How To Look Taller Using Charisma And Body Language

Here is a nice quick tip I learned a few days ago after listening to a podcast where a consultant Olivia Fox Cabane was interviewed on what makes a person charismatic and how to create charisma in their persona through learning about postures, body language, and attitude.

As for the part which talks about how to create Charisma, there are 3 elements she gives.

1. Presence

2. Power

3. Warmth

I don’t want to focus on the specifics on what to do to display these three elements which Cabane says exhibit charisma but I do want to mention that she did state that a person can make themselves look and appear taller by doing 4 main things.

1. Stand up with a straight posture

2. Puff out the chest by breathing in the stomach

3. Lower the eyes gaze towards the downward direction

4. Put your hands behind your back.

I would guess that just these 4 tips will probably make a person especially a man, look dominant, powerful, at at least 1-2 inches taller.

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