Increase Height And Grow Taller Using Hypnosis, Part III, From EasyHeight.Com June 2007 And Sky

Me: This will be my attempt at collecting all of the data from the old height increase websites so that I can make and turn this website into one of the most comprehensive height and height increase database and website on the internet. 

Note: There was a lower section with success stories of people who used either Zixia’s method or the products found from the DeepTrance.Com website. That part I chose not to be included in the post.

This height increase routine using hypnosis was found from using the Wayback Machine and finding the now defunct EasyHeight.Com website. Link source HERE


      IMPORTANT: We are not affiliates of,, or any other hypnotic websites and we do NOT receive any commission or sale for directing you to their website. As stated on our Main webpage, we have NO financial interests in any of the work we do. The following tips & stories are reported by the experimenters themselves and are displayed without alteration of any kind. Since we’re still at the early experimental stage, please do NOT reveal this webpage or any of its contents to anyone. All serious hypnotic experimenters are highly recommended to carefully review this webpage prior to beginning the routine. The advice & suggestions on this webpage may be changed or updated as more solid evidence emerges.

June 27th, 2007:  Height Increase Hypnotic Routine

Written by: Sky
Last updated: June 27th, 2007Note: The following hypnotic routine is based from success stories & tips as reported by Stevey, Zixia, Desmond, Hyp4Height, Johan, and 15 other experimenters including those from Deeptrancenow. To put things in perspective, the following text is outlined in layman’s terms.

Education & Self-exploration: Please spend 1 to 2 weeks to watch the YouTube clips & books as outlined below to prepare for this. Once you’ve done this, visit this webpage often to read the following steps again and again until all the important concepts have registered in your head.

PREPARATION – Child-like Mind:  Before the hypnotic session and throughout its duration, do NOT worry, fear, or doubt anything. If you constantly worry about being short and life itself, then do not attempt this hypnotic routine because it will NOT work for you. Do NOT think too much or abuse your mind. Just go with the flow and the right moment will come. Know that a child-like mind affects creativity and therefore you should be naïve, spontaneous, curious, adaptable, imaginative, open-minded, and playful. The best time to self-hypnotize is when you’re most relaxed and sedated as it is easier to tap into the subconscious mind. Such times include evening, before bedtime, or early in the morning. Now, let’s begin the process!

STEP 1 – Induction Phase:

You may choose to listen to any hypnotic, meditative, or any relaxation CDs to avoid sleepiness, distractions, & impure thoughts. It seems like some people would prefer Deeptrancenow CD. Sitting comfortably or lying down on your bed with eyes closed in a dark room, visualize and feel your ENTIRE body as pure energy or light (NOT as flesh or blood). Be very still and do not move a muscle. No physical effort or movement is needed on your real body. Stay very still or motionless because the deeper you relax the easier it is to tap into the subconscious mind. Your entire body, including head, torso, arms, legs, and everything else is HOLLOW and empty inside out. Your body & legs are so empty and non-existent as if you’re not wearing any clothes or not even lying on a solid surface (bed) but instead suspending or floating as energy. Your body is very light as if it’s made up of thin air. Understand “World View” and believe that the universe and everything around you are made up of energy, and you’re also a part of it. NEVER force yourself or put too much effort into lengthening the legs. Just go with the flow. Once you have this image of light, energy, and emptiness, your next step would be shifting all the energy from all directions of the body towards your lower legs. Remember, do this with ease and relaxation. Do not force anything.

Note: For beginners, the entire Step 1 may take 30 minutes a session to achieve. However, as you advance, it’ll be easier to achieve probably within 15 minutes or so. Remember, you must continue to maintain the feeling of energy and emptiness throughout this hypnotic session (including step 1 and step 2). Now, let’s go to Step 2.

STEP 2 – Go with the Flow:

As you prepare your mind (Step 1), now and for the remaining of the hypnotic session, try your best to again visualize and feel your lower legs lengthening. The light, energy, or electric currents constantly flow from all directions of the body towards your lower legs. Remember, your lower legs are made up of pure energy & light which are hollow and empty. When the right moment is right, you might just feel the sensations of energy currents flowing and tickling. Remember, your body & legs must be motionless or in deep relaxation. “Act as though you are and you will be.” Visualize yourself standing an inch or two taller than your friends & family members or basically come up with any flashbacks that would help you during this process. With 3 or 4 months of daily practice and patience, I have no doubt that you’ll soon become an expert at this! Please note that the entire step 1 & 2 (combined) should be done for 40 to 50 minutes daily (preferably twice).

