over their discussions and threads but there was a sort of interesting little thread started. Apparently someone linked to another thread started on the Reddit website entitled I (M24) have had cosmetic leg lengthening to make me five inches taller. Is this something I should tell my girlfriend (F24)?” 

The guys’s situation is very interesting and seems to be a very valid issue that people who are considering the surgical method for increased height to consider. He went from an initial height of 5′ 7″ to 6′ 0″. The 12.7 cm of longitudinal increase in the person’s femur and tibia is something that is unheard of even among online community of people who actually pull the trigger and go through with the surgeries.

I took the liberty to upload the picture of his posting from the Reddit website.

Limb Lengthening Surgery

The thread has not been closed but there was over two dozen responses from all different types of people. Most of them did take the time to think over the issue and give them own biased opinions over what this person should do.

My Short Answer

Don’t tell the person you are dating. Who you were back then is no longer who you are now. If you are going to be spending so much money and time dedicated to reshaping your body, especially to change something that should NOT be malleable like height, then you might as well learn to accept your new body. It is absolutely true that due to genetic luck (or lack of it) your growth plates stopped maybe a little too early or you did not get the type of long bone longitudinal growth you might have wanted. That was what nature intended for you.

Of course, since we are very clever creatures which can create tools to make our lives better, we decided to defy nature and choose modern technology to give us something which nature would not give us.

If instead of surgery you somehow went through a dramatic growth spurt to give the same amount of height increase, would you feel any issue over the need to tell the person that you went through that growth spurt? Analogously, it would be the same as people who would rather let their own bodies fight off cancer using holistic herbal methods instead of give their bodies to the surgeons and chemotherapies which will cut into their bodies.

The reason you would ever even go through with Limb-Lengthening Surgery is because you could not accept the idea that you were going to stay at that height for the rest of your life. Your identification as a man who would be permanently below average in height was to you unacceptable so you decided to change that.

You have now gone through with the surgery, and become 5 inches taller, to become slightly above average in height. That is your new identity now. Forget about who you were once before, and live your life as who you are right now.

My Much Longer Answer

The only thing that would cause anyone to ask the question is over the emotion of guilt, and feeling bad over the idea of lying to another person. Of course the lying is not blatant, but through the omission of not telling the person something specific. Some people call it a half-lie. They are not being completely, fully honest to the other person.

Some things need to be kept to themselves. When it comes to the subject of sex and sex related topics people have a right to keep those things to themselves, and do whatever they want to do in the privacy of their own homes. That is what makes them happy. Why should they feel any type of social obligation to share their personal quest and endeavor with other people?

Cosmetic Surgery Considered From A Different Cultural Perspective

As I had said before, I live in the Gangnam area of Seoul. In terms of all the places in the world, this location I have been living in for almost a year and a half now has the highest concentration of people who have willingly gone under the knife for cosmetic surgery than any where else. Per Capita, it is extremely high. I can’t go outside of the street without seeing someone who have had Botox. My landlord who is a 50 years old female has gotten Botox multiple times and had her nose and eyebrow ridge done. Where I live, cosmetic surgery is normal and even promoted.

Of course, based on American standards we could say that the reason any person goes through with cosmetic surgery is because they are not happy with how they look. They have some type of hidden & strong insecurity which they can’t get over. We give them shame, gossip about them, and possibly make them feel worst about themselves when they “supposed” already feel bad about who they are already. Way to go us.

However, based on the modern Korean standard, many young kids who think getting cosmetic surgery is a positive thing think that it is a form of self improvement. In a culture which values on continuously improving oneself, similar to the Japanese concept of Kaizen, it might be argued that getting cosmetic surgery is just another way to improve oneself. In this case, improving one’s appearance.

I know plenty of people who go online to buy Nootropics to improve their cognitive abilities, and try different ways to biohack their bodies. They are trying to improve their bodies. Why is it that some people can accept almost all other forms of self improvement methods except cosmetic surgery? Why do people have something against the idea of using surgery to improve oneself cosmetically/appearance wise?

