I Really Don’t Know What I Am Doing

This is another one of those confessions. Sometimes when I write a post or article on a subject dealing with height increase, I actually only understand like 60% of what the article is really talking about. Maybe I am stupid but I really don’t know what I am doing.

I was not educated or trained to be a biochemist or geneticist, but as a chemical engineer. They may sound similar for a person who don’t deal with the sciences but these two areas of study are worlds apart from each other. A chemical engineer does not build bombs or make drugs as some people might think. Chemical Engineers are glorified plumbers. Most people who call themselves chemical engineers are either climbing up huge packing towers or looking at numbers and state variables in a big computerized room. I did very little biochemistry in school. When I was in the class, all I wanted to do was get through that class with a okay grade so I can focus on the classes within my major. It was a very stressful and mentally draining time. I don’t remember anything from those subjects so for me to try to take on this project is a mammoth task.

I never thought I would ever be going back to biochemistry or the area of genetics to learn again. Now I find myself reading up on stuff like the Kreb Cycle, nutrition, organic chemistry reactions, orthopedics, endocrinology, mechanical engineering, material science, biomedical engineering, a whole database of proteins an genes, pathologies, disorders, etc. Everyday is a huge learning experience. I swear to god if I am still doing this stuff in 3 years, I am going to take the MCATS and just go to medical school because it would be a waste to forget all this learned information later. I might as well get something out of it for all of my troubles.

You really just have to put up with me for a while because one of the reasons I write certain articles is that I am learning along as I am doing the research. Some people say that the best way to learn to to teach the material. Well, for me to be able to transmit the information, I have to understand it at least within a somewhat respectable level.¬†Everyday I have to look up stuff on google and wikipedia because I encounter 20 new medical terms. If you are reading some articles and it seems like I don’t know what I am talking about, you are probably right. I just started learning this stuff maybe 1 month ago. I had been writing for about 1 entire month of articles on height increase which only consisted of common sense ideas and theories. Now it is time to sit down and do the hard work. There is no getting around that anymore. We have to focus on the science and be willing to work together to innovate and come up with new ideas and push the edge of technology further. There is no “magic bullet”

P.S. – I don’t plan to write anymore posts until I feel I have written and completed the endocrinology, orthopaedics, and the protein list posts as detailed and extensively as possible. Those posts are critical for me to write and understand before I can continue on with the endeavor. Over the next 2-3 weeks, I will only work on those 3 posts. Hopefully you can be patient and maybe read along with the findings and continuous editing going on.

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