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One of the oldest and most common advice given to people who wish to grow taller is to ask them to do intense bursts of exercise, specifically anaerobic to cause the pituitary gland to release an excess of HGH into the body. The other idea behind sprinting which was talked about for a while was that sprinting would lead to microfactures to be developed in the lower shin/ ankle area of the tibia which can then be stretched and healed or ossified leading to an increase in height. I wanted to see what the sources on the Internet stated about sprinting and doing high intensity exercise for height increase.

From Livestrong website

Many studies, such as the one published in “The Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism,” indicate that high-intensity exercises can make the body produce more growth hormone. This increased production of growth hormone, in conjunction with the following exercises, might help increase height naturally.

High Intensity Exercises

Run, swim or cycle 70 yards eight times, with a one- to two-minute walking break in between. Each sprint should become progressively more intense. Eight heats take approximately 20 minutes, and these 30-second sprints increase growth hormone production by up to 530 percent.

From Squidoo website

These exercises will help secretion of high amounts of human growth hormone (HGH). Human growth hormone will help you grow taller by increasing the bone density and thickening of bones and cartilages.To be tall you will have to perform these high intensity exercises 5 to 6 days a weeks and may be twice a day. Disciplined and methodical approaches will he required. A half-hearted attempt will not produce the correct results. Once you increase your height the intensity and frequency of exercises can be reduced. Here we are going to discuss some of these tips on how to get tall.

How To Grow Taller Naturally With Bursting Sprints
Sprinting at high speeds yields quite a lot of human growth hormone. If you can run for longer time you will be able to generate more growth hormone. Based on scientific research it is known that you can grow up to 3 inches of height permanently using special stretching exercises regularly.When you sprint at hight speeds there are microfractures in your leg bones. These microfractures heal extremely fast ( a week ) resulting in bone remodelling and growth. As per research a normal healthy bone remodels after every 3 years and whereas microfractured bone will take only a week to heal remodel. With high speed sprinting a lot of microfractures take place in the leg bones and the healing process starts very quickly. Thus high speed sprinting is considered to be one of the best exercises that can help you increase your height. Sprinting helps in increasing the length of leg bones , which in turn helps you grow taller naturally.

How To Grow Taller Naturally Sprinting | Remodeling of Micro fractured Bones Increase Height – High Intensity Exercise = Micro fractured Bones = Remodeling Healing = Increase in Height

2. Sprinting
Sprinting helps produce higher levels of the human growth hormone or HGH. This is one of the things that will help you get taller and you should try to sprint for as long as you can at least 3 times a week.

From Yahoo Answers

Can micro fractures increase my height?

I heard of a cool trick. They say that if you do speed running/sprinting/jumping you create small fractures in your bone.Any more details and about the truth of this method?Thanks in advance if someone can help

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Any fractures caused by running/sprinting/jumping will certainly not increase your height, and they will prevent you from doing it again for 4+ weeks.

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ExercisesA minimum of 10 minutes intense exercise increases adrenalin, lactate, nerve acidity and nitric oxide. This stimulates the production of the growth hormone not only during the exercise period but also during rest periods. Since dehydration reduces the growth hormone production drinking enough water during exercise is important.Exercise equipment that can aid proper performance of spine and knee exercises for height increase are the door gym, inversion boots and table, ankle weights, weightlifting wrist wraps and the stationary bike. Knee exercises are great to induce growth in people who have crossed the age of vertical growth. Stretching exercises, hanging and sprints are by far the most efficient ways to grow taller naturally.

“””For the shin bones you can do sprinting(the faster the more microfractures that will be caused) and for the forearm bones you can do clap pushups on cement(the clap is not needed, only the impact).  These two activities will also cause microfractures in other bones too.Now if those two exercises worked then why aren’t sprinters really tall?  The lack of detectable increase in sprinters height only means that their height increase was not sufficient to be significant enough to receive attention.  In order to prove that sprinting does not increase height, you have to prove that sprinters had no change in bone size as a result of their sprinting.””
From Giant Scientific posted by MrFitness found HERE
Heres what I am did:———————-HILL Sprints/Repeats———————-
This is much more effective than vulcrum’s flat-land sprinting, because:
1. You don’t have to count/time the duration of the sprints, you only have to count
the repetitions (Its important because, if you are manually counting the duration you often cheat).
2. When you’ve already been running for many, many years (like me), you’ll find its incredibly DANGEROUS (esp. slippage) to run at your TRUE TOP SPEED on the streets because it is so fast. Secondly, if you are new to off-the-track sprinting, you will develop injuries very easily, hill repeats are much less-injury prone which will give you less of a chance to give up.
3. You will release the same amounts of GH as flat-land sprints…probably even more, with less effort.
4. Its like you are running with ankle weights the entire time because you are going against gravity, so the microfractures will definately be created.
5. It FORCES you to work hard. If you were doing flat-land sprints, its harder mentally to make yourself work hard. But with hills, there is no way out.Theres only one downside though: You gotta find a hill. Thats where im lucky because I live in a place called Chino Hills lol. Its best to find a hill that takes about 1 minute to run up (little over a minute for beginners). Don’t get a hill that is TOO STEEP, just a good incline, or get one with variations and turns.

Me: There is a lot of talk and discussion on the Height Increase boards about the effectiveness of sprinting as a way to increase height. Some people like MrFitness stated he grew 1 inch in his 20s from using a the routine above running up hills. Others like Tyler have made a great point that people who have been traditionally great sprinter have not been tall. There are even articles posted showing that the best sprinter in the world currently like Usain Bolt is very unusual because of his great height. 

The main point made by the posters is that the short intense exercise will cause excess release of HGH into the body. However, I highly doubt the excess HGH release is anything close to the amount released during even sleep or from a person with a pituitary tumor. If your growth plates are fused, where is the HGH supposed to go to grow taller? It is true that HGH used by adult professional athletes made them more muscular, wider, and stronger, but there is no evidence of excess HGH usage in adulthood leading to a sizable height increase. One of the posts did note that the bones will become more dense, stronger, and the cartilage will be stronger from the excess HGH, but none of the posts said anything about the bones elongating longitudinally. My main point is that running and intense exercise can help increase a little bit in height when one’s young enough with their growth plates still around, but after they disappear, the HGH should only make people more muscular and stronger, not taller. However, the recent case of Tanya Angus and the situations of Sultan Kosen and Adam Rainer makes things a little more complicated and not that simple to give just a “yes or no” answer.

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  2. Diana

    Interesting…I can see how it makes sense though, like when youbreak a bone, that bone is reset and fused together, adding the tiniest bit how length. I’m excited to try this once it gets warmer.


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  4. Michael

    I will let my 8 yr old son sprint while his growth plates are still very wide open for like 10 years.

    I am pretty sure my son will end up 7 feet tall.

    1. kent

      Lol, that’s Good for the future of your son.. You’re very clever. I was also thinking the same when I have a son in the future 🙂

    1. Its Me

      How tall are your parents? And what was your technique, I’m wanting to be 5’10” (or more). God willing!


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