The Real Question Not Answered

Of course the other big question is “Are we lying to the person we are dating or in a relationship with by not telling them that we have had cosmetic surgery?”

At the most simplest level, if we were to be completely honest about the situation we are lying.

However, as anyone who has some level of awareness of the human creature & is mature through life experience would understand, we as humans with our flaws can not paint the world as black and white, 1s and 0s. There is a lot of gray zones and there have been century long debates about ethics and morality. The wise person would realize that morality is something that is relative. While most cultures might agree that there are big taboos like man-slaughter, rape, incest, and cannibalism (or even maybe homosexuality as recently stated in the Supreme Court of India), even our most sacred taboos and mores can be broken in unique cultures and countries which don’t practice our belief system. What 99 people out of 100 would say something is completely wrong, the other 1 person out of 100 would say it is okay.

We have these unique psychic tools known as Ego Defense Mechanisms, specifically Rationalization & Justification. Ultimately, if we were to be completely objective about it, it doesn’t matter matter if the person doesn’t tell the person they are with. If they do not tell the person, they will find a way to use Rationalization and Justification to make their decisions and actions acceptable to themselves.

We have to find a way to live with ourselves. We are going to be using Rationalization to justify our actions so that we can move on with our lives. The emotion called guilt may exist, and for a long time, but usually that guilt diminishes as we learn to maybe forget our past actions just long enough to make it to the next day. Most people want to believe that they are good people, but have weaknesses and flaws. We believe what we want to believe. We do the best that we can with the limited resources we do have.

As always, I want to here from the readers about what their personal opinions are. Leave a comment below and tell me your opinions

A Complete Guide To Limb Lengthening Surgery

Limb Lengthening SurgeryUpdate: Today is Nov. 27,103. This post was originally supposed to be published within the few days after July 6th of this year. I am still not done with this post. When the Complete Guide is finished, it will probably be the size of a 150+ page book. This is all free. A guide like this has to be created. However this post/guide is only maybe 5% complete.

I plan to slowly edit just this one post over the next month or two months (with the monthly updates on my own journey documented below this seminal post_. This is something that a few people have asked me to do. So I will try my best to make this guide the best that can be found on the internet, at least the ones written in English. I do hope that the people who frequent the Make Me Taller Forum come by and help contribute to the cause and provide valuable information on how to make this post better. There are plenty of blog dairies written on the forum from people who did go through the the limb-lengthening surgery journey. Thank You Guys – Michael.

Recently, someone wrote a comment on the website asking that I create a specific section dedicated to giving very useful information on the details of limb lengthening surgery. They informed me that even though they are a member of the website MakeMeTaller.org, which is a website focused on growing taller mainly through limb lengthening surgery, they felt that the information on the website was disorganized which might have made them a little confused.

I have written quite a few posts before looking at the advantages & disadvantages of going through with limb lengthening surgery, looking a the possible reasons why a person would say yes or no to the surgery, and even writing a detailed post on what happens during callotasis aka callus distraction, for an external fixator, based on a YouTube video I watched where these two orthopedic surgeons performed deformity correction surgery on the leg of someone.

Now, some people might wonder whether I am qualified to write a complete section or guide on limb lengthening surgery. I am not trained as a physician or surgeon. I only got Bs in my college level Biology and Biochemistry courses. Would I know enough about an obscure, relatively new surgical procedure to actually be somewhat of an authority on this subject? Maybe not.

I know that there are thousands of medical students and surgeons who know and understand the process of distraction osteogenesis better than me. Even the people who are regular posters and readers on the MakeMeTaller.org forum might be more qualified and know more about it than me. However, I am going to try to do my best on looking at all the considerations, details, costs, medical clinics, facilities, etc. that are related to limb lengthening surgery.

Note: Some of this information is already posted and available and is taken directly from the Resources section.

Note: I am human so I can be fallible. If I state that a listing below is valid or legitimate does not mean that it really is. Please be careful when making any form of decision that involves a medical procedure as big as surgery. I would advise one to consult one’s personal doctor first before going through with anything as big as limb/leg lengthening surgery. However, it is your life so you can do whatever you want. If you over the age of 18, you are a full adult in the eyes of the USA government legal system so you are fully responsible for any actions you take. I can only give you the information as cleanly and truthfully as I can. 