Step 3 – Realization: 

This is the final step which is known as Realization. Realization is the stage where it’s believed that you’ll achieve permanent height gains and the potential may be unlimited in some cases. For example, Zixia grew an inch every 3-4 months after she achieved Realization. Step 3 may be accomplished by mastering Step 1 & 2. Everyone is so different and therefore it’s difficult to determine when you’ll reach this stage – perhaps within 3 to 10 months. Some lucky individuals may reach this stage and see their 1/2 inch or 1 inch gain within 3-4 months. For others, it may take 6 to 9 months. Other unlucky individuals may never get to this stage at all due to blocked energy currents, impure thoughts, false beliefs, impatience, etc. Nothing works for everyone; thus, if hypnosis isn’t for you, it’s not the end of the world. There are alternatives such as the shinbone/lumbar routine, limb lengthening clinics, etc.

Bonus Tips: According to Stevey (35 y/o who grew 2.5 inches), “[In addition to DeepTranceNow CD], I also made up my own tape which is only 10 mins long which was mostly visualization on my legs growing and stretching etc.. which I played back every day on the train to work.” We believe that this advice may be very significant in terms of improving your success rate. Especially in the first 3 months, listening to any relaxing hypnotic or meditative CDs in your spare time will help to brainwash your mind into thinking that the universe and you are ONE and everything around you are made up of energy. It’ll help you to completely destroy all barriers, impure thoughts, & false beliefs. If you see birds & butterflies flying, ask yourself, are they really flying or is it just surging energy of the universe that help them? You should look at the world and all movable objects or animals in a different way. In summary, whether you’re taking a train to work, sitting on a toilet, or walking your dog, always bring a CD player & headphones with you. Please refrain from driving a car or operating machinery if you’re listening to the CDs. Remember, it is optional to listen to the CDs in your spare time; however, it is REQUIRED to self-hypnotize 30 to 45 minutes daily in your room with eyes closed once or twice daily.

Good luck to all experimenters! Please keep your promise & report back your results by December 30th, 2007 whether you fail or succeed. We need to share your experiences and find out what works and what doesn’t.

Thanks a bunch!
– Sky

PREPARATION: Education & Self-Exploration

       Note:  The main reason why growing taller with self-hypnosis or meditation has such a low success rate because many people skip this introductory step. Before trying to grow taller through self-hypnosis, spend 1 to 2 weeks to watch the following DVD clips & books and to get in the right mindset. You must become a believer or this will NEVER work. Some important concepts that you’ll explore include:  Quantum Physics, World View (everything is made up of energy), Messages from Water, Deep Relaxation, etc. If you don’t educate yourself and believe in your subconscious mind, it will be extremely difficult to achieve REALIZATION (visualizing & feeling the sensations). The following links are pop-ups, therefore please adjust your browser to temporarily allow pop-up windows.What the Bleep trailer:
● Video #1
● Video #2
● Video #3
● Video #4

Criss Angel – world’s #1 mentalist, hypnotist, mystifier, magician:
● Video #1
● Video #2

Messages from Water:
● Video #1
● Explanations & pictures

“The Secret” DVD trailer:
● Video #1


Quantum physics:
● Video #1

Deep Relaxation:
● Mystic Meditations DVD trailer
● Video #2

Light energy:
● Step-by-step to energy
● Chios Energy Healing

** If you aren’t afraid to spend some money, we highly recommend the following DVDs & books:
1) “What the Bleep? – Down the Rabbit Hole” DVD: This dvd is incredible. I bought the extended DVD version and loved it. It’s Amazon’s #1 DVD surprise of the year (2005). It went on to become the fifth highest grossing documentary in theUnited States, with ticket sales of $12 Million.
2) “The Secret” DVD by Rhonda Byrne: highly recommended by Oprah Winfrey. I’ll buy this DVD next month.
3) Mystic Meditations DVD:  Click here to visit its website. I kindda like its video so I bought the DVD on June 13th, 2007.
4) The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy (book): I purchased this book 2 years ago and still read it again whenever I feel down. It helped me to focus on what I desire most.

