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Legal Issues & Terms & Conditions & Policies & Warning Alert

Legal Issues & Terms & Conditions & Policies & Warning Alert

I am NOT a lawyer. I have never studied law so this is the best thing I can do right now in terms of legal issues. So this post is for myself. I have to protect myself from any form of legal action that may ever be taken against for me.

The endeavor of height increase can often be a very dangerous past- time. I have seen on many online forums and posts that people have hurt themselves, sometime pretty badly, from doing certain exercises which they thought would help them gain the height they wanted.

Many of the most common exercises which I hear about that lead to injury or pain is the ankle weights one, the inversion table, the kicking methods, the shinbone pressure loading or stretching, etc. I don’t plan to list all of the exercises which I have read which has or can potentially harm you in some way.

If I state that you should go swim for 2 hours everyday for the next 6 months to gain half an inch of height, that does not mean that you should just blindly follow my advice. Please think for yourself and be critical. Always analyze my writing and be on the lookout for my bullshit. Sometimes I don’t even recognize when I am projection my own subjective/personal biases, issues,or insecurities out into the world. It is still a learning process. If you should happen to hurt yourself from doing an exercise incorrectly or from overextanding your body beyond which is it supposed to, go to the hospital or contact your personal doctor. If it is an emergency alway remember that you can dial 911 or go to the emergency room.

I am also NOT a doctor or medical professional. Hell, even if I was a medical professional I probably would never even have started this website/blog in fear that someone is really going to take my advice on complete faith and go through on some action which lead to them hurting themselves.

You have to alway remember that all of the information and advice I have, or ever am going to write about is really in legal terms for personal entertainment value. You are allowed to laugh, cry, scream, shout, get angry, be ecstatic (and every other emotions possible to exhibit) from my website. You also have the complete right to leave this website if something on here does not agree with your own personal belief system or values. No one is forcing you to read my stuff.

Copyrights & Trademarks & Licensy Issues

If you feel that I have stolen or taken some form of information or content which is not mine, either from some other website or other form of media/digital information distribution channel, please contact me and I will promptly make the changes necceasey to correct for it. Many of the pictures I have attached to the article posts are just ones I have found off of google images. As for any information products, they are just downloads I have found and collected over the years form boards and forums which I can’t even remember.

The information on this site is free to distribute, change, sell, edit, or do whatever with by you. All that I kind of ask is that when you quote or copy & paste a part of my written articles that you cite my website or the post where it originally came from. However, that is not even needed to be done since I will not try to enforce that rule in draconian fashion. All of my advice are just that, advice, suggestions that you can either accept or not. You have a brain and the free will to choose.

To conclude this post, I wanted to also state that I have the full right to edit, alter, add, or delete any of the information on this website. And I most likely will since I write so quickly and so sloppily.

If I had forgotten something legally, accountant wise, or financially important in this page or document which I note later on in the future, I will be sure to edit this page to cover my ass for that too. Everything is changeable on this website.