Please be careful. To get a more complete listing of Hospitals and Clinics around the world who does the limb lengthening Surgery, please refer to the Short Support website located HERE.

Orthopaedic Surgeons & Medical Clinics which performs Limb Lengthening Surgery

Based in Australia

1. Center For Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction 

Founder: Dr. Minoo Patel – Personal Profile Webpage

  • Education: MBBS, MS, FRACS, Ph. D   – NOTE: He does NOT have a medical degree AND on his personal profile page it states that he is STILL in the process of obtaining his Ph. D.
  • E-mail: info@limblengthening.com.au
  • Website: www.limblengthening.com.au
  • Tel: (61) 3 9429 8084
  • Fax: (61) 3 9429 4045
  • Address:  Suite 5.7, The Epworth Centre, 32 Erin Street, Richmond, VIC 3121, Australia

Based in China (People’s Republic)

1. Beijing Institute of External Skeletal Fixation Technology – Based off of Beijing, China. Full name is Beijing Institute of External Skeletal Fixation Technology. From the website, the institute/ clinic seems to be legitimate, however I have not gone into detail in analysis and review on the doctors and surgeons available.

  • Main Surgeon: Dr. Hetao Xia     Articles written about him Link 1, Link 2
  • Contact #: 86-10-68283645
  • Address: Beijing Institute of External Skeletal Fixation Technology , Wandimingyuan 2-402, Haidian District, Xisihuan MiddleRoad, No.39, Beijing, 100039, China 

Based in Germany

1. Prof. Dr. Augustin Betz, Founder and head surgeon of the Betz institute, Original Website (In German): Betz Institute

  • Phone #: +49 (0) 175 7815 512 ,
  • Email: info@betzinstitute.com
  • Address:  Betz institute, Heeresstr. 49 , 66822 Lebach, Germany
  • Directions: We are located 2 hours outside of Frankfurt, Germany, near the border of Luxembourg and France. The nearest airports are Luxembourg airport, Frankfurt Main, Frankfurt Hahn and Saarbrücken airport.

Description: Professor and/or Dr. Betz is internationally known for his approach to complicated orthopedic procedures in which he has pioneered minimally invasive techniques for over 20 years making him one of the most experienced limb lengthening and reconstructive orthopedic surgeons in the world.

Dr. Betz specializes in the following:

  • Limb Lengthening /corrections (legs, arms, hands and feet)
  • Development of innovative implants in the sector of corrective and reconstructive limb surgery
  • Research and development of innovative endoprosthetics
  • Specialized training courses for colleagues involved in reconstr- uctive surgical techniques
  • Green surgery®

Based in India

1. Chandak Hospital & Research Institute, Recognized for the treatment of Central and State Government Employees & their Family

Description: Dr. Abhay Chandak has developed one of India’s prestigious centres for Reconstructive Orthopedics Surgeries, using the Ilizarov technique. He has a pioneering role in popularizing Ilizarov Ring Fixator Surgery, in Northern India.This technique has revolutionized the Orthopaedic treatment, the world over. Chandak Hospital has now emerged as one of the most advanced Ilizarov Center of the country, equipped with latest instrumentation and latest medical gadgetry, where severely complicated cases from across the country are being treated successfully. The hospital prides over performing the Ilizarov surgery in approximately 800 patients in about ten years. The center specializes in the personalized care of these patients and has succeeded consistently in giving rewarding results, carving a special niche. Copyright © 2011 chandakhospitalgwalior.com

  • Phone #: 0751-2324131, 2410998
  • Email: info@drchandak.com
  • Address: 14, Hospital Road, Gwalior, 474009, Chandak Hospital And Research Institute Hospital Road, Gwalior-9 Madhya Pradesh, India

