Natural Height Growth Podcast, Episode 12 – Andrew Tells His Story On Getting Limb Lengthening Surgery

Natural Height Growth Podcast, Episode 12 – Andrew Tells His Story On Getting Limb Lengthening Surgery

Logo1It has been so long since I’ve uploaded a podcast episode that I sort of actually forgot the process on how it was done. It took me about 2 days and 5 hours to remember all the steps and there might be a few things I left out so this post will probably be corrected and edited over time.

Episode #12: Andrew Comes On To Tell His Story of Getting Limb Lengthening Surgery and Answers Questions

Andrew is a currently a young man in his early 20s who went through with the Limb Lengthening Surgery to gain almost 4 inches in height. He went from 1.69 Meters tall (about 5′ 6″) to 1.78 meters tall (about 5′ 10″), gaining a full 9 cms in extra height. In the podcast, he explains how he was able to get up to 9 cm in extra height, the complications he went through, and the type of changes from other people he noticed after he got the surgery.

We actually had to redo the first interview because I found out after the first talk with him that his voice had not been recorded, only mine. (Here is a PDF of the notes on the answers, question and outline of the 1st interview I did with Andrew.)  Some questions were omitted and others were added on for this 2nd interview, which ended up much smoother and of better quality.

Internal Limb LengtheningTo can also get in contact with andrew through his website. His official website is at LegLengthening.Blogspot.Com. It is a free, image based blog similar to Tumblr. We clipped a few of the pictures he uploaded to the website and got the X-rays where the internal nails were still inside his inter-medullary cavity. The picture to the right is of him with the legs shown before the surgery. To see the after pictures, go to the website.

The X-Rays shows how much his femurs have been lengthened after 78 days after the surgery from clicking the internal nail.


After seeing how thin the rods are from the picture to the left, we sort of understand why the rods for him snapped in half cleanly. They do seem to be quite thin.

We note the diagram to the right where Andrew gives us a clue on how the surgical procedure is performed, based on his understanding. Something that I did not ask him in the 2nd version of the interview as whether the surgeons used a hammer and chisel to make the first incision or used a thin saw. It seems that for Betz, he used an electric saw to cut through the bones.

We see that the initial holes to insert the titanium rods are made to the back in the buttocks area.

Guide To Femur

Here is the video we found on him from his Youtube Channel TheAndrewshizzles showing how much his femur bones have healed and the types of movements that he can now perform.

Some major websites, people, and places mentioned include….

andrewshizzlesYou can find his limb lengthening diary on the MMT Forums from the thread “Andrewshizzles – Internal Femurs – Dr Betz – 2011 – Blitzkrieg For 9 CM“. This was one of the most extensive threads and well written dairies on the entire forum. There was a lot of great support from all the admins there.

Dr. Betz for this particular surgery used his own design, which is often called the Betz Bone Method, which is an extension or derivative on the Albizzia Nail. For the internal methods, there are three variations/versions…

  1. Albizzia
  2. Fit Bone
  3. ISDK (Intramedullary Skeletal Kinetic Distractor)

You can also see more information and reviews on Dr. Betz from the Limb Lengthening Forum website. Click Here for the Thread on Him.

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Length of Time: 41 Minutes

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