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The structure of the Long Bone and the relevance to LSJL

I want to go over an article that provides analysis on the structure of the long bones and what it mean for the effectiveness of the LSJL method.

Unfortunately, the paper provides only information about the diaphysis of the long bone rather than the epiphysis which is where we try to induce growth plates with LSJL but it should still provide some insight.

Structure of long bones in mammals.

“Bone is a two-compartment system with capillaries and some kinds of connective tissue in one compartment separated from fibers of bone collagen, often forming lamellae, in the other.{cartilage is a form of connective tissue, it is these compartments that would be good candidates for forming new growth plates}. Laminar bone consists of stacks of lamellae separated by vascular spaces containing capillary network sheets. It is deposited at the periosteal and endosteal surfaces. Osteonic bone consists of cylinders of lamellae with central vascular spaces. The primary structure of the shafts of mammalian long bones is laminar and laminae often remain as the main component. Secondary osteons are a replacement within laminae. As laminar bones mature, some of the irregular longitudinal capillary spaces in the network sheets enlarge and become less crooked to form secondary osteons{since the connective tissue compartments are within the laminae perhaps degrading the bone from osteons to more laminar bone would help create a better pro-growth plate micro-environment}. Parts of the random networks become ordered longitudinal ones, resulting in collapse of those network spaces not converted to osteons. The residual capillaries become bloodless, making the surviving network spaces difficult to resolve.  For example, laminar bone occurs with osteonic bone in the human femur, although it is rarely figured. Nearly mature bones switch the kind of primary bone deposited at the peripheral (periosteal) surface from laminar to primary osteonic.”

“In the young growing animals examined (beef, sheep, pigs), the shaft is completely made from circumferentially oriented laminae without osteons. In older or even mature animals much of the shaft is still laminar (human, buffalo, deer, horse, oxen, as well as beef, sheep, and pigs).”<-So the presence of osteons in more mature bone could be responsible for the anti-growth plate microenvironment in mature individuals.

Laminar bone is more sheet like whereas osteon bone is more cylindrical.  Thus orientation could affect mesenchymal condensation which is the crucial first step for growth plate formation.

Images of young animal laminal bone:

laminar bone

“Mainly laminar bone, with its characteristic vasculature, survives into the adult in a layer below the periosteum. Within this is a layer of mainly osteonic bone. Bone on the endosteal surface is cancellous. The core consists of marrow.”<-maybe this interruption by osteonic bone interferes with growth plate formation.

“The vascular compartment is at first much wider than the compartment destined to contain bone. It declines in width as the lamellae are deposited in the bone layer, eventually shrinking to contain little more than the capillary network”

Figure I shows more osteonic bone:

osteonic bone

Osteons within laminae bone(mature bone):

osteons within laminae

So these osteons within laminae in adult bone could also potentially disrupt growth plate formation.

The paper mentions that one of the reasons that bones are white rather than pink is that bones do not have that many blood vessels.  This could mean a lack of supply within bone for new growth plate formation.

“The idea that not all vascular compartments contain blood-filled capillaries agrees with the observations that osteons lose their connections with the capillary sheets from which they have been derived”<-restoring this connection might be a key to grow taller.

This study did not address more epiphyseal bone but it does present two problems to neo-growth plate formation and how LSJL might solve them.

1. Osteons might impede new growth plate formation.  LSJL degrades bone via fluid flow and shear strain and may disrupt osteonal impedance.

2.  Bone loses the connection with the capillary sheets that form stem cells over time.  LSJL increases fluid flow which could help restore this connection.

I Am A Horrible Writer

I admit it, I am a horrible writer. If you have ever read more than a few of the posts on this site, you would be met with many misspellings and grammatical errors. I wanted to apologize right now for my own inability to write well. However I have always felt that the content and message of the writing is far more important than the small stuff. If you can stick through to the end, I usually try to bring it all, all the content, back around and make a final conclusion on what the overall message of the post was. That can save you maybe the minutes of mental struggle you might go through to make sense of my writings sometimes.

I know I am a horrible writer. Sometimes my stream of thinking is not smooth and you might be perplexed in trying to understand what I am saying.

I used to have a RSS feed to the blog/website so that everytime a new post was published, you would get an alert to the update and you can read it. However, I realize that my writing style is very different from most other bloggers and writers out in the internet space. I publish my articles and posts as fast as possible. Often I only have only the title of the post up and have nothing put inside. The posts are then continuously added upon, edited, and finally finished late on with a product which I feel is good enough to read and get some form of value from. That is usually when I feel that the post is 90% finished. I don’t strive for 100 % perfection this type of stuff. This project of mine is something I plan to write and work on for the next 10 years, if I manage to find the time There might even be articles and posts I edit say 5 years later because I reread my stuff years later and hated my old writing style and felt the internal need to edit and polish the old material to be more readable.

There are still many posts that I have in the backend and old posts that are already published which I never even finished the ending for. My train of thought was interrupted by another idea that I had thought up or I realized that I had to implement at that time.

I am just so passionate about this subject and have so much knowledge and content that I wanted to share with you as the reader. I am hoping to give you as much value as possible. I know that right now I write about 3-4 posts a day and that will of course one day change to a less frequency. Right now, I am enjoying myself in expressing my own opinions and ideas on the subject of height increase, and anything related to it.

