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While we may not be able to give you guys exactly what you want, like a magic pill, right now to help you guys grow instantly, we do wish to want to provide the best user experience for our new and regular readers of the website. We will still be doing the research on a regular basis but method is a nice way for anyone who wants to reach us.

Please, please, do not hesitate to message us about something you are looking for, or what we can do to improve your overall experience when you arrive on the website. We are going to try our best to fulfill whatever wishes you have.

In the message form below, leave us a message on your questions, concerns, and inquiries so that we can better serve you. It goes to our website email automatically. You can also email us directly if you desire.

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17 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Salaam

    I am 35 years old unmarried male. My height is 5 foot 5 inch. My upper portion is shorter than lower portion.
    Can may height be increased at least 2 inch.
    Please advise me.

  2. krishna

    I am 25 years old unmarried male. My height is 5 foot 4 inch. My upper portion is shorter than lower portion.
    Can may height be increased at least 2 inch.
    Please advise me.

  3. lance Ward

    Hey Man,

    I would Appreciate it if you could take down those lies about me in your latest post. I am Already in persuit of this Allie Girl…who wants to make me look bad because she works for Grow Taller for Idiots ( I think). If you don’t believe me then check these videos out. But please man, i’m trying to help people…not Rip them off. I will be taking Legal action against her.

    and if you think i have the wrong person then here is her fiver Profile

    Hope this clears things up.



    p.s. and if there’s anything i can help you guys out with on the site then let me know, video’s about your site, links to your site or whatever. Because i know you guys are like me and want to help people with their height.

    1. admin

      Let’s talk about this issue. Send me a private message to the website email and let’s have a discussion. Or you can come on the podcast to explain your position so everyone can hear. I’ve retracted statements claiming people were a scam before, and made official opologies myself. If you tell the truth, then we will support you on what you do.

    2. deepak

      i have downloaded the grow taller for idiots full rip and now i m going to start a height program (Tall&Fit-System by Luc J. Chilare) from it having 3 stretching stage for height increase
      1st Preliminary Exercises
      2nd regular Exercises
      3rd Advanced Exercises
      but my question is this would not going to increase my height and if it would increase height how much is possible my age is 19 yrs 11 months i m a male residence of India

      i wish to take humanofort for hgh increase instead of 2000mg arginine pyroglutamate + 2000mg l-lysine for hgh hike formula
      so please tell me how much mg humanofort i should take daily at night

      i will be very grateful for your reply

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  5. Mohit Nagpal

    I’m 21 years old….and 5’8″. I s there any possibility that 3 inches more can be added to it?????

  6. sonia kavetu

    Hi sir

    Im 35 yrs old lady im i also allow to ask some information about heightgrowth as im very short for ma age cn u plz help me with sum information what to do plz

    1. Francesco

      I’m 26 years italian old boy. I’m not happy with my body shape, in addition to that of stature. I have short arms, small hands and short feet. I am tall 178 cm (5’10”), my armspan is 178 cm (70″) my hands are 18,5 cm long (7,28″) and my shoe size is 9. My questions are:
      1) With LSJL can increase the length of the fingers. It’s possible to increase the size of carpals/tarsal and metacarpals/metatarsal?
      2) With LSJL can increase the length of the arms. But how do you increase thickness of the bones?
      Sorry for my broken english, it’s not my language.

  7. Tete

    Hello! I’m a male. I’ve turned 19 around 3 months ago, I’m 5’7″ (171 cm). My father is 6’0″ (182 cm) and my mother is 5’1″ (157 cm). I haven’t had a noticeable height boost since 16. People say I look way younger than my age, maybe a like a 15 year old. I have lived a sedentary life throughout most my teenage years (wasn’t my choice). I had little to no physical activity and I had a really poor nutrition. Sometimes I ate nothing but a one single meal for the entire day. I was a huge soda addict. Surprisingly enough, I’m really skinny and I weigh about 116 lbs (53 kg). I think all of this has contributed to a severe growth stunt. I’ve recently been trying to change my life style. I stopped drinking soda, started eating healthy food (such as eggs, salad, milk, etc) at 18. 3 months ago, I swam regularly for almost a month, and people recently noticed I grew slightly taller (maybe 1 cm). A month ago, I started doing basketball. I play it 2 days a week. I’ve been doing stretching exercises before sleep and after waking up and drinking a glass of milk before & after sleep for a month now. A few people in my family (including my mom) were late bloomers. My mom grew about 3-5 cm when she was 23. I really hope I can at least be 5’10” (178 cm) or better yet catch up with my father’s height. I’m strictly committed to stretching exercises and basketball and pretty much anything that helps me grow taller. I’d like to know the chances for growing to at least 5’10” and if there’s anything else I can do to boost my height. Thank you.



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