Jim Vieira At TEDx With HIs Talk On Native American Giants With Red Hair And Double Row Teeth

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abraham lincoln giantsI have been thinking over the question of whether it was possible before there was any written record of possible tribes or small groups of ethnicities in human history where the people somehow managed to reproduce and create humans of extremely tall stature. I wrote a post a while ago entitled “Could Giants Found In Legends, Myths, And Stories Really Have Existed In Human Past History?” where it seems that there are some archeologists or historians who believe that human giants did exist in the past, and the view is promoted by people who delve and investigate into the esoteric, paranormal, and supernatural phenomena. Another Youtube video I would find and listen to where a guy who was a stone mason named Jim Vieira would go on this show called Coast to Coast and talk about the fact that he somehow found large mounds close to where he lives and after he investigated further on what were the mounds, he came the conclusion that they were burial sites for ancient native american tribes where the people were extremely tall.

It seems that this guy named Jim Vieira gave a talk and it was at TEDx at Shelburne Falls. On national radio he claims that it (the video) has gone viral and became one of the biggest, most watched videos from TEDx in the country. The talk was entitled “Stone Builders, Mound Builders and the Giants OF Ancient America”. The uploader goes by the name acmthcI have embedded the TEDx talk of Jim Vieira below at the bottom of this post. 

Update 5/15/2013: The video I embedded below seems to have been deleted by the uploader. If you would like to see the video, do a search on google for the video.

Summary Of The Video:

It is very interesting that one of the most famous and loved American presidents Abraham Lincoln, who was known as Honest Abe, would also write about these giants from the video.

It seems that the Smithsonian has gotten at least a few giant skeletons throughout its history and they have not revealed those to the general public.

Interesting also, I found another Youtube video talk with Vieira where he was being interviewed by the host of Coast to Coast . It was entitled “The Suppressed Evidence of Giants & Ceremonial Structures”. The uploader was DiscloseTruthTV. The video is around an hour and 15 minutes. In this interview, he goes much deeper in detail and explanation on what he has found in his 20 years of research.

Personal Analysis:

New York Times GiantsThe first thing that really got my attention was the fact that there has been so many skeletons of large humans or humanoids found especially during the 19th century. It seemed like every few years people were digging up graves of ancient native american burial sites back then. There was a few skeletons that even the Smithsonian would get but they never put on display. Interesting, some of the most famous circus show giants that were labeled freaks had their own skeleton placed in exhibit after their death. It would seem not that far fetched if the smithsonian did decide from getting so many giant skeletons that they would at least put up one of them on exhibit in showing the possibility that the natural history lessons we learned in school may not be completely accurate on how human kind has diverged and converged in its evolution. I personally believe that there have been a few tribes or small pockets of groups of ethnicities throughout human history where people did end up around the 7-8 feet mark. It is interesting that even our former presidents like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington both make references to these giant skeletons that were found in their writings. During the late 1800s, even The New York Times would write sections talking about giant skeletons found.

There have been a few thigh bones where the bones were putting to carbon dating to find out how old they were but those results were never revealed. I would guess that the bones would turn out to be much older than most historians would believe.

The implication I am trying to make is that if a sub-branch of the human race did at some point manage to reproduce to create tribes that were of extreme stature, then it shows that the human body which is bipedal in nature may be able to grow to upwards of 8-10 feet in height without any major serious medical pathology. This means that for us as height increase seekers, that even if we might not be able to make ourselves taller, we might be able to manipulate the reproductive process to creature much taller offspring and spark a new trend in human evolution towards increased height for future generations turning them into true giants.

One thought on “Jim Vieira At TEDx With HIs Talk On Native American Giants With Red Hair And Double Row Teeth

  1. Brad Turner

    this is dumb shit. Stick to practical research. Even if we could do this, why would we want to start an arms race where we eventually become 10 ft tall. There is no practical reason to be that tall. Also, try doing some more routines, like lsjl. You arent going to gain any height from stretching, you know this better than me. Your research is top notch btw, just avoid crap like this.


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