The Genetics Of Height

If we really wanted to get the ability to change our height and grow taller without going through the painful options of limb lengthening surgery, HGH daily injections, or crazy hours spent exercises, our only option may be some form of manipulation of our genetics. I am sure I have not considered all the options out there yet but eventually I believe I will be able to get through all the stuff.

I honestly believe that one man can accomplish this large task of taking all of the research and pathways of this very small niche of human endeavor and place it all in one place, one resource which you all can go to to learn about everything that is new that is being developed.

This is why I have decided also to devote a large portion of this website/ blog to discussing and analyzing genetics and possible genetic strategies to our goal of height increase. If any of you have ever studied genetics, whether in high school, college, or graduate school, I am sure a lot of the stuff is just review to you but please put up with me just for a short while until I get to the real stuff.

So let’s begin….

There is 23 chromosomes pairs in each of the nucleaus inside the cells of us humans. In each chromosome there are millions (or even billions) of nucleotidic base pairs that go together in 3 base pair codon groups that goes on (and collect together) to form our actual genes. The only job that these genes do is to make proteins. Referring to having a gene for a trait is no longer the scientifically accepted usage. In most cases, all people would have a gene for the trait in question, but certain people will have a specific allele of that gene, which results in the trait variant. Further, genes code for proteins, which might result in identifiable traits, but it is the gene, not the trait, which is inherited. (Reference Link)

From the scientific research done at Washington University at St. Louis it has already been shown that in terms of the social-anthropological concept of “race”, there is almost no difference between the so called labels which we have been putting on different looking people. We can organized and classified into groups like Hispanic, Latino, Black , African American, Native American, Middle Eastern, Asian, etc….

Well from the link HERE the conclusive results say that even though we have all of these phenotypical differences, we are essentially “exactly” the same and that the concept of “race” does not exist becasue the the geneticists who tried to find any specific gene that determines a “race” was never found. So the idea of race can not exist.

Well, one might then quick to ask “How does all this talk about race have anything to do with height?” Well, Race and height only has a weak correlation. When people make the comment like “asian people are short” or that “black people are big”, they are trying to link the anthropologically created concept of “race” and place a correlation of it with a phenotypical aspect of the group that they see.

Many people would be quick to then throw out a derision at such a politically incorrect statement however if we do look at the stats of say a chart of the average height of different nations around the world, we can sort of make a weak correlation. There is usually some small truth in the off of the cuff, unscientific statements made from just simple observation in our everyday life experience. Stereotypes exist for a reason. They are usually in the majority of the cases (like 51% of the time) true.

From the Wikipedia article on Race and Genetics found HERE,

“”A study by Tang et al. in 2005 used 326 genetic markers in order to determine genetic clusters. The 3,636 subjects involved in the study, from the United States and Taiwan, self-identified as belonging to white, African American, East Asian, or Hispanic (=self-identified race/ethnic group (SIRE)). The study found “nearly perfect correspondence between genetic cluster and SIRE for major ethnic groups living in the United States, with a discrepancy rate of only 0.14%.”[13] “”

I realize that it is only 1 study but let’s see that the implications are. The study implies that for all of our outer differences like skin color, nose shape, hair color, or other features that determine our “race”, we are still 99.9% exactly similar in our genome structure. (Note: I am not sure whether the 99.9 % similarity refers to the number of nuceotide base pairs in the genome or the number of number of genes, becasue the two numbers have a difference of  up to 5-6 magnitudes!) However, if we remember that our genome has over thousands of genes which are made of millions and billions of nucleotide base pairs, we realize that still means that there are a few genes out there will does determine our outer appearances.

The Human Genome Project which was completed in 2003 and the entire human genome was “supposedly” completed sequenced. That means that the basic infrastruture of the average human dna is understood. A good analogy is to think of each humans as each individual brand of car. The sequencing in a way allowed us to figure out in general, where each part of the car is supposed to be, and where to look if the car starts to have a problem. So the project allowed us to get a very good general idea on how the basic human genome and DNA structure is supposed to be laid out. However, in each individual, the genes will be slightly different, but only in say 0.1% of all the genes.

From the Human Genome Project website, I quote this passage

“”October 2004 findings from The International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium, led in the United States by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) and the Department of Energy (DOE), reduce the estimated number of human protein-coding genes from 35,000 to only 20,000-25,000, a surprisingly low number for our species (7). Consortium researchers have confirmed the existence of 19,599 protein-coding genes in the human genome and identified another 2,188 DNA segments that are predicted to be protein-coding genes.

In 2003, estimates from gene-prediction programs suggested there might be 24,500 or fewer protein-coding genes (1). The Ensembl genome-annotation system estimates them at 23,299.

When analysis of the draft human genome sequence was published by the International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium on February 15, 2001, the paper estimated only about 30,000 to 40,000 protein-coding genes, much lower than previous estimates of about 100,000. This lower estimate came as a shock to many scientists because counting genes was viewed as a way of quantifying genetic complexity.

Studies since the publication of the draft genome sequence have generated widely different estimates. An analysis by scientists at Ohio State University suggested between 65,000 and 75,000 human genes (3), and another study published in Cell in August 2001 predicted a total of 42,000 (4).