2. International Deformity & Lengthening Institute

Description: One of Asia’s largest and most experienced Centre for Reconstructive Orthopaedics using the Ilizarov Techniques. Over the last 20 years, more than 2200 operations on more than 1800 patients have been done using the Ilizarov Techniques at this Centre.All aspects of Ilizarov Techniques: such as Limb Lengthening, Deformity Correction ,Treatment of Problem fractures , NonUnions, Bone gaps , Poliomyelitis, Foot Deformities,Hip Reconstructions, Vascular Disease and Arthritis of the Knee have been extensively practiced. The Rationale for High Tibial Osteotomy has been practised here to perfection.We have great experience in Extensive Limb Lengthening for increase of height in Dwarfs

Director: Dr. Milind Chaudhary MS (Orth) is a pioneer in the field of Ilizarov Techniques in India. He was chiefly instrumental in introducing Ilizarov Techniques in India in 1989. Over the last decade, he has performed some of the most difficult and intricate surgeries using the Ilizarov Techniques, has perfected its routine applications and has introduced several new operations using this system.

Dr. Milind Chaudhary, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Age : 50 years
Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai – Director,
Centre for Ilizarov Techniques
Chaudhary Hospital, Akola.
Tele/Fax : (0724) 2435398, 2441895, 2439265.

Centre for Ilizarov Techniques, Chaudhary Trust Hospital

  • Address: Civil Lines, Akola 444 001, Maharashtra. India.
  • Phone : 0091-724-2435398
  • Fax: 0091-724-2439265
  • Mail: limblength@gmail.com

3. Center For Joint Replacement And Advanced Orthopaedics,   Website: OrthopedicsIndia.com

Dr. S.V. Santpure –  Consultant orthopaedic surgeon

  • Education: M.S.(Ortho), Fellowship, Baltimore (USA),
  • Location: Room no 36 (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) – 11.30 to 14.00 hrs
  • Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital
  • Address: Beed Bypass Road, Aurangabad – 431 005 , Maharashtra State, India.
  • Phone: +91-9325211654
  • E-Mail: sshivkr@hotmail.com, svsantpure@gmail.com

Based in Russia

1. The Centre Of Anthropometrical (Orthopaedical) Cosmetology And Correction, Dr.Yegorov’s group

  • Contact #: +7 8442 38 39 27 (call from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (GMT +03:00))
  • E-mail: info@rucosm.com
  • Skype name: volga-volga6
  • Address: 17 Socialisticheskaya str., stage 7 , Volgograd, Russia

2. Ilizarov’s Traumatology and Orthopaedics, Russian Scientific Center for Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics

Note: I am slightly suspicious of the hospital/ clinic since the website does not seem to give an address of the center. Just be cautious.

3. Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center For Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics

The Federal State-Financed Institution Russian Ilizarov Scientific Center for Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics of RF Ministry of healthcare and social development is situated in the capital of Kurgan region.

Since the 1st of October 2010 Gubin Alexander Vadimovich, M.D., is the head of the Federal State Institution Russian Ilizarov scientific centre for Restorative Traumatology and Orthopaedics of the RF Ministry of healthcare and social development.

Contact Information

  • International department +7 (3522) 45-47-58.
  • Communication in English, French, German, Japanese
  • Postal address640014, Russia, Kurgan, M.Ulyanova street, 6.
  • Phone number: +7 (3522) 45-47-47
  • Fax: +7 (3522) 45-40-60
  • 24-hour Call Centre: +7 (3522) 234-264
  • The Head Officeoffice@ilizarov.ru
  • The International Officeinter@ilizarov.ru
  • The Hightech medical aid committee: vmp@ilizarov.ru
  • The Official web-sitewww.ilizarov.ru

Based in Turkey

1. Yerevan Center of Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction – www.ycllr.org

  • Address:
  • Contact #:
  • Email:

Based in USA

1. Dror Paley, MD, FRCSC, Medical Director – Paley Advanced Limb Lengthening Institute, Advanced Orthopedic Institute at St. Mary’s Medical Center

  • Contact #: Office – (561) 844-5255   Fax – (561) 844-5245
  • Email address: dpaley@lengthening.us
  • Address:  901 45th Street – Kimmel Building , West Palm Beach, FL 33407 , 877-765-4637 (Toll Free)

Description: Board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon and is nationally and internationally recognized for his expertise in deformity correction and limb lengthening. (Note: I highly recommend Dr. Paley for his credentials, exposure, and experience.)

