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Recently I was sick and I had written an article which talked about how you can become smarter with taking Provigil or Piracetam. I had linked a few interviews that Dave Asprey had done with CNN and ABC which talked about his use of these mind enhancement drugs. Asprey runs a very popular blog on the internet called The Bulletproof Executive which teaches his readers how to hack their own bodies so make the body operate in its optimum. The blog talks a lot about nutrition, exercise, and tricks to improve our brain function.

I thought it would be appropriate to ask him about his own ideas on height, and whether height was possible as well as other ways to hack our body to perform at its best. I had gone and had emailed him with the idea of interviewing him. Well, after he had said yes now he won’t reply back to my emails so I guess I can only do the best thing. I listened through his podcasts and read through his blogs and found one podcast he did with Bill Anderews who is famous for looking for a way to reverse aging by slowing down the reate at which the telomeres at the end of our chromosomes can shorten. After the interview with Andrew on the podcast, a Q&A session took place a someone came on to ask how he could increase in size. And this is the thought of Asprey on what is currently possible.

The Podcast is Podcast #10, called “The man who would stop time”. The Link is found HERE. It is about an hour in length. I took the section of the conversation from the PDF format which you can download by clicking HERE.

The next question is from Bill. “I’m wondering if you have any insights into how an adult such
as myself, age 35, could do some biohacking to trigger body growth. I’m 5’4″ and am fascinated
by biohacking in general. I’ve been eating Brazil nuts and taking vitamin D3 to boost
testosterone. I haven’t done blood tests, but anecdotal results seem to indicate that I’m making
progress. Anyway, if I could trigger body growth, I just think that would be pretty kickass.
Thanks in advance for anything you’re got.”
Dave Asprey: Well there’s sort of two answers about body growth. I’m hoping you mean
muscle growth not height but you mentioned you’re 5’4” and you want more height. There’s
always the surgery to increase your shin bones which is incredibly destructive and you shouldn’t
do that. That’s barbaric to be honest, but I’ve seen some evidence that people can increase the
when you wake up in the morning, if you take you height, you can be about an inch taller than
you are at the end of the day just from compression in your spine. So training yourself to stand
up straighter and to have better collagen to form in your body which can take several months, I
think you might find some significant benefits there.
The best way I know to improve collagen is you need to be exercising and things like that but
you also should try the collagen stuff we have on the website. It’s hydrolyzed type 2 predigested
collagen so it absorbs into the body and it’s designed to improve joints and basically those things
between your vertebrae are joints.

The other thing, if you’re talking about muscle growth or you just want muscles to support your
spine, taking a whey protein concentrate with very high levels of IGG is a good idea. I’ve been
working for years on finding one that doesn’t cause stomach upset and one that has unusual
muscle building capabilities and I finally got the formula down where I want it and we’re
actually going to be launching something called Upgraded Whey some time on our sister site

Armi, do you have any other thoughts on getting taller?

Armi Legge: Not really. Unfortunately that’s more genetic, the kind of 5 percent that are pretty
much set in stone. There are obviously things you could do that could hurt that like staying
stressed all the time, lack of sleep when you’re young, so I don’t have many great ideas in terms
of increasing your height once you stop growing

Me: Well, I would say that someone like Asprey here is a very knowledgeable guy and what he says agrees with a lot of what I believe. There is indeed some ways to increase our height by at least 1 inch which Asprey concurs with. However, he is aware of the current limited number of options for people who want to grow taller naturally. He states in a reply email to me that “A height hack that did more than spinal disk stretching would be epic!”

You can reach Asprey on his blog at The Bulletproof Executive or his email at

Dave Asprey| VP Cloud Security – Virtualization & Cloud Technology Evangelist  – Email:


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