Although the exact number of human genes is still uncertain, a winner of GeneSweep was announced in May 2003. GeneSweep was an informal gene-count betting pool that began at the 2000 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Genome Meeting. Bets ranged from around 26,000 to more than 150,000 genes. Since most gene-prediction programs were estimating the number of protein-coding genes at fewer than 30,000, GeneSweep officials decided to declare the contestant with the lowest bet (25,947 by Lee Rowen of the Institute of Systems Biology in Seattle) the winner (1). “”

So far the geneticists have found only 1 gene that has been shown to have some correlation to the height of the individual. However, the guess is that there is probably up to 20 specific genes that actually determine our height. What the research at the current time point at is that the height genes seem to be on the X chromosomes at numbers 7, 8, and 20 (remember that we have 23 chromosome pairs in each nucleus of our cells except red blood cells). In 2007, scientists did discover the 1st gene that showed to have an influence on one’s height after testing it through genetic manipulation on lab mice. That is the HMGA2 gene. Apparently, getting two of the “tall” type of the HMGA2 gene let’s one get an extra 1 cm in height compared to not having the gene. (Reference Link)

In conclusion, remember the study and search in genetics for the genes that determine height is still ongoing. I decided to post a last link that sums up very eloquently the effect that our genes have on our height, but also how it is connected to other factors.

“” Actually, height is what is called multifactorial. Not only are there many genes involved, such as genes for growth hormone, genes for the receptors on the outside of cells for growth hormone, genes for bone proportion, genes for the timing of the release of hormone and other growth factors; but there are also many interactions with the environment, including nutrition during gestation (while the mother was pregnant) and during the growth years, exposure to things such as cigarette smoke and alcohol before birth, birth order (generally second children are taller than first) and general health during the growth years. With all of these factors, it appears that we are born with a genetic potential for height (not all of the genes have been identified yet) and then the environment exerts its effects as we are growing. (reference link) “”

To get more information about the Human Genome Project, click HERE and HERE.

A Quick Guide On Scams And Internet Marketing

After some long thinking, I decided to write this post to help people who are searching for a solution to their height problems to not be cheated, tricked, or scammed by the countless number of Internet sharks out there.

I know a lot about these internet scams because I have been searching for a way to earn some passive income recently because I move a lot and wanted to see if I could find a way to earn money online. Well, here is the dirt that I have found which you can use if you want. I promise that if I ever sell anything on this website or promote any product, it will be of the highest quality and worth actually buying.

How most people online make money. – Here is a few sad truths.

I. Most people make money online by teaching other people how to make money online.

The sad truth is that even the most honest people in the Internet who tells you specifically that they are NOT using that form of business model is in some way using that business model. It doesn’t mean that they are doing it intentionally, but it does show that there are some very successful internet business models and it is hard to make good money consistently without using some form or version of the models. I list 4 good guys who actually do this but do it cleanly. Their stuff is worth reading about so you learn this stuff for yourself.

(Note: I am absolutely not affiliated or work in any way with these guys. I get nothing for saying that these guys are worth checking out. I would actually probably prefer you didn’t know too much about this type of stuff. It is  a very deep rabbit hole and if you choose to go down it, you may never be able to get back out.)

  • 1. Smart Passive Income
  • 2. Viperchill
  • 3. Problogger
  • 4. Income Diary

II. Most people who run successful online businesses teach other people how to start, build, and run successful online businesses. However, they rarely show you how to get your first customer, or how to sell your first product. They are mainly advice, information, and consultant driven. All the advice or information they provide can be found somewhere else on the internet, but are you willing to trade your time to find all the information or pay a little money to save your time? These are the few sites and companies worth looking into.

  • Andrew Warner – Mixergy 
  • Sterling & Jay – Internet Business Mastery
  • Chris Ducker – Virtual Business Lifestyle
  • Matt & John – Lifestyle Business Design

III. There is a special group of people who popped up in the last few years who live the mobile, great life by teaching you how to create the type of life and income streams they have.

  • 1. Corbett Barr – Lifestyle Design – (If you want to download his book that shows how he created a 6 figure business in 18 months  from 2 blogs and working from Mexico click HERE to get his free E-Book.)
  • 2. Tim Ferriss – Four Hour Work Week
  • 3. Chris Guillebeau – Art of Non-Comformity
  • 4. Mike – Road Warrior

IV. Almost everyone on the internet who sells or runs an E-Commerce website is a middle man. They almost never create or build anything that they sell. They are not the true creators of value, but the distributors, the salesman, the transmitters. They probably don’t have an actual business office. They probably stock up their products (better known as Inventory) in some big closet in their house or apartment they live in.

What these really good internet marketing guys do is figure out what exactly you really want, and then teach you how to get it.

Key Point I: What People Want – What most people really want when they fill out a survey is 5 main things. – All 5 are to make themselves feel good about themselves.

1. Money – How do I make money online, automatically, easily, and quickly ?

2. Own Business– How do I start my own company that I can run and operate remotely so that I can be anywhere in the world and still have money flowing directly into my bank account?

3. Sex (This one is mainly for men) – What is the easiest, quickly, most sure fire way to meet a really hot girl I can have sex with?