2. Dr. Amar Sarin, Orthopaedic Consultant and Restorative Surgeon

  • Address: Clinic Address: A-136, Super Mart 1 , DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon, India
  • Practice Location: B L Kapur Mqemorial Hospital, Action Cancer Institute, Nova Surgical Center

Description: Dr. Sarin has worked at Institute for Invalids & Reconstructive Surgeries Ukraine Region, Vinnitssa Medical Institute Hospital Vinnitssa U.S.S.R. for Reconstructive Surgeries, Rehabilitative Surgeries and Illizarov Technique of Bone remodeling. In 20 years he has performed more than 3000 Ilizarov surgeries.

3. Dr. Shahab Mahboubain, DO, MPH.

Southern California Ortho Association    10640 Riverside Dr  , North Hollywood, CA 91602    Telephone: (818) 755-6500 (Office)

  • Office Location 1: 9025 Wilshire Blvd Suite 202   , Beverly Hills, CA 90211         
  • Telephone: (800) 788-1416 (Office)
  • Office Location 2: 16133 Ventura Blvd Suite 370   , Encino, CA 91436                  
  •  Telephone: (818) 379-9991 (Office)

4. International Center for Limb Lengthening , Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics, Kernan Hospital,  Center Website: Life Bridge Health

  • Phone #: 410-601-8700 or 1-800-221-8425
  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Webpage: Profile Description

Director: John E. Herzernberg, M.D. (also Director at Pediatric Orthopedics at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore)

Note: I am not sure if this place actually offers it’s services for limb lenghening for the purpose of cosmetic reasons for short stature people. 

Medical Facilities & Clinics which offer the cosmetic surgery service of Limb Lengthening Surgery

Based in China (People’s Republic)

Based in Germany

Based in India

Based in Russia

Based in Turkey

Based in USA

Types of Limb Lengthening Surgery

Limb lengthening surgery is divided into two main types based on where the metal fixators are placed relative to the actual bone material. They are either 1. Internal or 2. External. The original way devised by Ilizarov in his 30 years of orthopedic research was external and that was the main focus for most of the early years of the surgery. Then surgeons realized that instead of putting the metal fixators outside which was considered unsightly and scary, it was possible to insert the metal fixators, which went from cylindrical wires into a single thick rod which was implanted into the inter medullary cavity which is in the middle of every long bone.

External Methods

Internal Methods

The Issue Of Weight Loading & Why It Is Important

From reading the posts made by the various members of the MakeMeTaller.org forum community, it seems that there is this issue of loading that is raised quite a bit. Obviously if people are talking

Cost Of Limb Lengthening Surgery

The cost of surgery varies a lot based on the country it is performed in and how well known and respected the surgeon is. The total cost for a one time

Amount of Maximum Length expected in one leg segment for each surgery

The general consensus made by most people is that the standard way the internal method allows for is only 7-8 cms. The reason why the leg or limb can not be extended any further is because

Recovery & Physical Therapy

The Issue Of Pain

Complications With The Surgery & Recovery Stage

Biography of The Original Limb Lengthening Surgery Innovator, Gavriil Ilizarov

(source is taken from Russian Ilizarov Orthopaedic Center website)

Gavriil IlizarovGavriil Abramovich Ilizarov (1921-1992) – GAVRIIL ABRAMOVICH ILIZAROV was born on the 15th of June 1921 in the town of Belovezh (Belorus).

He graduated from the Crimean Medical Institute in 1944 that was based in Kazakhstan during the World War II and was sent to the Kurganskaya region to work at the hospitals in the Polovinski and Kosulinski districts. In 1950, he was appointed to work as orthopaedic surgeon at the Kurgan regional hospital.

