Grow Taller Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming , Part II

I had in a previous post given a historical and factual background on the subject of Neuro-Linguistic Programming which you can find by going HERE. I was supposed to write up a routine or method one can actually use with NLP to supposedly increase one’s height. However after much research it turns out that I have not found anything that can reasonably work. The main resource that combines the idea of hypnosis and NLP with height increase was a previous website or resource which I stated was a scam, DeepTranceNow.Com. However, after zixia of growtallerwithme blog stated that the site can be useful,  I have had to reconsider the claims made by the site.

What turns out the be the first and biggest challenge to finding anny information on the internet is that when I type in the phrase “NLP height” in google, almost all the links available are talking about how one can cure the fear or phobia of heights by using the techniques of NLP. It took quite a while to comb through the unrelated links and google results before some good content could be found. It seems the main thing thing that makes the connection between NLP and the prospect of height increase is always the mention of the story of Milton Erickson and his most unique of case which had taled about a patient who grew 12 inches in either 1 year or 2 years, both of which sound too incredible to believe. (see HERE)

There was only a few resources I managed to find that claimed they had a method of using NLP to grow taller.

The first was an audio E-Product program which is supposed to be able to hypnotized the person to grow taller. I found the resource from Subliminal On Demand ( The program is called “NLP Subliminal CD Grow Taller Now”. When I tried out the sample audio available, the audio consisted of a firm, clear voice giving me instructions and some New Age themed music playing in the background. I couldn’t figure out how well the product they advertised was.

On the 2nd site, Hypno Success , the product being sold was called “Grow 5 to 6 Inches Taller Now NLP Hypnosis CD” . The claim made by the product is stated that you can still grow after puberty by up to 5-6 inches by programming your mind into thinking that you are going through puberty so taht their pituitary can release an excess of HGH. Apparently if you believe it will work for you, then it will work for you. (I think they are trying to use an NLP trick here to make you buy the product). The CD uses NLP, Hypnosis, Brain Talk Technology, Dream Technology to allow you to relax and go deep inside where all true change occurs. It apparently costs $97 to get 1 Audio CD, and it can cost anywhere from $5-$8 depending on the type of shipping. I personally think it is outrageous that you would be charge up to $105 just to get 1 audio CD to teach you how to think to a greater height.

Apparently the next link that talked about growing taller from using hypnosis let me eventually to a sales page selling the Grow Taller 4 Idiots site.

The next link was called Full Hypnosis and it had a nice sales page on the site. Let me post it here

It seems hard to believe but there is an increasing amount of evidence coming to light that suggests that hypnosis can be used to help people grow taller, even in adulthood. In much the same way as you can focus your subconscious mind to increase muscle mass or develop larger breasts, you can do exactly the same thing to increase in height as Chris Chew explains…

Do you know that it possible to grow taller through self hypnosis even if you are an adult and way past your growing age? Let me guess,perhaps you are reading this article because you want to increase your height but at the same time finding it a tad incredulous that hypnosis can actually help you to increase your height, right? You see, there are many myths surrounding the concept of hypnotism and this is because of movies, comics and reality shows which exaggerate the effects of hypnotism to give it some commercial value and entertainment. That is why many people think that when you are under hypnosis, you are under the control of the hypno-therapist. This is certainly untrue.

On the contrary, hypnotism is already a recognize form of holistic care and therapy helping millions of people all over the world to lose weight, quit smoking, get rid of anxiety, alleviate depression and even grow taller. Yeah, you read that right.

Most major hospitals even have hypnotherapy departments to provide patients who choose hypnotism as a form of holistic therapy for their diseases and rehabilitation management. When you are under hypnosis, you are in a state of total relaxation just like when you are about to fall asleep or have just woken up in the morning. You are in full control of your mental faculty and you can wake up and walk away to attend to any other chores immediately if you choose to do so. Yes, its just that simple.

It is during this half sleep half awake state that your hypno-therapist will suggest positive thoughts to your subconscious mind to heal yourself, get rid of negative bad habits and irrational fears like fear of flying or fear of examination, bad eating habits to lose weight and even grow taller etc.

We all know that our thoughts and feelings influence our bodies through the nervous system and the circulatory system pathways. Our brains communicate with our bodies through the nervous system by sending nerve impulses to the body’s cellular tissues and influence their behavior. Your brain thus in this way is able to affect the behavior of every part of your body with its nerve endings extending right into your bone marrow which generate white cells to combat diseases, your thymus, spleen and lymph nodes, glands of your endocrine system, bones, muscles, internal organs, veins and arteries. In other words, all parts of your body.