4. Relationships –  I want to know the easiest most full proof way to attract that girl/guy that I have been interested in for the last 4 months. OR I want to attract the best girl/ boy that I can so that I can be in a relationship and get love – basically I want someone good looking, kind, and smart to love me. 

5. Health – I want to get healthy and lose my excess weight and fat the easiest simpliest way possible. 

Well, the internet marketers know that deep inside of you that you pretty much really want those things. If you look at the biggest internet companies that focus primarily on marketing that is what they advertise and sell. They are selling you either money, sex, or something related to one of those two things.

One of the best known Internet Marketing Gurus Eben Pagan (who made his money selling information products on Dating Advice for men) once stated that if you want to get people to come to your website and buy your product, they must already have an irrational need or desperate desire within themselves to pull out their credit card and put in the right numbers and then click that send button. (Note: If you want some of his Online Business Building Seminar DVDs or programs (Like Get Altitude) for free, email me. I bought it and it is quite useful. I can’t put it on this site because I will be sued for that)

Key Point II : Mailing List & Newsletter – The email is the primary way that most people make their money online. The primary objective is to build that email list up more and more. Do you ever notice that every site these days seem to have a pop up that asks you to enter your name and email information? Well they are trying to get you to put in your information. That way, maybe 2 weeks later, the person who runs the website sends a newsletter to you through their mailing list provider. They write a nice sales letter by using a good copyrighter. At the end of the newsletter is always a link, either to something they want you to eventually hopefully buy or someone’s else site, who they are probably affiliated with or in partnership with.

The two most commonly used mailing list providers are MailChimp and AWeber. MailChimp is free to use while AWeber costs some money.

Now, you might be wondering, will I eventually put a popup or opt in page and ask for your email address one of these days? I don’t think so. If I did, I will tell you. If I plan to sell you anything, I will make it very plain and clear my intentions.

Key Point III: Affiliate Marketing – This is another way many people make money is buy promoting, endorsing, and selling other people’s products who also have companies is in the same or similar niche. You would  be amazed at how large the percentage is that affiliate marketing plays on an internet marketer’s total income.

Key Point III.2: Combining the power of affiliate marketing + Information Products +SEO – they go to a site like Clickbank, find out which Information product has the highest gravity (I am not going to go into what is gravity on here), get the embbeded code, set up a 1 page sales site, and place a bunch of ads by embedding that code. If they are good enough at SEO and writing some decent content, they can get 1000s of people to click and go to their site. Assuming the internet average of .1-1% conversion rate which they can check on Google Analytics (which is free), they get a high commission as an affiliate to an E-product (usually a pdf, mp3, or mpeg). That can amount to a good $40-50 per day per site if they are good at writing sales letter.

Key Point IV: Google Keywords – The internet marketer in the beginning is probably using some form of Software to analyze the types of keywords that people are typing into search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. They look at what are known as “keyword longtails” to figure out what exactly people are typing into the internet. They compare the number of times people type a certain word or phrase and see whether there is large competition in that niche. A really popular software people use these days is Market Samurai, which basically shows you how to hack the internet and google to find what other people are looking for.

Key Point V: SEO – SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search Enginee Optimization is just a fancy umbrella term to refer to any strategy a “guru” might use to rank their desired website to be higher and higher on any of the search engine’s ranking page. Google is almost primarily talked about when one talks about Search Engines in the US. SEO tactics is something I haven’t studied or know about. All I did for this website is download two plugins (WordPress SEO and All in One SEO Pack) and add some meta information. You can’t click on a few links these days without running into a “SEO/ Internet Marketing consultant these days”

Key Point V.2 Pay Per Click – Google has this program called Adsense which allows people to make money when someone else clicks on the ads they put on their website. People have been making money through Adsense for at least a decade now. I remember using Adsense and realized that the Ads did not agree with the purpose of the websites I have created before. Overall, the amount of money a person can make through PPC or anything similar has drastically been decreasing over the years as people become smarter and smarter over the internet.

Key Point VI: Social Media – Everyone is talking about Facebook these days and trying to figure out what is the most effective way to market their products on this platform. LinkedIn is also doing it. A lot of companies think that by spending money to buy ads on these well known platforms they will increase their revenue. However, FB and LinkedIn are failing spectacularly at it because people these days are just getting smarter and smarter. No one is clicking on those ads anymore. Instead use Pinterest and Tumblr.

Key Point VII: Traffic – Traffic is the life blood of all companies and websites. If you have no traffic, you are essentially dead. No one is coming to your website and reading your information. You can’t sell your products and all the money you put into marketing your product was wasted. There are pages like Alexa which tell you how well a website is ranked. Almost everyone who does any internet marketing has Google Analytics installed on it. They know how many people are going to their websites and how well they people coming to the site are actually buying their product, clicking on the links they want, and where the people are coming from.

Key Point VIII – Twitter – Twitter is a tool that many people these days are using to promote their products or programs, as well as their affiliates. Just don’t fall for it. Ever see a weird url? Well that is the marketer using a program to squeeze a long url into a shorter one and wanting you to click on it. Filled with a lot of spammers who want you to use the Cialdini Influence idea of Reciprocity who first follow you hoping then you will follow then. Then later they over whelm you with spam trying to get you to check out their website or their affiliate partner’s site.

