Product Review XI: Height Enhancement Bible

I came across this Internet book entitled “Height Enhancement Bible” in the beginning of my searching and I always wanted to do a product review on the book. What is the problem is that I don’t know how to get a copy of the book without actually buying it. I don’t know what is inside the book. I don’t want to state that this E-product ‘Height Enhancement Bible” is like all the other height increase E-products on the internet. I do want to try to make a fairly objective analysis on the book thought.

The link to the actual product’s website is HERE. On the website, you can get to read through the first 11 pages of material. The website is interactive and dynamics and it is kind of cool how you can move your cursor and move the virtual pages around. [Note: The book is only 42 pages of material] It seems like some of the material is intended to promote a physics/ quantum mechanical viewpoint to make the reader believe that anything is possible if one uses mental jedi tricks.

The book is written by a guy named Michael T. and this is what is written on the Lulu product page….

HEIGHT ENHANCEMENT BIBLE is a complete guide on how to grow taller, based on real experience and research by people who are intimately familiar with the physiology of the human body.

INSIDE THE BOOK YOU WILL FIND… 1) what Wolff’s law is and what relation it has to body development 2) why the human body evolves based on the requirements found in it’s environment 3) why vigorous physical exercise and stretching force the body to grow taller 4) what happens in the brain during vigorous physical exercise 5) how to naturally increase growth hormone levels 6) why a balanced diet and quality sleep contribute to the development of the body 7) one month program. What exercises you should do, what is the correct way to do them and what diet to follow 8) why is attitude the most fundamental factor in increasing height 9) how does Quantum physics look at the human body and how science deals with the structure of matter and energy 10) who is Masaru Emoto and what his experiments showed.

I just wrote two posts about the Wolff’s Law and showed what is actually possible from applying that “law” in the lab. We already know that vigorous exercise does cause the body, specifically the bone and endocrine system to react. The book has a 1 month program with exercises for you to do, but so far I have not found any programs out there that can show noticeable results in one’s height after just one month. It turns out that the wikipedia article on Masaru Emoto talks about his claims that one can use one’s consciousness to communicate with water. That is clearly some pseudoscience. I personally have never heard of anyone try to connect the subject of height increase with quantum physics. If the author is trying to state that the quantum mechanics interpretation of reality states that the subjective viewpoint and experience of reality shapes everything around it, then he could then stretch that argument to state that one can use one’s mind to alter one’s body and environment, thus increase one’s height.

I have written in the past that for height increase, just like weight loss, there is not magic bullet to have a solution so easily and quickly. I strongly doubt that the E-Product “Height Enhancmeent Bible” will have some form of solution or idea that has not already been thought of in either one of the other E-books out there or on this website. I would not suggest buying the book because I don’t believe the book has any more or new information that has not already been covered somewhere in this website already.

I don’t want to claim it is a scam but I don’t think it is useful though.

Apparently you can get the book for $25.11 at Lulus from this link HERE¬†or $30 from the product’s website. I am NOT saying that you should buy it, just know that it is there and that if you wanted to get it, it is around.

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