Review Of Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Amar Sarin

2. Dr. Amar Sarin, Orthopaedic Consultant and Restorative Surgeon

Description: Dr. Sarin has worked at Institute for Invalids & Reconstructive Surgeries Ukraine Region, Vinnitssa Medical Institute Hospital Vinnitssa U.S.S.R. for Reconstructive Surgeries, Rehabilitative Surgeries and Illizarov Technique of Bone remodeling. In 20 years he has performed more than 3000 Ilizarov surgeries.

Website: Dr. Amar Sarin, Orthopaedic Consultant and Restorative Surgeon 

Address: Clinic Address: A-136, Super Mart 1 , DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon, India

Practice Location: B L Kapur Mqemorial Hospital, Action Cancer Institute, Nova Surgical Center

My Review: There is a major problem in reviewing Dr. Sarin and it is because he is based in New Delhi, India. If he was based in the US there would be at least 4-5 medical database resources where previous patients have been able to give their opinions and reviews on him. However his New Delhi clinic seems to mean that few of his patients have been able to post their reviews online. From his profile on his website, I would say that he is credible and if you could only get surgery in India without leaving the country, then Dr. Sarin would be an appropriate choice. I had expected that he would be located in the USA with many reviews but there seems to be none at all, at least that I have found. 

There is one post on the Make Me Taller forums HERE which criticizes the Dr. but most people on the forums trust the doctor in his abilities. 

There is one main review of Dr. Sarin from the Grow Taller forums HERE and the person who met him seems to have mostly a positive experience with him. I would recommend Dr. Sarin but any patient should still always do their research to make sure that the person who is about to operate on them has the skills and credibility. From the forums, the cost was approximately this for about 8 cm of height increase through tibia lengthening. 

Cost break down:Surgery:  $10,000
Stay:  $1000 per month (inclusive of food, medications, etc.)
Plane tickets:  $1200 two way (600 per trip).     has the cheapest flights to India but idk if you need to be a student per se.
Emergency cash: ~ $500.

From his website HERE.

Surgeon’s Profile of :

Dr. Amar Sarin joined as senior consultant at B L Kapur Hospital a Super Specialty Hospital 2 years back. Prior to this Dr. Sarin was associated with Action Medical Institute and was instrumental in creating the department of Illizarov surgery at Jaipur Golden Hospital served a period of seven years with the institute, steering it to newer milestones.

Dr. Sarin has a vast experience of doing advanced Illizarov procedures. He has performed advanced Illizarov over more than 3000 patients in the past 20 years.

He has also trained surgeons from other countries in basic and advance Illizarov and Ortho-oncology surgeries.

Previous Appointment:

Jaipur Golden Hospital, New Delhi
Action Medical Institute, Paschim Vihar New Delhi

Educational Training:

Medical School
M S Ramaiah Medical college Bangalore
Vinitssa Medical Institute Ukraine U.S.S.R.

Basic Illizarov Training
Vinnitssa Medical Institute, Ukraine

Advanced Ilizarov Training
Institute for Invalids & Reconstructive Surgeries
Ukraine Region, Vinnitssa USSR

Memberships and Fellowships:

Indian Orthopaedic Association

Special Interests:

Revision Illizarov Surgeries
Designing custom made prosthesis
Height Gain Surgeries


Off-road driving

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  2. Chinuprasad Nahak

    sir.i chinu prasad nahak .age-22 and my height5.5 and i want 5.9/10 how can it possible..and it is possible ..then rply to your surgeon medicle address and cost..about all…please i realy need it..

  3. george mathew

    sir,iam george height of 5.11 inch,unfortunately my lover has only 5.1 inch he has 23 and is there any possibilities to increase the height of her up to 3 to 4 cm


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