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It seems for any serious height increase enthusiast on the internet, they have all heard of this guy named sky and his website Skye’s real name was Ryan Nguyen, a 5′ 6″ vietnamese pharmacist student and intern , which was what he was when he first started on his search around 2003, almost a decade ago. I would assume he is probably in his 30s now, have moved on and doing something else with his life, probably have a wife and kids, and late at night still wishes at some point to increase his height. These types of desires which was once an obsession never fully goes away, but only goes into hiding. If nothing happens, that desire lays dormant and slowly diminishes away as time and life moves forward. However, if something does happen, that spark can be reignited.

Well, I have tried to get to his website but it was shut down, and I would guess it was shut down recently, maybe around 2010 or 2011. However the internet is a very interesting place. I used the way back machine and found sections of his website from 2004 all the way upwards to 2010. On the site was a lot of good information which I wanted to repost here. I personally would have liked it if he could have left  the site alone and let future Height increase seekers to look through it. It only costs like $12/ year to keep the domain and hosting privileges.

So this will be the first of many posts that was on sky’s site. This is for his post on “The Dutch Diet”.

The Dutch Diet

Summary: The Dutch diet basically contains milk & cheese. Most importantly, milk contains steroid, protein, IGF-1, & growth hormones as well as necessary nutrients to strengthen your bones, cartilage, muscles, & tissues.

Directions: Drink at least 3 glasses of milk daily (1 glass for breakfast, lunch, & dinner). You may drink 5 to 6 glasses daily if you want. Eat cheese daily if you can.

Note: Try NOT to drink milk before bedtime because you need a full 8-hour ofnondisruptive sleep (that means NOT going to the bathroom).

Now, this diet posted by sky was mainly talking about the component which are supposed to help increase in height. For a more complete view of what goes into a Dutch diet, I went to another source HERE. I’ll post the results down below.

Dutch Diet in a nutshell

You don’t like following recipes? We totally understand. Just stick to the following rules for a healthy average day:

1. Never skip breakfast. Just eat two pieces of whole grain bread with something you like on it.

2. Never skip lunch. Just eat two (or if you’re really hungry three) pieces of whole grain bread with something you like on it. If you go to work or school, pack your lunch!

3. Dinner means a small piece of meat or a piece of fish (that may be bigger), two serving spoons of rice or potatoes and two (up to four is optional) serving spoons of vegetables. Dessert is some fruit or a bowl of yoghurt with fruit.

4. Eat at least two pieces of fruit every day.

5. Snacks are okay, but chose healthy ones: fruit, carrots, whole grain low fat biscuits, olives, a hand ful of nuts. (Fruits, carrots unlimited, nuts or biscuits, max three snacks per day.)

6. Drink as much water or green tea as you can. 8 glasses is a good target.

7. Got weak for a day? Don’t panick. Just do a Balance Day the next day. There are several options to make up for that one bad day.

8. Exercize. Take the stairs, play with your kids outside, go for a walk or rather a run. Seriously, you have to get moving. If you hate it, stimulate yourself to do half an hour, 3 times a week. If you really want to lose weight: move as much as you can (Target: half an hour heathy breathing every day, raking the yard counts too!)

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