Key Point IX: Information Products – If you want to know what is the easiest and simpliest way to make money, it is to start your own website. You spend about $60 first to get a host, and pay only $12 per year to register for a domain name. If you want to get creative, add a nice wordpress template on there for another $50 and your website looks completely professional. Then you just start writing and trying to create the best content and value as you can and learn about SEO to get the people to come to your website. Then you write a 60 page E-Book mostly filled with fluff, put a price tage on it that ends in $x9.99 and link it with your paypal account and you wait for the sales to come through. Of course it is never as easy as it sounds but in this case, you probably can get the entire process done in less than 3 hours if you really sat down with someone who already knows the trick of internet marketing. In less than 3 hours, you can theoretically be getting money pumped into your bank account by selling immaterial products. No overhead, no fees, no stress.

The scam really comes in when the people who do the internet marketing tries every single trick they know to get you to come to their website and buy their information product while cost absolutely no $ to create except some time. Hell, some people don’t even create or write their own material but pay writers and copyrighters to write everything, form the sales page to the information product, to even the testimonials. Just look at the practices of Dan Kennedy or Frank Kern. They make millions a year doing very little, learning how to leverage the system, and profitting wildly from it.

My point is, most of the pages you see selling some form of product that is said to help you grow another 2 inches in 4 months are written by internet marketers trying to trick you to buy a basic multivitamin. Don’t believe in them.

Key Point X: Blogging – There is probably over 100,000,000 blogs out there right now with people writing about all sorts of things, stuff that interest them. How many of those blogs are actually worth reading? I am not sure but I am positive that we can all tell the difference between a good blog with high quality writing and amazing content to blogs that are not worth reading. I think it is the personal dream of millions of people who desire to just write and blog for a living.

I mean , just imagine this type of scenario and reaslize how damn seductive it sounds. It would be like the perfect lifetstyle. And millions of people every day get sucked into the whole Internet Marketing matrix believing that they have found the secret key, the perfect magic bullet or hack that would allow them to be financially free”

“You wake up in the morning at 11 am on a tiny secluded island in the middle of the Caribbean, and do your routine of morning ablutions. You then go to the nearby coffee shop and buy a super expensive cup of coffee and italian sandwich. You come back home at 1 pm and sit down. You spend 1 hour in front of your Macbook Air typing out a 3000 word blog post, send another 20 minutes editing, and hit the Send button. You go to Google Analytics to check the traffic on your website and go to your Paypal Account, or Clickbank account, or Bank account to see how much you made recently. You see that your information product or that recent program launch you did had raked in $1500 last night while you were asleep doing absolutely no work. You go around and make a few money transfers, give a call to your accountant to make everything is in order, give another call to a guy you are doing business with remotely to get them to join you in your affiliate marketing program. You then finish by answering the hundred of emails that appeared in your inbox asking you for coaching which you have been charging $300 /hr for with only a phone call. So after basically 2 -3 hours of work , you are done for the day and made over $1000.”

You made more money than some people make in a week by doing almost no work. That is probably the ideal lifestyle that many people who go into blogging for profit or money is really hoping for. They do it for year and years hoping to built enough of a traffic or mailing list to be able to finally sell some product or launch some program, wether it is a seminar, coaching program, or another information product.

Key Point XI: Advertising –Ever see those banners either on the side or the top or bottom of articles you read online? They are ads which someone paid someone else to promote. When you click on that ad, the person who was doing the endorsing gets a small bit of money becasue they managed to send “traffic” which is you to the ad payer’s webpage. In this model, supposedly every one wins. That is in theory but in reality, only the person who is posting the ads win, since they are in a situation where there is no possible way to lose. The person who paid to post that ad can lose from getting no conversions to buy their product. The person who clicked on the ad loses when they realize that they have been tricked to go something which they didn’t intend for.

Key Point XII: Consulting or Coaching – It seems like everyone these days is a coach. People are calling themselves Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Success Coaches, Body Transformation Coaches, Dating Coaches, SEO Marketing Consultants, – if you see someone  who has the title consultant or coach by their name on a resume or business card, be very suspicious. It is not that hard these days to slap on a label or title.

I started my own company which is a life coaching company because of a very horrible personal life experience which I went through in the beginning of this year (2012) and I wanted to find a way to make sure that what happened to me will never ever have to happen to another guy. I focus on a very small niche group of people and I don’t intend for that company to ever grow too large.

Last Key Point: All of the scammers and internet marketing guys should realize that their business model is unsustainable. They may be making 6 figure for 2-3 years but eventually their traffic and the people who go to their website will dry up. Their content will get stale and they won’t last. If they are not completely transparent with their business or practices, they will eventually be found out, exposed, and will be forced to shut down their website/business or restructure it to look liek something else or go into another niche. At last but defnitely not least, this website/ forum is the best or worst kept secret in all of the internet space when it comes to hucksters who learn new techniques and ways to get you to open your wallet. : The Warrior Forum – Be careful out there and don’t be cheated.