June 14th, 2007:  Frequently Asked Questions

Responded by: Sky
Why is it much easier to visualize the lower legs lengthening instead of the arms or body?
– We don’t know why but successful experimenters have reported the same phenomenon as follows:

According to Desmond (25 y/o who grew 1 inch), “It’s easier (at least for me) to imagine my legs growing, but that doesn’t mean only my legs will grow as a result of the technique.”

According to Zixia (25 y/o who grew 4 inches), “From my own experience, since just imagine the legs extended actually made the whole body grow, you should believe your body is smart enough to grow proportionally. Soon, you will find your body, especially your legs will respond more actively when you practice at night. You can feel electricity like energy moving inside and your legs extending forward more.”

According to Stevey (35 y/o who grew 2.5 inches), “[In addition to Deeptrancenow CD], I also made up my own tape only 10 mins long which was mostly visualization on my legs growing and stretching.”

I’ve grown only half an inch after 8 months of doing hypnosis.. Guys like Hyp4Height and Desmond seemed to grow much faster than me. What’s wrong with me?
– Consider yourself very lucky to have finally grown taller. Many height seekers only wish just grow “something” after a year of diligent application. By the way, 1/2 inch gain is equivalent to earning to $30,000 US which is the cost of limb lengthening surgery & 2-year post-op physical therapy.

Some of the DVDs or books that you mentioned.. where I can buy them?
– To purchase the above DVDs or books, try or google online.

Should I focus with intensity to lengthen my legs?
– Again, NEVER self-hypnotize with intensity because it will not work. Just completely relax and go with the flow and your subconscious mind will respond to you. It’s difficult to explain this but with patience and persistence, the right moment will come and you will achieve Realization sooner or later.

Should I self-hypnotize once or twice daily? Any proof on this difference?
– Although success is not guaranteed, experimenters who self-hypnotize or meditate at least 2 sessions (30 to 45 min each) daily may achieve better growth results than others. According to Stevey, “listen to it properly at least once a day – preferably twice for better  results… I listen to it once in the evening and last thing at night.” For example, listen for 30 minutes in the evening, and another 30 minutes before bedtime.


Do you have any advice from a professional hypnotherapist?
Our friend Johan Kirsten is a certified and practicing hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, complete-mind therapist and N.L.P Master Practicioner. He’s a 25 y/o Caucasian. His height is 6’2. He’s also interested in height increase through hypnosis but has not tried it yet. His email response is as follows:

From: “Johan Kirsten” <>
Subject: some points that might help
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 11:55:29 +0100

Hi Sky,
I apologise in taking so long to reply, I have been fully booked with clients/patients. Time is really a commodity I wish I had more off, but I will express a few quick opinions for you here.

Very few people really know what hypnosis is. It is basically finding a way to distract the conscious mind and communicate directly to the sub-conscious. This sounds unimpressive, but when you consider that the sub-conscious controls your blood flow, heat, cell repair, stores away every frame/second of everything you see from the time your eyes open until the time you die. It holds your talents. It is a vast source of power. You can say it’s limitless. It is also in your subconscious that we have the blue-print of what we look like and our height. In order to become the height you want you must install this new height and new blueprint into your subconscious.

The thing is the moment you force yourself or put too much effort into it… trying to push things along then your conscious/analytical mind wakes up and he always wants to guard or edit the information the subconscious receives…. Thus in the end the suggestions don’t reach the subconscious or very little do. This editing and guarding from the subconscious mind is the reason why on some websites they talk about your worldview. Now if you already believe for sure that you will grow 100% with hypnoses then your analytical mind won’t edit it, he won’t see the information as suspicious and he will let it pass through. Actually from all the web-sites that I looked at DeepTranceNow is the most comprehensive. I think there is a little too much Isoteric content on Dr Laura’s site and that scares people off… it’s a bit fruity for some. Her knowledge is unquestionable and my advice would be to listen to her tapes because they especially work on belief and expectancy which is CRUCIAL. Those tapes will make you accept and embrace the fact that you will grow.

