The Ultimate Guide On Lateral Synovial Joint Loading

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4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide On Lateral Synovial Joint Loading

  1. James Jung

    Hi I am a 16 years old korean kid and I am skeptical about your programme and everyone around me thinks that this thing is a fraud. But I really do want to grow taller my height is is only 5 foot 7 and I really want to be over 6 foot. Is it possible that I can grow more? And I am really curious that, if this progamme does really work and if you proof to me that this isn’t a fraud, then I will definitely buy this

      1. Anonymous

        This research…. care to explain how this works? I mean even if you can open back up the growth plates it doesn’t necessarily mean you will grow does it? I mean it all comes down to your genetics in the end…. your height was calculated as soon as you were born… by specific chromosomes.. I mean sure u can add to your height if u haven’t met your genetically made height yet but if u have then wouldn’t u have to change your entire genetics to make yourself actually grow rather than just stretching yourself…. I would love to get into this stuff as I find it quite fascinating not just for my own height… im a healthy 6” tbh but I wouldn’t mind getting a bit taller I doubt I have any chance to grow taller I’ve checked my build and I doubt it will change…. but all this work you put into finding out intervertebral disc decompression has to be pointless because again this is on the assumption that someone who is only 5”7 or something has a problem with their build… are u sure that’s not just how they are made? because if it is this stuff would be pointless. try to focus on genetic research if you want to change your build and height. You will have to change your genetics to get an even change in build oh and also don’t post a snidy reply because ur probably just 5”7 and I could kick the hell out of u… I wanna work with this stuff tho… I wouldn’t mind helping you. But however the reply to that persons post was unhelpful an unnecessary perhaps give us a bit more of an idea on whats going on we could trust you more (next goofy bitch comment: yew dunt hav to trust us its uuuuurrr lyyfe do wat yew wunt) If I see that unhelpful crap then I will just say to you good job mate that definitely helps with your funding problem you are having.

  2. Leslie Chang

    Hi I am 14 years old and I am only 4’6 / 143 centimeter only . Is there a possibility to me to grow ?


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