Improving Your Posture And Straightening The Back To Become Slightly Taller

Improving Your Posture And Straightening The Back To Become Slightly Taller

Improving Your PostureI remember that when I was younger, in my elementary school years, before even reaching puberty and the middle school days, I used to stoop and slouch all the time, when I was walking to school. I remember that there would usually be like 2-3 heavy textbooks I would always have to carry and then a huge white (or color) 3 ring binder where I was taught to keep all of the subjects I was learning organized.

My mother would tell me all the time to stop slouching and stand up completely straight. Here worry was that my spine and vertebrate might develop incorrectly and I end up with a curved spine or develop scoliosis. One of the big issues when going through 10th grade was whether me or any of my classmates might have developed scoliosis. At the time, me and my parents, and even the school nurses were not sure whether something like scoliosis was genetic or not. What I am sure about however was the fact that one of my best friends in Middle School in the 7th grade did have scoliosis. He had to wear a back brace to correct for his curved vertebrate, which had grown in the wrong way.

I did eventually start to stand up straight, which coincided with my development into puberty. I would grow about 5 inches in the summer of my 11th year, and I found myself much bigger than many of my classmates. At the time, I actually hated the fact that my body seemed to be so much bigger than all of the rest of my classmates. I liked being average height back then.

Here is the listing of the types of products and devices I’ve found so far which claim to be able to correct by bad posture, straighten out the back, and make children (and also adults too) slightly taller.

The Perfectore Posture Transformer – Price: $99

Perfectore Posture TransformerFull Review: I think for this section, I am going to be writing mainly for the concerned mothers and fathers of kids who might be developing abnormally. Maybe they noticed that their daughter or son seems to have started to stoop while they walk or sit which has led to them to become very concerned. I know from personal experience that my mother was worried sick about me because I stooped as well. All those times when she would tap my back or pull backwards on the shoulder was a reminder that I needed to change my posture and sit up straight – Read more

The Body Rite Posture Pleaser by Mag Eyes – Price: $30

Body Rite Posture PleaserFull Review: This type of posture correction device is called the Body Rite Posture Pleaser which is sold by the company or reseller Mag Eyes. This device is very simple in design and how it is supposed to function. All it really is is a type of strap support you put over your two shoulder areas. The rigid part of the strap means that you can’t just pull your shoulder inwards causing any type of slouching posture. You are actually forced to develop a – Read more



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    Hi ,well i have a bad experience relative to return s with The Perfectore Posture Transformer ,i did not like the item so when I emailed them the same day I receive the shipping,the didn allow me to how a customer satisfaction I give them a 0.


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