If you continue diligently you will grow, no question of that. Just don’t be impatient. I know most experimenters come from the McDonalds generation, they want everything NOW and they don’t know anything about patience. Your analytical mind is the carnal mind, it worries, it judges, it fears, it doubts… it is your biggest obstacle! So just enjoy the process…. Don’t force it, don’t push. I think a quote from Bruce lee will sum it up well: “Don’t think… feel, it is not me doing this(conscious mind)-but this is happening through me(subconscious mind) There is no actor but only the action…. The consciousness of self (conscious mind) is the greatest hindrance.”  This is why Olympic athletes and the worlds best sport men and women spend so much time with sport psychologists… they want to still the conscious mind so they can connect with the subconscious where all their talent and potential is…. When you don’t think and just let it happen, when it happens through you and you just let it happen… this is called BEING IN THE ZONE.. any Sports man or woman know this. This also applies to growing with hypnoses.
Thanks Johan for your great suggestions!

I’m too busy with work and can’t listen twice daily.. how about once daily?
– It may work for you as well. We just don’t know. Please report back your results to us anyway.

What about the power of prayers.. what do u think?
Cry out for help to the universe and the universe will help you. Everyday for the next 12 months, pray to God, the Infinite Intelligence, or whoever you believe in (before meals, bedtime, or after waking up). For example, “Thank you Virgin Mary. I’m already taller. Thank you.” Another example is “Thank you, I’m already 1 cm taller. I’ll help the poor. Thank you.”


During self-hypnosis, should I breathe deeply? Should I practice in a dark room with eyes closed or open? How about lying down?
– We usually hear about people who self-hypnotize with their eyes closed. A dark room may be preferable. Taking a deep breath may not be necessary. Again, we’re still at the experimental stage and don’t have all the answers regarding what works best unless you experiment it & report back your experiences. As of right now, you may choose to self-hypnotize in a dark room with eyes closed. Either lying down or sitting upright is okay. Lying down can be problematic for some people because they tend to feel sleepy. If lying down, you may choose to tuck a pillow under your knees for better comfort. Deep breathing is optional.


It seems like many people tried the Deeptrancenow grow taller CD which is created by Dr. Laura.. where can I buy it?
There’s a variety of hypnotic CDs at Deeptrancenow. The CD that most people used is the “Limb-Lengthening Metaphor” CD which is about 47-min in duration. It costs about $24.95. Shipping & handling is another $10 which I think is a rip-off. However, she does give you exclusive access to her email newsletter which has a wealth of information on hypnosis. Visit it here:

Sky’s notes: There’s NO need to buy other hypnotic CDs from Deeptrancenow. I bought them and now regret it because they’re basically the same recordings with minimal variations. If you have money, then go for it. Also, we are not affiliates of or any other hypnotic websites and we do NOT receive any commission or sale for directing you to their website.


Should I buy the Subliminal recordings from Deeptrancenow?
– Not too many people have tried those recordings so we don’t know. You can try and let us know your progress.

What if I try hypnosis for like 6 months straight and end up with absolutely NO growth?
While growing taller through self-hypnosis is not guaranteed, consider it as one of the best investments that you’ll ever make whether you fail or succeed. Any 1-inch gain that you succeed with hypnosis is equivalent to earning $60,000 US which is the cost of limb lengthening surgery and 2-year post-op physical therapy. If you try hypnosis for 6 to 9 months straight with NO growth, then perhaps this method is not for you. There are other options to go from here such as the shinbone routine, etc. The bottom line is, it’s not a big deal!

Do I have to buy’s grow taller hypnosis CD or other website’s CDs? Where can I buy them?
– Most beginners would start off buying hypnotic CDs. You may need the CD in the beginning (maybe a few weeks or months) just to get your head in the right direction. However, when you advance to the stage of visualizing your lower legs lengthening and feeling the sensations of the “lengthening”, then it’s all in your head. The CD recordings have nothing to do with it. Other hypnotic experimenters believe that any relaxation CDs will be equally as effective as long the music tracks are relaxing with sounds of the beach, etc. You may choose NOT to use any hypnotic CDs anymore if they are no longer stimulating. Have a collection of different CDs & music soundtracks and see what gives you better relaxation. For CDs, try (too expensive) or search on,, for keywords such as “grow taller hypnosis”, “meditation CDs”, “meditation/relaxation CDs”.

What’s the advantage of using hypnotic CDs or any relaxation CDs while self-hypnotizing?
– To get you more focused, to avoid sleepiness, to avoid distractions, etc.

