Product Review V, Ginza Kojima Leg Lengthening Device

This device I actually found from the Make Me Taller Boards. You can find the specific discussion HERE. In the discussion, two links are provided that apparently shows this device that supposed to lengthen a person’s legs. The two links are for the actual device called Height Speed Machine found HERE and the main website page found HERE.

The company name is Ginza Kojima and the machine that is supposed to lengthen your legs is called the Height Speed Machine.

Not only does the company offer to increase your leg length, it also has a device that can make your face smaller. Yes, in a lot of the East Asian countries, having a small face is considered beautiful and many women desire it and in many plastic surgery clinic in Seoul, there are doctors that cut off parts of people’s face and jaw to make the face look smaller.

I personally can not read Japanese but can only use the Google Translate on my Internet Browser to do the translation. This is the main page for height lengthening translated:

Body contour correction performed by Ginza KOJIMA (Making yourself taller)

Whole body contour correction without surgical knife and pain

If you consider it impossible to make yourself taller, please consult the staff of Kojima physical development center. Our accumulated experience realizes the effective body contour correction depending on our client’s condition.

It’s not a surgical operation. Try our original method without surgical knife and injection, and you will be able to make your dream of having ideal figure come true.

We have been received a patent for our device for body contour correction. (Patent number: 3802917)

Visible effect

Kojima physical development center gives our clients some advice on how to correct the bone deformity all over the body. We objectively judge the result of surgery by observing the X ray photographs taken with the cooperation of the nearby medical facilities and the values from the precise measurement. We never make an evaluation by using vague standards that most of the beauty salons tend to adopt.

Precise bone density

We precisely measure our clients’ bone density by taking an X-ray photograph with the cooperation of the nearby medical facilities in order not to impose a burden on their bodies. In addition, we measure bone density and perform surgery, placing a special emphasis on our client’s condition.

picture01 picture02 picture03 picture04 picture05 picture06

In order to lighten the burden on the body, we perform leg surgery one by one. You can see the obvious difference in length between two legs in the pictures that show a man lying on his back with his left leg stretched. Click the pictures to enlarge them.

Experiencing program of height lengthening now

Mr. Rashid is an international student from Bangladesh. He receive treatment of height lengthening in Kojima now, and tries to extend 10cm height. His comments as follows.

It is a pleasure for me to introduce myself. I am Mohammed Mamunur Rashid.
I am a student of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. I found this clinic name through internet and personally. I met with Mr. Kojima and doing height lengthening program clinic here in Japan Ginza Tokyo. I have already gained this program from 162cm to 165.8cm.
It is also a pleasure for me to introduce Mr. Kojima, he is the only one prominant bone lengthening expert in the world.

Now, Mr. Rashid answers your question and inquiry in English. Please view contact page.

Charges for body contour correction

Leg bone under the knee lengthening course (guaranteed course)

Up to 1 centimeter – 1,500,000 yen (with tax) – $19,317.46
Up to 2 centimeters – 3,000,000 yen (with tax) – $38,634.92
Up to 3 centimeters – 4,500,000 yen (with tax) – $57,952.38
More than 3 centimeters – 1,500,000 yen per 1 centimeter for additional charge(with tax)

Satisfying surgery

The charges do not depend on the surgery period and frequency. Therefore, no additional charge will be incurred until you achieve your aim regardless of the frequency of your visiting us.

Moreover, we measure bone density with the cooperation of the nearby medical facilities and perform surgery by the method that is the most suitable for our customer’s condition. There is no need for you to worry about anything.

Me: As most of the member of the board has agreed upon, the machine is most likely a scam that doesn’t work. I agree with them. Even if it works and can give you a few centimeters in height, it may be cheaper to go with another route, maybe even just through old fashion stretching or quicker surgical options. The company’s main page actually offer more than just limb lengthening, but also limb correcting by making bow legs straight, feet aligned , make pelvis thinner, and vertebrate curvature decreased. I think the claim by the company is that they can make bone and orthopedic changes without surgery. Run as far away from this product as possible. 

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