In 1951, G.A. Ilizarov proposed his own device for bone fracture consolidation and received the USSR author’s certificate No. 98471 dated 09.06.52, and that was the start of his long-time work that resulted in the development of a new scientific and practical trend in the field of bone surgery that later was called compression distraction osteosynthesis. His scientific thesisCompression osteosynthesis with the author’s apparatus in 1968 was evaluated as the thesis worth of the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences (MD)

Books & Resources About Limb Lengthening Surgery

The links for the books below are with the Amazon Associate Affiliate program.

Measure of a Man – Akash Shukla

Principles of Deformity Correction – Dror Paley

Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Surgery – S. Robert Rozbruch, Svetlana Ilizarov


There Is No Magic Bullet

When I sometimes lie on my bed late at night after writing as much as possible all the topics that pop up in my head, sometimes I try to imagine what my audience, the readers, YOU are thinking. I always go back to this fundamental question “What do they REALLY want?” …and I mean REALLY WANT.

If they were being completely honest with me, where all the bullshit is finally dropped and just told me the ugly cold truth to my face, what would they actually say? I was taking a shower about 30 minutes ago and I figured it out.

You want the “Magic Bullet”.

When I finished showering, I was amazed at just how stupid and ignorant I was that I did not see the issue earlier. It always was bugging me when I used to search for a method or path to my own secret desires to gain inches to my height. I never fully did find the solution I was looking. I realized that I had done the same thing. I wanted to believe in a “magic bullet”.

I don’t even know whether the concept of a magic bullet even exists in contemporary or everyday communication or psychology but the general concept of a “magic bullet” is that the magic bullet is basically a secret or “magical” solution to a very big problem in our lives that is causing us a lot of distress, anxiety, and mental pain. Years ago I had spent over a year learning the skills and techniques on how to attract and be more successful with the opposite sex. I remember that the term “magic bullet” was thrown around a lot and now I realize that the term can be used very appropriately for this situation too. During the time the axiom thrown around was that “there is no magic bullet” and I agreed.

However when it came down to this secret little wish inside of me, I guess I could not accept that idea. Now I understand myself far better now, but I think (or at least I hope) that I also understand the readers and audience better too.

I would assume that 90% of you who read this blog/website came here hoping to find some solution to your most vexing of problems, your desire to grow taller. Sure, there are those of you who came here by accident and thought my writing was funny and decided to spend around 3 minutes of their life reading this odd website in the middle of nowhere on the internet. However, I would bet that most of you got here from going to Google (or some other search engine) from typing something like “How to grow taller” or “How do I grow taller” into that empty input box.

Well, that is my theory of how you initially got here, how you originally found this website.

And you probably choose to click on the “Height Increase Guide” tab or the “Techniques” tab first to see what techniques there are to increase height. At this time, the “Height Increase Guide” has not even been edited or have anything on it yet. I of course will get to it hopefully within some time in the next 7 days.

Anyway, depending on your emotional state, you are actively searching. You want to find something. The fact that you even decided to go to the google main page and type something in means that you are “searching”.

So the obvious question to ask is “What are you searching for?” Again the answer is that you are searching for a magic bullet. This magial solution to your problem will be easy, simple, quick, and painless. That is what we all want.

This is the scenario that I am guessing you would like to happen. You come to this website, and you read on one of my articles that I am talking about this new FDA approved oral drug that is supposed to be able to stimulate the pituitary gland to release excess HGH and also be able to reopen back up your growth plates and turn all those close epiphyseal lines into cartilage again. Somehow through the magic of science and technology, the scientists and geneticists have gotten together in some hidden underground laboratory and come up with this new “magic pill”. They have given the licensing rights to a multinational pharmaceutical company who will market the pill and now it is in every Walgreens, CVS, and Right Aid in the country with a price tag of $15.99 for a pack of 4 pills. The instructions say that all you have to do is take 1 pill once every Monday morning and after 4 weeks, you will gain 3 inches.

