How Much Extra Height Is Possible Using The Modern Limb Leg Lengthening Methods?

Again another question that I thought of was this, “How much extra height is possible using the modern limb leg lengthening methods?

This means that if we consider all of the surgeries that are out there right now, how much extra height can a person receive from the methods?

It seems that we first have to limit the range for the answer because some factors have to be taken into consideration. First, we assume that the person does not have an infinite amount of resources that can be disposed for just the purpose of limb lengthening surgery. I would guess that the wish of most people is not to increase in height, but to increase in the size of their wallet.

The surgery is expensive, takes a long time, involve a lot of pain, so the normal person would probably only be able to go through a surgery of this type, which is not based on some form of medical pathology but cosmetic, only once. If they really care about increasing their height, I might be able to see a person go through with the surgery twice. So we first assume the person has limited amount of money, time, and pain tolerance. They have enough money to go through with it at least once, which can range between $20,000-$120,000 depending one the type of sugary and surgical instrument they wanted to use.

It seems from reading the Make Me Taller forums that the maximum height increase possible using the instruments for each long bone is around 7-8 cm or 3 Inches. However, there are stories about Chinese surgeons who seem to be able to get upwards of 10 cms or 4 inches in the tibia or lower leg. However ,from the forums the general consensus is that a person can get 7-8 cms of extra length for their long bones. This means that the entire leg, for each leg, the person can increase their height by 16 cm or 6 inches total with one swift, major surgery reconstruction.

There was a member of the Make Me Taller forums and who was features on ABC News names Apotheosis who decided that one limb lengthening surgery was not enough, but went for a second round. I wrote in a previous post about him. Supposed he first increased his height from 5′ 6″-5’9″, a 3 cm or 7-8 cm increase which is what the surgeries allow for only one section of the leg.

Apotheosis went back and appeared to go for another round of surgery to increase his height by 5 inches the second time. This means that he increase his height by 8 inches to 6′ 2″. Of course, for a person like him who has the financial resources the time, and the determination to go through with such a thing, there seems to be no limit to how much taller they would want to be.

Conclusion: The instruments available can increase each long bone in a person’s limb by up to 7-8 cms, but there are stories of being able to increase by 10 cm which has not been validated. Of course, after the healing process and the bones have grown to the desired length, there is no one to stop a person to be like Apotheosis and go back to lengthen and increase in height some more.


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  2. sonata

    What type of surgery is this? The excruciating one where they break your bones and turn screws each day? I’d be 6’3″ if I had Apotheosis’ results and money…


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