Grow Taller Through Cartilage Replacement and Growth

So this will be the first method that I have personally have thought of by myself. The technique is very advanced and I don’t know if any surgeon or orthopedic medical profession would ever suggest something but I will make this proposal.

We all know that the long bones in the body stop growing after a certain age. I would assume that 95% of the people who desire to grow taller have already reached the age when the bones have already fused and the epiphyseal plates are ossified. I mean, why would we have such a deep desire and almost desperation to become taller if we were still in the process of growing? (Right?) There is a very well known saying that people don’t often appreciate what they have until they lose it.

If we study the biggest long bones in the human body like the femur, humerus,tibia, fibula, , radis, ulna, we should try to find exactly where the epiphyseal line is located which is where the growth plates actually sealed at.

I wanted to only focus on two sets of bones in this post, the femur and the humerus. The femur is the bone that forms the infrastructure of our upper leg. The humerus represents the core of our upper arms.

If we look at the diagram of the femur above, we notice that the epiphyseal plates are  not at the same distance as where the core of the bones is, which is the marrow cavity. This means that it is possible then to surgically open the long bone, cut at exactly where the fused plate is, and add a thick slab of cartilage between the surgically separated parts. As we all know, the bone can heal itself, so if we can compress the cartilage between two bones, eventually the 3 parts should fuse together. After the parts are fused and before the body begins to ossify the cartilage again , we can inject a high level of HGH into the body and give it the needed growth hormone to allow for increased bone lengthening.

Since there are a pair of femur and another pair of humerus making up 4 long bones, theoretically there could be 8 places (because there are 2 epiphyseal lines on each end of each long bone) that we can add regrown cartilage into.

Right now, this theory I proposed is probably impossible to actually test because of the amount of surgical work that must go into it. A person would have to be willing to become a quadraplegic at least temporarily just to even test this theory. Their limbs are literally removed and reattached. More than that, before the surgeon can even reach bone, they would have to somehow also cut through the muscle which is ridiculous to imagine. I have never seen amputation done and I would assume that after amputation, there may be no way to reattach or connect the cut muscle to heal/ fuse together, let alone the bone.

Another big concern is where would we even get the right type of cartilage for the patients. It is well known by medical professionals that our body will reject body parts if they don’t agree with our immune system. That is why when a person gets into an accident and are escorted to the hospital or emergency room, their blood type is immediately found so that a person with the correct blood type can give them blood. This is also true for body organs, bone marrow, and other body parts. Historical, the medical literature has shown that cartilage unlike other body parts is not able to regenerate or grow. That has only recently been proven not to be true. Any cartilage that are grown in the laboratory with the most modern technology is intended to be implanted into the knee or hip for people of old age who suffer from osteoporosis and have lost of the cartilage in their joints.

So in conclusion, this theory of mine could theoretically be a viable option, but there are some giant hurdles to get past. They are

1. Finding willing participants and patients who will go through with the experimentation.

2. Learning how to cut through the muscle and then reconnecting the muscles after

3. Figuring out how to connect the cartilage and separated bone to fuse together.

4. Regrowing enough Cartilage for Implantation

5. Having the right type of cartilage for the individual being operated on.

6. Making sure that adding HGH will be effective in getting the cartilage to work like a growth plate.


Grow Taller Using Yoga , Part II

This will be a really short post where I will refer you to a site which will show you and maybe also teach you certain types of stretching exercises and poses (asanas) which will help you stretch out your back and neck and make them more flexible. A more flexible neck and back means that it can be stretching so your height should theoretically increase by some amount.

All the exercises and poses shown below are mainly to stretch the back and neck, and also increase their flexibility.

Personally, I have always been a fan of yoga, ever since learning about it when I was only 15 years old. I practiced Kriya Yoga for only 1 year but got into reading more about the esoteric and mystical teachings later on.

NOTE: This is an important disclaimer on my end. I do not own, create, or sell the information of all the type of Yoga Asanas at the bottom of the post which I found at for any form of profit. I am only distributing this information for other people so that they can be more informed and knowledgeable. I only try to give great value to others who are searching for a path towards their height increase goals. If anyone here feels that what I have done is against any laws or violates some legal issue, I will promptly remove what is listed. 

You can find the resource link at or by clicking HERE.

Exercise Set for
Maintaining a Flexible Spine

We offer you here, an exercise set to introduce you to Kundalini Yoga (KY). One of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy body is a flexible spine. The yogis say that youth is determined by the flexibility of your spine.

Low back pain and upper back stress are some of the most common health complaints of adults. The best way to avoid backaches is to take care of your spine on a daily basis. There are no quick fixes for back pain, but this exercise set is an effective maintenance program.

To Begin
Sit quietly and be with your breath. Consciously slow down the breath and breathe from the belly. Be with the sensations in your body. Tune into your own rhythm. Allow a few minutes to calm down, center yourself and create your own space.

