Mind Hack III: Using Salvia Divinorum To Induce Astral Projection And Out Of Body Experiences

More than a decade ago, when I was still in High School I read a lot about the occult, mysticism, and the paranormal. From what I learned, one very interesting plant compound that I found was Salvia Divinorum. The main reason I was interested was that I wanted to have a OOBE, an out of body experience.

If you have any interest in mysticism or the paranormal, give this compound a drug. You can easily find Salvia extracts around the internet like Ebay or Amazon.

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For hundreds of years people have apparently been using the leaves of a plant called Salvia to induce Astral Projection and/or spiritual growth. It’s being marketed and sold today for this purpose or it’s just sold as legal high. Most people smoke the product.

Salvia is legal in most countries at the time of writing and is sold in varying strengths as an extract. Salvia Divinorum Extract can 6x, 10x or even 20x the strength of the original leaf or even higher. I’ve seen videos of people under the influence of Salvia, some appear to be frightened in a similar way to having a “bad trip”, others just appear totally out of it. I don’t recommend you take this substance without a sitter who isn’t under the influence unless you’re very experienced and know exactly what to expect. If you must use, then use with extreme caution and respect. Don’t use unless you’ve got a clear head and are in a good mood as more likely to have a bad experience. If in doubt, don’t touch it, there’s other more natural ways to experience Astral Projection.

If your conciousness really is transported to the Astral Plane after smoking Salvia, then it’s understandable that it could be very frightening, especially if the person doesn’t know what to expect. Salvia could be potentially sending people into the Astral who aren’t ready for it and can’t handle the experience. Also if you haven’t got a clear mind in the Astral, you can create your own demons and not see the Astral as it really is, in a similar way to a dream or even a nightmare. When you induce Astral Projection using meditation techniques, you automatically have to have a clear mind to start with, with Salvia, this often isn’t the case. Also if you enter the Astral during meditation, it’s easy to return to your body, with Salvia, this may not be so easy controlled, although you will definately return eventually. It’s also worrying that while experiencing Salvia and allegedly the Astral, people are often still moving about physically. I can’t explain this as it doesn’t seem to fit in with normal Astral Projection and it could be potentially dangerous, E.g. you could have a physical accident. This is one good reason why having a sitter is highly recommended for your own safety and piece of mind.

Okay, back to the question, can Salvia Divororum induce Astral Projection? Well, see my journal below which details my controlled experiments and first hand results.

If you’re still considering using Salvia, please read this great user guide first a thttp://www.sagewisdom.org/usersguide.html, it’s very helpful and unbiased.

For even more information about Salvia and how it can allegedly induce Astral Projection, please take a look at http://www.salviadragon.com, but bare in mind that they’re are trying to sell you Salvia and are going to be very one sided. If you’re in any doubt about trying Salvia, then my advice is to avoid it.


Journal  – A 1st Hand Study Into The Effects Of Salvia When Smoked

30th May 2008 – Preparation and Contemplation

1 Gram of Salvia Divinorum 20x extract arrives in the post. Now I’ve got actually it, I fear using it, worrying about the unknown. What will it be like? Will it be enjoyable or unpleasant? Will it be frightening? Will I be able to control and handle the experience? Will I really Astral Project? The fear stops me using it immediately, but I’m so intrigued and excited that it’s impossible for me to leave it for long. Yes I will try it, but I need to take every precaution possible first, I know this drug deserves the greatest of respect and must first arrange a suitable sitter. In the mean time, I start studying a great on-line user guide (as recommended above). I continue studying this and any other information across the Internet while trying to build up my courage. I must take the plunge the next few days.

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Salvia Divinorum Can Lead to Spiritual Awakenings

Throughout human history, we have used plants in order to enter altered states of consciousness and accelerate our spiritual quests. Shamans, healers, and spiritual seekers have used peyote, psilocybin mushrooms, cannabis, and salvia divinorum to tap into the collective unconscious, experience astral projection, and find peace and tranquility. Despite the negative connotations associated with the use of plants in spiritual quests – largely by detractors of the so-called “psychedelic movement” in the late 1960s and early 1970s – there is a considerable body of research that substantiates the psychological benefits of ingesting psychoactive plants. In fact, there are many corollaries between the experiences of those who use plants in their spiritual quests and those who spend years engaged in meditative practices.

The Role of Salvia Divinorum

Although many of the substances that have been used for thousands of years are now illegal, there is one plant that can legally be used to enhance spiritual growth. Salvia divinorum, which is more commonly known as Diviner’s Sage, is a little-know entheogen that comes from the sage and mint families and that was originally used by the Mazatec shamans of Mexico.

Those who buy salvia report a variety of experiences. Some experience leaving their bodies and traveling in the astral world, while others report traveling back in time or to a point in the future. Sometimes the experience includes empathy with other beings, including seeing the world through their perspective.

Scientific research has substantiated a number of benefits associated with smoking salvia, such as increased insight, self-confidence, and mood, as well as improved concentration. Overall, many users reported common salvia effects like feelings of calmness and peacefulness.

Ingesting Salvia

Although salvia leaves may be chewed, the most effective way to reap the plants benefits is throughsmoking salvia. Although the dried leaves can be smoked in a water pipe, they must be heated to a very high temperature in order to release the psychoactive properties. For that reason, most people choose to extracts or preparations that are more highly concentrated. So, for example, they might buy salvia 10x, 20x, or 60x, with the numbers signifying the level of concentration.

Where to Buy Salvia

If you think that salvia is a tool that can help you in your spiritual quest, you are probably wondering where to buy it. It’s best to buy salvia online, from reputable sites that have experience in both selling the plant and using the plant. The best online salvia sources offer a few different packages. They may, for example, offer a package containing six grams of salvia 10x, 20x, or 60x that will supply you with 12 to 15 doses, as well as one ounce of premium salvia divinorum foliage.

Buying salvia is legal in virtually every country except Australia. Within the U.S., salvia is legal in 43 states. It is illegal in Delaware, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

If your life path is taking you on a spiritual journey, salvia can help you achieve the altered states of consciousness that lead to revelations and breakthroughs. Once you try it, you’ll understand why the literal translation of salvia divinorum is “sage of the seers.”


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