Your subconscious mind of yours even control and influence the functions of your body even when you sleep such as your breathing, heart beat, digestion system etc. That means that your entire body is literally “wired” by your subconscious mind.

Your brain is also a gland as it produces thousands of chemicals and hormones to be released into your bloodstream so that these chemicals circulate throughout the body and influence the activities of your body tissues at the cellular level. These cells are equipped with receptors that receive the chemicals being released by the brain and respond to them accordingly.

Since this part of your brain is so amazing and can do such wonders to your body, hypnotism is one of the ways we can reach this part of the brain to instruct it the way we want it to behave or suggest to it to increase the production of HGH (human growth hormones) and IGF (insulin like growth factor) in order for you to grow taller.

Therefore, is it possible for you to increase your height even when you are past your growing age? Well, from the physiological point of viewpoint, based on the intelligent design of human brain, especially your subconscious mind in relation to the body, it is therefore definitely able to create cartilage formation, generate bone and muscle growth that can lead to an increase in height at any age.

That being the case, it is thus very possible that you can increase your height and grow taller with self hypnotism. If you do some research into this subject, there are numerous testimonies of people growing taller with the help of hypnotherapy. However, most people are unable to tap into the power of hypnotherapy to grow taller because hiring good hypno therapist is a very expensive affair. Furthermore, you most probably will not get the results you want with just one single visit to your hypnotist’s clinic and repeated visits will cost you a lot of time and money.

Now, the good news is that instead of visiting real life hypnotist for consultations, you can now perform self hypnosis in the comfort of your own home anytime that you want. In this way, you can thus save yourself tons of time and money in the process of growing taller with self hypnosis.

Me: Overall the claims posted above said nothing of true substance. So I decided to click on the links close to the Article Authors name to see where it would take me. The pages were all just filled with small short messages with affiliate links to various products. One product I reached was the Grow Taller Secrets 1st ed. Another took me to the GHR 1000 supplement which is supposed to make you younger. The last product the links took me to was an actual E- Product program titled “Grow Taller Hypnosis CDs” . The price of one of these programs was $74, which is supposed to be a discount from its usual price of $99. Apparently, after a thorough check of the entire website, the grow taller product seems to be one of a series of self help hypnosis cd programs, which were all about the same price. What the sites hide is the fact that a lot of the products sold are from clickbank. 

The next link was form a site called Hypnosis Guru . The article on the site had a link apparently to the Deep Trance Now website. Coincidentally the Deep Trance Now website is the only website that has shown to consistently sell programs claiming to help the customer grow taller using hypnosis and NLP. To get to the website, click HERE.

On the main page there are the obligatory testimonials for success stories. Apparently this website has been selling these grow taller hypnosis/ NLP products since 1992. A critical question that they seem to try to answer is how the growth plates can be reopened or made to regrow again.

What if Your Growth Plates
Have Been Fused?

When you are using the power of your mind, it doesn’t matter whether your growth plates have been fused and it doesn’t matter how old your are. What matter is your state of mind, your beliefs and your expectations. Keep in mind that medical schools do not normally teach the influence of mind on the functions of the body, nor are medical archives filled with files on what kind of thoughts produced what kind chemicals in the body and when people do use their minds to intentionally create changes in their bodies it is generally labeled as a miracle or abnormality or spontaneous remission or by any other medically accepted description for areas they simply do not study.

 And also the age factor is also taken care of.

Does Your Age Matter?

Most participants of Grow Taller Program are over 20 years old and while your age doesn’t matter your beliefs do. You don’t have to be convinced that you can grow taller. It’s OK if you’re still wondering if that’s possible for you – but you do need to have an open mind at least to the point that you’re willing to look upon the whole process as an experiment, as an adventure where you’d like to discover what happens when you follow this program and just allow yourself to play with the idea that you can grow taller now if you so desire.

At the very bottom, there is a small sample MP3 one can listen to. When we check the prices, it turns out the products are not cheap. To get the 12 CD set, it will cost you $200. TO get the 16 CD set, it will cost you $270. In general, this site has at least 50 audio CDs and products that are supposed to help you grow taller.

Conclusion: After all the searching on the internet trying to connect the possibility of using NLP to grow taller, there are very few real claims or questions asked by people. At this point, I do not believe is it possible to use NLP to grow taller or increase one’s height. If you however do want to try some out, I would suggest getting something from the DeepTranceNow site, although I still believe it is a scam which sells CDs that tries to make you grow again but probably won’t work. 


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