Increase Height By Using Balloon Kyphoplasty

It seems that there are now even more ways and possibilities to increase height, and this way is through surgical implantations into the vertebrate bones which has been traditionally been used to heal vertebrate and disk ruptures which cause chronic back pain. So far this type of surgery is only done for people who are old and need the surgery for medical reasons to elevate pain. The amount of extra height they seem to get is what would be called lost height from age degeneration and it is only about a few millimeters.

Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine, January 2003 / Vol. 98 / No. 1 / Pages 36-42


Balloon kyphoplasty: one-year outcomes in vertebral body height restoration, chronic pain, and activity levels

      Jon T. Ledlie, M.D., and Mark Renfro, M.D.Tyler Neurosurgical Associates, Tyler, Texas

Abbreviations used in this paper:  AP = anteroposterior; VAS = Visual Analog Scale; VB = vertebral body; VCF = vertebral compression fracture.

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Object. The authors assessed the safety of balloon kyphoplasty in the reduction and repair of osteopenic vertebral compression fractures and report functional outcomes (back pain and activity levels) in the first 96 patients (with 133 fractures) at their institution. Additionally they provide radiographic outcomes in the first 26 patients (41 fractures) treated and followed for 1 year.

Methods. The authors conducted a retrospective chart review of functional outcomes and evaluated radiographs obtained at 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year postoperatively.

Conclusions. Balloon kyphoplasty safely increases vertebral body height, decreases chronic back pain, and quickly returns geriatric patients to higher activity levels, leading to increased independence and quality of life.

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