Tuning in
Before beginning Kundalini Yoga practice, always “tune in” by chanting the ADI MANTRAClick here for full details


Pelvis Rotations Rotate the Pelvis
Sit in easy pose. Place the hands on the knees. Deeply roll the pelvis around in a grinding motion. Relax into the movement. Make it a moving meditation.Do 26 rotations or 1-2 minutes in each direction.Benefits: This exercise opens up the energy in the lower spine, massages the internal organs and aids in digestion.
Spinal Flex
Sit in easy pose. Grab the ankles. As you inhale powerfully, flex the spine forward, keeping the shoulders relaxed and the head straight. Do not move the head up and down. Exhale and relax the spine back. Continue rhythmically with deep breaths. As you inhale feel the energy go down the spine. As you exhale feel it come back up to the third eye. Mentally bring SAT down and NAM back upthe spine.1-3 minutes or up to 108 times.

Spinal Flex

To end: Inhale deep, hold the breath, apply rootlock (mulbhand), exhale and relax. Sit quietly and feel the energy circulate in your spine and throughout your body.Benefits: This exercise stimulates and stretches the lower spine.
Spinal Flex on Heels Spinal Flex On Heels
Sit on the heels; place the hands flat on the thighs. Continue spinal flex as above with a powerful breath.1-2 minutes.Benefits: This exercise works on the mid spine and heart chakra
Neck Rolls
Sit with a straight but relaxed spine. Adjust the head so that you feel like it is sitting on top of the spine by slightly moving the head back and bringing the chin down slightly. Roll the neck slowly in one direction and then in the other. Let the weight of the head move the head around. Do this very methodically so that you go slowing through tight spots and work out areas of tension.

Neck Roll

At least one minute in each direction.To end: After this exercise, sit quietly and be with the sensations in your body and spine.Benefits: This exercise removes tension in the neck and stimulates the thyroid.
Side Twists
Side Twists

Sit on the heels. Place the hands on the shoulders, fingers in front and thumbs in back. Inhale, twist to the left. Exhale, twist to the right. Twist your head to each side as well. Gradually feel an increased rotation in your spine. Keep elbows parallel to the ground, allowing the arms to swing freely with the body. This exercise can be done standing up,Continue 1-2 minutes or 26 times.To end: Inhale center, hold the breath, apply rootlock, exhale, relax and feel the energy circulate, especially at the level of the heart.Benefits: This exercise opens up the heart center and stimulates the upper spine.
Side Bends
In Easy Pose, clasp hands behind neck in Venus Lock (fingers interlaced) and bend straight sideways at the waist, aiming the elbow toward the floor beside the hip. Inhale as you bend left, exhale right. Don’t arch or contract the back. Bend sideways only. This exercise can be done standing.1-2 minutes or 26 times.Benefits: Side bends stimulate the liver and colon and increase spinal flexibility.

Side Bends

Shoulder Shrugs Shoulder Shrugs
Still on the heels or in easy pose, shrug both shoulders up on the inhale and down on the exhale.1- 2 minutes.To End: Inhale up, hold, apply rootlock, and relax.Benefits: This exercise loosens up the tension in the shoulders and relaxes upper back


Lie on the floor with the palms on the floor under the shoulders. As you inhale, slowly arch the spine up, leading with the nose, then chin, then pushing off with your hands vertebra by vertebra, until you are arched back as far as possible with no strain in the lower back, concentrating on a. good stretch from the heart center up. Breathe long and deep or do Breath of Fire.2-3 minutes

To end: Inhale, hold, pull the energy up the spine with the root lock. Exhale very slowly and come down one vertebra at a time. Relax. 1-3 minutes.


Benefits: This exercise strengthens the lower back. Removes tension in the back and balances the flow of sexual energy with navel energy.
Rock and Roll on the Spine
Bring your knees to your chest, grab them with the arms, and rock back and forth on the spine, massaging it gently from the neck to the base of the spine. Make sure you have a soft surface.1-2 minutes.Benefits: This exercise circulates the energy and relaxes the spine.

Alternate Leg Stretches
Spread the legs wide apart, grasping the toes or any other place on the legs where it is possible to keep the knees straight. Inhale center and exhale down to the left leg, inhale center and exhale down to the right leg. Move from the hips to open the pelvis. Avoid simply bending and arching the upper spine. Keep the spine comfortably straight and get a good stretch in the back. Loosen up the muscles, but do not strain them. Continue with powerful breathing. 1-2 minutes.
To end: Inhale center, hold the breath, apply root lock and then relax. Bring the legs together and bounce them up and down a few times to relax the muscles and massage them.

Benefits: Opens up the pelvis and stretches the leg muscles.

 Life Nerve Stretch
Legs outstretched, bring right foot into left thigh, and slowly bend over the left leg to grab the foot or ankle (or wherever it is comfortable), keeping the leg flat on the ground. Breathe long and deep or do Breath of Fire. 1-2 minutes each side.To end: Inhale deeply and exhale several times deepening the stretch. Then slowly come up. Bounce the legs and massage them. Switch sides and repeat.Benefits: This exercise stretches the leg muscles and loosens up the lower back.
Cat Cow
Come on the hands and knees, knees shoulder width apart. Inhale as you flex your spine down and bring your head up. Exhale as you flex your spine up in an arched position with the head down. Keep the arms straight. Continue rhythmically with powerful breathing, gradually increasing the speed as your spine becomes more and more flexible.1-3 minutes.To end: Inhale in saggy cow, hold, pull the energy up the spine with the root lock. Exhale and relax on the heels. Sit quietly and let the breath slow down. Feel the energy circulate. Concentrate at the third eye.Benefits: This exercise is known as the Kundalini chiropractor. Done regularly it loosens up and adjusts the spine.
Pick Me Up
Pick Me Up Exercise