So you go to your local pharmacy, shell out $16 for this drug that doe not EVEN need a damn prescription!! That’s how it is! You go home, chug it down with some water, and go back to your life of doing whatever you are doing, with no regard to a healthy lifestyle like proper exercise, heathy eating, or good sleeping habits. 3 days later you grow impatient and decide to measure yourself. You do and you find that you just grew half an inch! Damn, this shit works!! You jump up in joy, go to your rooftop and dance with giddiness. So you do the waiting, and you measure again the first week is over and you are up another half an inch. You are amazed that the pill actually works. You take the next one at the specified time, and you gain a little less than 1 inch of growth the 2nd week. After 4 weeks, you are indeed 3 inches taller, give or take a few milimeters. You are over joyed at your new body, with your new long legs, and even your arms and torso grew a little. when you go to the bathroom and strip down to look at your new body, you are amazed that the drug had extended your limbs and torso perfectly in proportion, and hell, you even look more muscular now… No stretch marks, no growing pains, no side effects.

You are super happy to go out to the mall and buy completely new pants and clothing becasue hey, you are now completely transformed. You then meet your friends and they are absolutely astounded that you have changed so much since they last saw you. All you do is smile, knowing your little secret. You now notice that cute guy you have been interested in for the last 6 months is giving you the “look” and with your new found confidence you walk up to him and start to flirt…can I end this story with a “and they lived happily ever after?”

Simple, clean, pain free, work free, no hassles. This is the dream, that magic bullet we are searching for. Of course, we all know that there is nothing like that. Hell, even with our weight issues, like trying to loss 20 lbs to fit into that damn dress for say your prom is a massive internal struggle as the internal desires and forces fight it over.  I mean if we can’t even control and master something a thousand times easier like our weight issues, how the hell are we supposed to master our height issues?

Again, there is no “magic bullet” solution. Life and things will never be that easy. For everything that is worth it in life, it requires a lot of damn work to obtain. Sometimes we do get lucky and something great just falls into our lap. Yes, it does happen, like if you were sitting in a coffee shop and a cute, charming, normal guy walks up to you, compliments you, does some flirting, and proceeds to get your number.

However,when it comes to something like our bodies, we are the only one’s that are responsible for it. If we want to shape it or do something to make it better, we have to do the hard work.

I am right now sitting in a coffee shop in the middle of the Gangnam-gu area in Seoul, South Korea. Every time I go into the subway system, I see these pictures that are ads by plastic surgery clinics offering their services. And they all promise that you do not have to “settle” or just “live with” the face or body you were born with.

Yeah, that’s right… not even your genetics and inborn DNA have any power over your life anymore since if you don’t like the way your nose or eyes look, you can just plop down $4000 clams and get that changed to whatever celebrity’s nose you would like. If you happened to have a eating problem and you are now over 250 lbs with flesh slipping out of your pants and shirt, now you can just go to that clinic by the Paris Baguette on the corner and in less than 4 hours, all the fat your have been eating and accumulating for the last 15 years are removed in an instant through liposuction. If you happened to be getting older and balding, they now have these plugs and implants you can get that basically act just like real hair. Well isn’t that just simple and easy. You didn’t have to do any work. If you happend to be getting wrinkles, just go for  quick touch up by getting poison (Botox) injected into your face until you don’t even look like a real human anymore.

TRUST ME, there are some people who I walk past everyday these days whose face are completely expressionless because they have injected so much poison in their face that they can’t even move it anymore. Super scary.

It indeed feels like we are living in a society where we are always wanting everything at this instant, and can not go without instant gratification. We have lost our ability to just wait and invest for the long term. The concept of hard work is gone since we now have all the technology to get everything we want. Have we become so mentally weak in terms of willpower and endurance ability? Can we still put up with any sort of slight pain or discomfort?

Well for this issue, our desire to increase our height, their is no magic bullet. Their is no painless easy, simple solution. Even the most obvious strategy which is to get surgery and do limb lengthening is filled with complications immense pain, and time and money lost. Maybe, just maybe for this one specific area in our life, we can not just throw money and technology at the problem and hope it goes away. We actually may find for the first itme in our life with a problem which we can’t seem to be to solve no matter what we do.

My whole point is this: There is no easy simple solution to this issue. It is time to sit down, roll up our sleeves, and get to work to find a solution. It may not appear for even say another 50 years but if you truly want this, if you truly believe in this endeavor, you are willing to put in the effort to stick it out to the end.