Height Increase Through Head Implantations

There was a recent article post about how some people are choosing to add implants into their feet heels so that they can gain 2-4 extra cms in height. I had found out about this method off of the Make Me Taller boards and in the same section, there was another article that talks about some people who are also adding implants in the opposite direction, in their skulls to add a few cms.

The resource links were found HERE.

One thing to note whether the resource is even valid and whether there are medical professional who perform this type of surgery is to note that two other resources who cite this article and content are the Daily Mail UK and Switched both published the same exact article on March 31st, 2008. If we take into consideration the time differences, we see that the article are written on April 1st, so it could be that the whole thing is just an April Fools’ Joke, which it really does sound a lot like. I always try to refrained from making judgements too quickly but this method that they talk about seems a little too extreme and crazy to believe and it just seems so much reasonable to assume that the people who wrote the original article did it as an April Fools joke, and also to make fun of the former French president Sarkozy’s small stature and the claims that he tries to compensate his insecurity of his size by wearing lifts, or getting some form of surgery to correct for his height

However, when I did some more research on this doctor Luis De La Cruz, it turns out that there is some information on him and that he is part of a clinic in Madrid, Spain so maybe the guy really did develop a height increase method for potential patients by inserting head implants.

From this resource link HERE, I take a passage posted below

“…Spanish physician, Dr. Luis De la Cruz, is on the cutting edge of head transplants.

De la Cruz has invented a procedure which can add up to 2 inches to a person’s height. De la Cruz claims he has successfully completed head transplants on 17 patients.

The procedures are performed in the doctor’s clinic in Madrid, Spain. The Clinica La Luz is the only clinic in the world where patients can undergo the 90-minute operation where a small incision is made on the side of the head allowing a silicon implant to be placed between the skull and the scalp. The average implant measures 1 inch while the maximum allowed is 2 inches with the need for 2 operations. The first procedure is needed to stretch the scalp.

De la Cruz says his procedure has helped patients who are small in stature achieve enough height to qualify for professions they would otherwise be excluded from, such as stewardesses and soldiers. Unfortunately those who have long, thin heads are advised that the silicon head transplant would likely make them look too “odd”.

I do remember reading a wikipedia article about sumo wrestler potentials who supposed get head implants so that they reach the minimum height limit to become professional sumo wrestlers because  they just are below that cut off point in height. Further research turns up a few sites which seem to offer information on the surgery like the resource located HERE.

Head Implant To Increase Height

Height is of great importance in Asia-Pacific and is a major factor in employment discrimination in many governmental positions and almost any private sector job. Applicants to become flight attendants, for instance, are routinely turned down because they are a half inch too short. Apart from cosmetic leg lengthening, an extreme and risky operation now banned in most East Asian countries, there has been no solution.

head implant

In the end, I am not sure what to think or believe about this idea. It just sounds unbelievable but I guess when there is a need or problem, someone will come up with a solution no matter how weird or out there it is to make money.

8 thoughts on “Height Increase Through Head Implantations

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  2. Elisabeth

    Have you heard about some contact to dr de la Cruz ? I would be really interested in. Thanks a lot for your answer.

  3. sai kiran

    my head size is very very very short compared to my body size (neck to feet)…..
    I have a well body but my head size feels me embarssing…
    plz plz plz help me
    I want to have this head implant surgery to gain head size plzz

    did any one got positive or negative results ???
    what about the COST ???

    please…. I need this anyway plzz help me

    thanks in advance

  4. sai kiran

    my head size is very very very short compared to my body size (neck to feet)…..
    I want to have this head implant surgery to gain head size plzz

    did any one got positive or negative results ???
    what about the COST ???

  5. sai kiran

    please if any one have underwent this surgery please answer me…
    is there any side effects?????
    I want to have this anyway and I am looking to increase my head size since 4 years so PLESE HELP ME


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