Have You Ever Been Rejected From Anything Because Of Your Height?

This will be a rather short post. I was wondering to myself whether I have ever been rejected for anything because of my height. When most people hear the word “rejection” they think only in terms of professional rejection like not getting a job offer or personal rejection like a girl saying no to them for a lack of height. However, there are other types too.

For me personally, my height is actually about average for the 20-30 year old USA male, being in the 5’11”-6’0″ range. Since I am so average in height, People really don’t look at my height as an asset or liability. When they first see me, most people don’t judge me on my size since I look “normal sized”. Not too short, not too tall. Walking in the streets of the average US city, I could blend in with the crowd around me. When I buy the ticket for an economy seat in an airline, I don’t feel that constrined and my knees are not hitting the seat in front of me. In the average 4- door sedan, I feel rather comfortable in it, with the brakes and steering wheel in a reasonable distance from my limbs.

In terms of my professional life, I don’t think I have ever been rejected for a job or school admission from my size. The people who interviewed me were all very professional and looking at my mind and capabilities. If this was some countries which openly practice discrimination on the job for superficial qualities like China or South Korea I would be in big trouble.

I know some people are not accepted into air force school because they are too big to fit in the cockpit of a jet. I know some people are rejected from gymnastics because their big height prevents them from having a lower center of gravity to do the tumbling and flips that are required. Other than that I can’t think of other possible reasons to reject a person professional for being too tall.

In terms of my personal life, I have been in a few relationships and the girls I was with never said much about my height, and sometimes even said that I was “tall” and they thought my height was “good”. I was acceptable to them.

The only time I have ever been rejected was actually at an amusment park. And it wasn’t even for one of those crazy roller coaster where there is a line that says you have to be taller than a cut off point to ride on it. This was a cut off point for a water park and I was rejected from going on it because I was actually taller than the cut off point. To even think about such a thing sounds weird to me. Can I really be too tall and be rejected for something because I was over the height limit?

I guess a part of me realize that I have been rather lucky in life to have grown to the height I do have right now. Am I selfish for wanting more and to be even taller than average?

What if while everyone else around me feels that I have the perfect average height but deep inside I don’t like my height and wish to be taller?

“Have You Ever Been Rejected From Anything Because Of Your Height?”



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  1. Jimmy

    I’m a little over 5′ 7″ and I’d be content with 5′ 11″ – 6′ 0″. You shouldn’t feel bad about pursuing your height goals though. If you want to be taller, that’s your decision and nobody else’s.


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