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Increase Intervertebral Disk Height Permanently Through Spinal Manipulation

We have known for a long time that if we tried to do some types of physical therapy and chiropractor techniques of decompressing the intervertebral discs, we can gain some temporary height, but I have recently started to believe that some of that height we gain might not be temporary, but much more permanent. When I did research on the words “spinal manipulation height increase” into Google I found some old sources I had used before as well as previous articles that I had written about the subject of decompressing the spine. The article “Can you grow an inch in a week?” Revealed that after a women went through various types of techniques

  1. She gained 1/2 of an inch after 3 sessions using Pilates
  2. She gained 1 full inch after 3 inches using the Alexander Method
  3. She gained 1/4th of an inch after going to the chiropractor.

There is a website called the Cox Technic which claims that by using their chiropractor machine called the Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression you can increase the disk height by 17%.

There was the older post I wrote “Increase Height And Grow Taller Through Non Surgical Spinal Decompression Using Spinal Decompression Therapy” which I showed that the whole process is completely legitimate, at least for temporary effect. However the question was always over how effective was it for long term success.

I would find another source Here which revealed that the disk height increase after spinal decompression would be 1-2 mm for each lumbar vertebrate bone.

Spinal Decompression Disc Increase Height












In the study Radiographic disk height increase after a trial of multimodal spine rehabilitation and vibration traction: a retrospective case series the experimenters used a type of rehabilitation therapy technique known as lumbar vibration traction in the spinal decompression therapy.

There was only 6 patients involved and 1 of them was actually removed to make the data set more smooth. The result was “…achieved improved disk height in 3 of 5 lumbar disks on plain film radiography”. What was shown from the table of disks height was on average an increase of around 1-2 mm for each vertebrate.

The member at the Make Me Taller Forums also made the same theoretical pitch which they called the Intra-Spinal Treatment.

What I am currently proposing is that if we used something like the DRX9000 Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Machine, (which most medical physicians think is a over-expensive scam product. It might not work at all) to achieve the 1-2 cm of temporary height increase it can definitely do, we might be able to combine it with oral consumption of the compounds…

  • Hyaluronic Acid (aka Hyaluronan) – Dosage: Unknown at this time
  • Glucosamine Sulfate – Dosage: 1000-1500 mg daily (Buy it from Amazon here)
  • Chondroitin Sulfate – Dosage: 1000 daily

This compounds are in the family of the type of organic compound that the GAGS (glycoaminoglycans), Aggrecan, and Proteoglycans are made of which are found in the cartilage and tendon-like tissue found in the intervertebral discs. They are the compounds that make up over 90% of all of the extracellular matrix in cartilage tissue and tendons, forming the Collagen Type 2 and Collagen type 10 (ColX) found in hyaline cartilage.

Glucosamine Sulfate 500 mg dailyA recent commenter did note that after they took glucosamine sulfate (either 1000 mg or 1500 mg) for 3 months, they increased their height by 1/2 cm, which is quite a increase just from oral consumption of a supplement. I spent over half an hour trying to track down that comment made on this website from the hundreds of comments made this recent month but could not find it, clip it, and paste it here showing the actual comment as complete proof. I personally am taking 2 pills of glucosamine sulfate at 500 mg every day myself. What I can show you guys is a picture of my right hand holding the Glucosamine Sulfate 500 mg that I have been taking 2 a day which I bought in Korea –Buy it (at 1000 mg) here from Amazon to help fund the website (I’ll get about $2.50 as an affiliate if you buy the supplement from Amazon)

The combination could lead to upwards of a full 1 cm of permanent height increase which would not go away unless one drastically changes one’s lifestyle and exercise routine. It might sound like much to get just 1 cm but it would a start. This is the real thing.

A Patent For An Apparatus For Stimulating Growth Plate

Just something quick to reveal today. After getting back a little to the research, I did manage to find a rather new Patent filed back in 2008 from a Korean researcher, Myung Keun Ji, which wrote up and filed a Patent entitled “Apparatus for Stimulating Growth Plate” which I found from Google Patents. It seems that his idea for using pulsing electrical currents to stimulate growth plate cartilage is very similar to what Brighton talked about in his patent (Method for non-invasive electrical stimulation of epiphyseal plate growth, US 4467809 A), which we have already referenced and reviewed quite extensively. Myung Keun even makes sure to reference Brighton’s patent since his patent seems to be an extension of the older patent. We clipped and linked to the specific patents he references in his Patent. The other patent is Modification of the growth, repair and maintenance behavior of living tissues and cells by a specific and selective change in electrical environment by John P Ryaby


From the Abstract…

An apparatus for stimulating a growth plate is provided. The apparatus for stimulating a growth plate includes a controller, a current supplying unit, and at least one growth plate stimulator. The controller outputs the driving command signal in response to an external input which determines at least one of an amount of the current and a frequency of the current. The current supplying unit supplies a current corresponding to the driving command signal to the growth plate stimulator. The growth plate stimulator stimulates the growth plate by using the current supplied from the current supplying unit

From a quick Google Search, I also found that it was listed on Patent Scope. From the website…

“…a growth plate stimulating apparatus capable of effectively stimulating a growth plate of the knee even in an asleep time”

So it seems that the device that this Myung Keun Ji has stated might be capable for stimulating the length of the legs closer to the knee area for kids while they are sleeping.

From the Product Description section….

“…The increase in length of the bone is a result of changing a cartilage bone at a distal end of the bone into hard bone cells. If the number of new bone cells is increased, the length of the bone is increased, so that the height of the child is increased”

“…Conventionally, as a growth plate stimulating apparatus, shoes for stimulating the growth plates are mainly used so as to stimulate the ankles or the bottoms of the feet.”

Analysis: What this Korean Medical researcher has revealed is that maybe in traditional Korean medicine, to help young kids become taller, they put on some type of bone lengthening shoes. However he does does in the description that the conventional ways of wearing electrically stimulating shoes to stimulate the growth plates close to the ankle areas was probably not effective.

His approach is to stimulate the growth plates in young kids in the knee area.Refer to the pictures below. At some point, we will be breaking down the patent into something much easier to understand for the lay person within the coming months.

Stimulating Growth Plate 1

Stimulating Growth Plate 2

Update #8 – Working On A 2nd Project – November 1, 2013

Update #8 – Working On A 2nd Project – November 1, 2013

Balancing ActThis last month was spent doing three different things, none of which was related to trying to gain height.

  • Traveling – took a short trip to Shanghai, China
  • Building assets which lets me earn what is known as passive income
  • Building a resource on the internet on giving breakthrough ideas and treatments for unique medical disorders and the various chronic pains that result from them

It is absolutely true that my passion is still on trying to go into this endeavor but I also understand that there should be something else in my life.

This website is NOT going anywhere. It is here to stay, and I will be back at some point to focus more on the research. My guess is that based on the other obligations in my life, it would take at least until Jan of 2014 before I start to go back into the research in a consistent fashion.

Changes that have been happening

  • Tyler has become a huge contributor to the website, in revealing multiple new insights and discoveries.
  • I have started to share a percentage of the profits that this website earns with him, so this website is turning more into a side business with business partners.
  • I do wish to produce a book some time either in the coming year, or the year after that.

As for my height, nothing has changed. Maybe writing these monthly reports on updates and changes about the website is pointless at some point if I do not actively get back into increasing my height.