READ THIS: Save 5 Minutes To Your Daily Schedule By Following This Tip!

This tip is for the regular readers who come to this website. I deeply care about who my regular readers are and I want to try to make this website as user-friendly and intuitive to navigate as possible. This is also why I want to give a tip to the readers of this blog that if you are the type who comes back often to the website hoping to find new article posts, you will probably be disappointed. I don’t spread out the writing of the posts randomly.

This is actually how my schedule really works. Most of the posts that I write comes out during the 12 noon-4 pm time range. I am currently in Seoul, South Korea so for the eastern or pacific time zones in the US, this corresponds to really  8 pm – 12 midnight in the Pacific Time Zone and around  11 pm – 3 am in the Eastern Time Zone. So if you want to be sure the next day’s or the current day’s new posts are out, if you are living in say Los Angeles, that would be at 12 midnight usually. For New York, that would be 3 am.

Of course I am not suggesting that a reader should stay up past 12 or 3 just to wait for the next article posting are out. Get your sleep. My articles and posts appear on a relatively consistent time. So save your time, which I guess is probably 3-5 minutes each day coming back to the website hoping new articles will be posted.

Be smart with your time and allocate this most precious well because it is one of the most important skills one must master as a professional responsible adult. Now have a great day guys!

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