Whenever I lie down and listen to hypnotic CD, I tend to fall asleep and it’s definitely not working well for me at all. What must I do?
– Falling asleep is the most common complaint from users. To avoid sleepiness, you may choose to sit up straight (not lying down). However, lying down might be a bit more beneficial because your body muscles tend to relax more easily. To avoid sleepiness, you can turn up the volume on your CD player, not too loud but loud enough to keep you conscious in the next 30 or 40 minutes. You may choose to wear headphones if this keeps you awake or more focused. Again, we don’t know what works best for you and thus you must be patient by trying different techniques.

I’ve been self-hypnotizing for over 5 months haven’t grown anything.. what’s the problem?
– It’s absolutely normal for a naïve person without any experiences in hypnosis or meditation to fail within the first 6 months. We’ve received reports from hypnotic experimenters who claim to finally have grown half an inch in 9 months and they are extremely happy. Half an inch (0.5”) may not be a lot but it is equivalent to $30,000 US which is the cost of limb lengthening surgery. An inch in height gain costs $60,000 US. Consider that price tag and always keep yourself motivated. Nevertheless, if you haven’t grown anything within 5 months of hypnosis,there are certain things that you must improve or you’ll never grow. Your imagination must be productive and you should feel some kind of sensations in the legs during the hypnotic session or while asleep. If you haven’t felt such sensations, then work on them.

Should I follow Zixia’s advice by speaking to myself “I’m taller now. My legs are taller”?
– We don’t know whether speaking to oneself or keeping quiet is the preferable choice. You may choose to follow Zixia’s method and let us know your experiences. Keep in mind that Steve, Hyp4height, Desmond prefer to hypnotize quietly.

Honestly, what’s the success rate concerning height increase through self-hypnosis?
– Similar to all height increase methods, growing taller with self-hypnosis generally has a low success rate if done incorrectly. There are many hypnotic or inspirational books out there, but not too many of them actually show you how to tap into the subconscious world. The thing is, you must prep your mind and get in the right mindset. First, you have to become a believer and have lots of patience. Remind yourself that the process of trying to grow taller is one of the best investments that you’ll ever make whether fail or succeed.

I’ve been doing hypnosis for the past 3 weeks… but it’s hard for me to fall asleep.. attached to this email is my hypnosis routine.. is it okay?
– Growing taller through self-hypnosis is a trial and error. Whatever necessary information that you need to know have already posted here. You must work on them and see what works & what doesn’t. Remember, our easyheight staff are not experts. We’re so-called “journalists” who gather success stories and display them here without alteration of any kind.

Is it okay to hypnotize with eyes open?
– We haven’t heard from someone who has done this. You can try and let us know your progress.


I’ve been doing hypnosis for 2 months now and my mind is all over the places.. is it ok?
– In the first 3 months, it’s absolutely normal to wander all over the places. But gotta step up to the plate & improve!

How is it possible that people like Zixia or Cambodian monks achieve deep relaxation so effortlessly?
– Some people are just lucky because they’re born with skills at relaxing so effortlessly. While others practice for months and years. The only way to tap into the subsconcious mind and grow taller is through deep relaxation.

Zixia recommends to do hypnosis before bedtime as this is best for deep relaxation.. but when I finish the hypnosis session, i have trouble falling asleep. Needless to say, this disrupts my sleeping pattern and I feel horrible the next morning. help?
If you have problems falling asleep, then do NOT self-hypnotize before bedtime. Do it in the evening instead.

What are some favorite quotes that you’ve learned from the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know”?
– “If thoughts can do that to water, imagine what our thoughts can do to us!”
– “Quantum physics is the physics of probabilities. It calculates possibilities.”
– “Quantum mechanics is like an organism.”
– “Through mental rehearsal, certain brain circuit will grow as a result.”
– “Maybe we’re just poor observers. Maybe it’s a skill. Maybe we’re so addicted to the external world that the brain is beginning to work out of response instead out of creation.”

I think anyone out there who claims to have increased their height through hypnosis or meditation is full of baloney. We all know that guys like David Blaine & Criss Angel are illusionists. Am I wrong or ignorant?
– Yes, David Blaine & Criss Angel are magicians and illusionists. But don’t forget, they’re mentalists too! They’ve mastered mental endurance and reached a much higher level of subconscious mind than any average person could dream of. Take magician David Blaine for example, this guy “has been buried alive for seven days, frozen for 61 hours, perched 90 feet up on a pole for 35 hours, and suspended for 44 days.” Just recently, he submerged in a human aquarium and stayed there for about a week. Without daily practice, commitment, and mental endurance, how could he accomplish all that?

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