What Exactly Determines The Biological Genetic Pre-Programmed Maximum Height Of An Individual?

In my searching to figure out how to increase height, the first step was always to figure out how human height and growth happens and how everything begins. I can say with great confidence that after a few months of learning, reading, and studying, I am probably even more confused than when i first began.

My attempt to understand the human body, the endocrine system, and orthopedics is very slow and when I read statements like “your height is determined by your genetics” I find myself getting frustrated because the people who post this comment don’t or can’t go into detail in explaining themselves. All they are doing is repeating the standard point of view, without knowing how to defend this point.

Now, I do agree with these people that the studies and articles written seem to point to the idea that a person’s height is determined mainly by their genetics. However what are the parts that exactly determine the biological genetic pre-programmed maximum height of an individual?

Some people can give more fuzzy logic answer with something like “their race “or ethnicity”, but does that mean that they suggest that their genetics determine their ethnicity and race? If that is true, then doesn’t hat validate the idea that race ┬áhas a genetic basis, which is a very un-politically correct point of view.

The study of genetics, hereditary, genes, and such is still a very young area of study. The human genome with its 22,000 genes were mapped out only a few years ago, and we just realized now that it is probably not the genes that determine everything, but the chemical signals around the gene that determine most of our physical characteristics.

So, “What exactly determines the biological genetic pre=programmed maximum height of an individual?”

If I was to guess at this point in my research, I would say the real determinant is the speed of chemical rate and number of receptors and certain hormones/proteins in each individual humans body to process. It seems that even at the most elementary level, the growth plate processes and senescence is determined by mainly the endocrine system and the hormones it has. This is of course assuming that the individual has not been an individual that has a form of congenital, hereditary, or genetic disorder that causes the malfunction and pathology go the normal human growth process.

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