Can A Person Increase Their Height And Grow Taller Through Hypnosis Or Hypnotherapy Using Dr. Laura De Giorgio Deep Trance Now Grow Taller Program?

I wanted to go back at the idea of possibly using the technique of hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy to make people grow taller. I had previously looked at the idea briefly of hypnosis when I wrote articles about the 1 infamous case behind the late great Dr. Milton Erickson in the post ”
Milton Erickson’s Legend of 12 Inch Height Increase” which has been mentioned over and over again by hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, and height increase seekers which seems to give their way of thinking validation.

Note only that, I would write three more posts either about hypnosis or very closely related to the idea of using hypnosis derivative to possibly increase a person’s height.

This post is to look at the hypnosis program sold on the Deep Trance Now website which is one of the only types of audio programs currently sold on the internet which claim that just by listening to the files, one will grow taller. Recently I noticed that people have been asking me through the website email for the program by Dr. Lauro Giorgio which claims that from her audio program of listening to soothing, mind manipulating sounds, a person can be induced into a state where they can command their body to start growing taller again, even after bone maturation.

The PDF for the program Grow Taller With Hypnosis by Dr. Laura De Giorgio Ph.D is availably just by clicking on the link. In addition, I have also uploaded to the website database a supplement PDF she had written for the website which is called Grow Taller Bonus Report which is a 123 page long report.  She is accredited with being a….

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • Having a Doctorate degree, Ph. D.  (mostly likely in something related to psychology)

It seems this “doctor” who really is using the title because she has a doctorate degree and not a real medical school derived M.D, is based in somewhere of the city of Toronto, although that location is just listed as the mailing address.

I have clipped a photo to show that the over 340 MB program consists of 13 MP3 files. The program is a rather large file so it is not easily possible for me to upload the file through FTP to the host’s directory for easy download. If you wish to get the program, you would have to give me the name of place where I can upload a file around 340 MB easily.

Dr. Laura De Giorgio Grow Taller Program

I actually have had some experience with hypnotherapy and the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, looked into the technique known as Emotional Freedom Technique, or “tapping” as it is called. I even once wrote a few posts long ago looking at the idea of whether NLP can be used to make people taller.

It is really difficult to figure out who are the real people who are trying to help people and the scam artists who are just trying to make a quick dollar from calling themselves “self help gurus” or “lie coaches” after taking a 6 month program from a licensed NLP Master Practitioner or not even having any type of license or accreditation at all. The fact that this NLP practitioner has tried to go into the real of body transformation, but especially height increase is a vey big leap on their part.

I once wrote about the idea of whether praying would help since it would seem superficially logical that hypnosis is similar to praying, since the person doing it or having the process done on them is trying to change their state or emotions.

Does Praying Or Wishing To Grow Taller Really Increase Height And Make You Taller?

Praying is just another way to make a person change their thinking and emotional state. Hypnosis is similar, where there is no real physical external stimuli being applied to the person’s body, and definitely nothing that would be able to remodel the bone size in the indidivual.

I also once wrote about the old height increase “guru” Zixia (or Lisa) who claimed that through mental visualization, and the ancient Chinese art of Qigong one can grow taller even after bone maturity. This involved something similar to the praying and the hypnosis, since there was a lot of visualization, but no real stimuli on the bones.

Of course later I would find evidence that she might have not be honest after there was evidence that she was indeed getting a little bit of money from giving advice to people over the internet on how to grow taller. She had claimed that she had received do financial incentives.

Analysis & Interpretation:

This program which is supposed to make a person taller through NLP & Hypnotherapy techniques is a little different from the other “grow taller programs” out on the internet. Most people try to sell a PDF as an E-Book or sell some herbal formulation or supplement-like pill and brand it as a “grow taller” product. This is a rather large program which is at least an hour long where the person talking on the MP3 files, who I assume is Dr. De Giorgio is doing the traditional hypnosis techniques, like changing the person’s state, developing stronger rapport, doing fractionation, and suspending the critical factor. Like I said before in this post, I have studied NLP before (a few months) intellectually reading up on the mechanics of the skill developd my Grinder and Bandler 30 years ago although I never tried to actually use it in the field and practice it on myself or other people. The fact that I have mentioned the Peak Performance Coach Anthony Robbins in  quite a few of my posts should have suggested that I was aware that there might be people who would reference the Dr. Milton Erickson anecdotal, now almost mythical, story where he made a 20 year old male grow in height by 12 inches within a year’s time.

In ther beginning, when I was developing the website at breakneck speed, I had found the Grow Taller Program by Dr. Laura De Giorgio and decided immediately that it was just another scam and fake program that can’t work so I put the website in the Scams” section. Later, I would decide to go back to look at the program more seriously, and maybe even change my objective opinion.

After looking back at the website, I noticed a few things I have not seen before, most definitely because the 1st time around, I did not take any time to really look at the website. From looking at the copyright information at the bottom, I find that the website has been around a LONG time, since 2001. The webpages are designed in a fashion that tells the internet marketer that it was done probably years ago. There are youtube videos embedded like something called “Growth Hormone Booster, Brainwave Entrainment”.

When I looked at the front page, I realized that the website is much bigger and not just about growing taller, but that this person who is selling hypnosis programs seem to have created a subliminal hypnosis program for every type of thing that a person can think off. There are programs to make a person attract the opposite sex, increase the penis size, eyesight improvement, remove infertility, turn oneself invisible, find lost treasure, protect oneself from energy vampires, and soooo much more.

This made me realize that the person or team who has created this website has shifted away from just trying to solve one specific problem, but diversified out to create programs for almost every type of desire or problem there is. The general idea is that somehow hypnosis will reprogram the subconscious to solve every single problem a person can ever have. There are even programs to help people increase their chances to win the lottery or at gambling at the casinos.

If this person or team is willing to make such insane, preposterous claims like one can turn oneself invisible using hypnosis, then it is not a large stretch to assume that they would also say that a person can grow taller using the same basic type of pattern for hypnosis. It seems that one can develop supernatural powers and turn themselves into superhuman if they just focus on the programs that they buy off of the internet.

There are testimonials and success stories but they can be just fake written by the seller to make themselves seem more legitimate. there is even a program where the hypnotherapist will offer “coaching” at $120 for a 50 minute Skype exchange, phone call, or even just email exchanges…

Grow Taller Online Coaching / Hypnosis Sessoin
through phone, Skype, or e-mail exchange 
1 session – $120 (approximately 50 min)

For the 12 CD set program, you pay $200 dollars. For the 16 CD set program you pay $270. From the looks of it, I would guess that there is not even a physical product that they would ship to you, but an electronic product that you will download from a secret link that they reveal to you only after you put your credit card information in.

I guess the only thing I wanted to say is that this website and Dr. De Giorgio, if that is even a real person, is selling a program that can NEVER work. The website does not just sell to people who wish to become taller, but also sell the same hypnosis technique format for at least dozens of other problems. The hypnosis may not be a complete scam for other problems, like trying to cure phobias and remove negative thoughts, since there has been enough cases in NLP’s history to show that the hypnotherapy derivative does have some use, but for something like to make a person who have closed growth plates grow more is too outlandish a claim.

The Grow Taller Program by Dr. Laura De Giorgio will not work so at least for this endeavor, it is a scam.




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