New Amazing Height Increase Research Resource Available (Important)

Me: I just found this website for the journal “Growth, Genetics, & Hormones” located HERE today and I am very excited to see what it can offer. I will be adding this to the resource page in the next few days. 

This new website will be critical in helping at least me understand many of the genes and hormones that are documented in the “Gene Database” and Protein and Hormone Pathway” section of the website since my knowledge on how each of them are connected to each other is still very elementary. What is really nice about the articles is that they are not too technical that it makes it impossible for the average educated laymen to read but also technical enough to give the ordinary reader possible insights and ideas on how to apply the knowledge.

If you are interested in helping out with the website and cause, I would suggest that you start from this website of journal articles and studies first. It seems to be very helpful in our research.

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