Lie down on your back and simply relax for a moment. Then bend your knees and draw the heels up towards the buttocks, keeping the feet flat on the floor. Grab your ankles and holding on to them, slowly raise the hips up, arching the lower spine and lifting the navel towards the sky. As you lift up, slowly inhale through the nose. Hold the breath as you gently stretch up, lifting as high as is comfortable, then slowly relax down again as you breathe out through the nose.Slowly repeat this lifting up and down movement a minimum of twelve times, synchronizing the breathing with the movement of the hips, for a maximum of 26 lifts. To go from the minimum number of 12, to the maximum number 26, increase your total. 1-2 lifts per day.
To end: Inhale up, hold the breath for ten seconds, pull in the navel and apply the root lock. Then relax down, stretching the legs out. Totally relax and feel the energizing effect of the exercise.Exercise Tips: If you can’t grab your ankles, let the arms be at your side and lift up using the arms to help push you up. People with any history of lower back pain should check with their doctor before beginning. Try to let your breathing do the work–inhale the hips up and exhale them down. This exercise will automatically get you to breathe deeply. Keep the eyes closed throughout this and other exercises so that you can feel your body move rhythmically, without visual distractions. Rest on your back for two minutes after the exercise and just enjoy its vitalizing effect!Benefits: This exercise releases abdominal stress! It gives you an immediate boost of energy throughout your body that lasts well into the day. It also stimulates your thyroid. It allows you to breathe deeper and adds to your energy level. It moves the energy from the lower spine to the upper spine.

Deeply relax your back, hands to the side, palms facing up. Simply be with the sensations in your body and enjoy the feelings.

Sit quietly and meditate. Be present to the sensations in your body. Increase your awareness to include every part of your body and spine. Consolidate your presence by feeling all your sensations simultaneously for at least one minute at the end.2-5 minutes or as long as you like.To end: Inhale and exhale deeply 3 times. Raise your arms above your head, stretch your spine, shake your arms and send blessings to the world. Carry this feeling of blessings and gratitude with you throughout your day.

When to Practice Benefits

This series of exercises works systematically from the base of the spine to the top. All 26 vertebrae receive stimulation and all the energy centers receive a burst of energy. These exercises increase the circulation of the spinal fluid, which contributes to greater mental clarity. Regular practice of this series will give you increased vitality, help prevent backaches, reduce tension, and keep you young by increasing the flexibility of the spine.

This set can be done in the morning as a way to give you added energy for the day. It can also be done in the evening before dinner to revitalize you after a busy day and give you energy for the evening.

Breathing and Mantra
The powerful effects of the Kundalini exercises are attained by combining movement, breath and mantra. In Kundalini yoga we either coordinate a powerful inhale and exhale with the movement or do long deep breathing or breath of fire, with poses that are held. All breathing during the exercises, both the inhale and the exhale, is done only through the nose with the mouth closed, unless otherwise specified.

The use of a mantra, chanted internally helps to focus the mind and clean the subconscious mind. The mantra that we use is Sat Nam. During the exercises, mentally chant Sat on the inhale and Nam on the exhale.

(see also Fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga – on this site)

Your Own Pace
Begin and continue your practice at your own pace. There is no contest to see what difficult poses you can get into. The goal is to activate your glandular system and strengthen your nervous system so that have more energy and feel more alive. Go to your limit but not beyond. Only you know your own body and what works for you. Possible touchstones include activation, gentle stretch and rhythmic movement.

Between Exercises
Take 30 seconds or more to relax between exercises and be with the energy as you experience it in your body. The energy will automatically adjust and go to where it is needed. Your job is to be present, and not consciously try to make something happen. If you do the exercises, something is already happening. One of the wonderful things about Kundalini Yoga is the discovery. Allow yourself time to discover that is taking place.

Once you have mastered the Set as above, try adding the following more advanced components, inserted in the above program between Neck Rolls and Side Twist. Follow instructions carefully. If in doubt, ask for advice on theKundalini Yoga list.


Shoulder Stand & Plow
(Make sure that your neck is protected with a soft surface).

On the back, raise legs and torso above the head, supporting the body with the hands at the waist and extending the legs and hips into a straight line, with long, deep breathing for 1 to 2 minutes. Then drop the feet back over head into Plow Pose, resting arms on the ground. Rest there a minute before slowly lowering hips onto floor, vertebra by vertebra.


Shoulder Stand & Plow

This exercise bends and stretches the entire spine, especially the neck and thoracic vertebrae. It stimulates the thyroid and the throat chakra, and relaxes and energizes the spine.

Fish Pose

Sit in Lotus Pose, or with legs outstretched, and lie back on the elbows, arching up the sternum, with the weight on the top of the head and the hips. Grab big toes with opposite fingers and do Breath of Fire or long deep breathing for 1 to 2 minutes. (With legs stretched out in front, rest on hips, elbows and top of head.)Fish Pose is the counter-pose for Plow and Shoulder Stand. It prevents or corrects rounded shoulders and jutting neck. It also stimulates the thyroid and the throat chakra.