Update #8 – Working On A 2nd Project – November 1, 2013

Update #8 – Working On A 2nd Project – November 1, 2013

Balancing ActThis last month was spent doing three different things, none of which was related to trying to gain height.

  • Traveling – took a short trip to Shanghai, China
  • Building assets which lets me earn what is known as passive income
  • Building a resource on the internet on giving breakthrough ideas and treatments for unique medical disorders and the various chronic pains that result from them

It is absolutely true that my passion is still on trying to go into this endeavor but I also understand that there should be something else in my life.

This website is NOT going anywhere. It is here to stay, and I will be back at some point to focus more on the research. My guess is that based on the other obligations in my life, it would take at least until Jan of 2014 before I start to go back into the research in a consistent fashion.

Changes that have been happening

  • Tyler has become a huge contributor to the website, in revealing multiple new insights and discoveries.
  • I have started to share a percentage of the profits that this website earns with him, so this website is turning more into a side business with business partners.
  • I do wish to produce a book some time either in the coming year, or the year after that.

As for my height, nothing has changed. Maybe writing these monthly reports on updates and changes about the website is pointless at some point if I do not actively get back into increasing my height.

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