Even More Evidence That Pregnancy Can Lead To Height Increase, This Must Be Considered!!

Me: So after the quick google search I thought the results and posting would end but they seem to only increase in number and the stories are vast in number. There is something going on here which I can’t explain. Tyler would try to say that the growth plates never fully disappeared because their senescence was slower from DNA methylation or something. I would say that the correlation is with whatever hormone increases were occurring during pregnancy.

My Theory: These women are now eating for two. Their appetite goes up, their food intake increases, and this is very similar to what happens during puberty where the young adolescent starts to eat at an extremely high rate. However it doesn’t explain why they would ever gain height. In terms of symptomes, their food intake resembles teenagers who are going though puberty eating everythiing. One women who is 41 gains 1 inch and another woman gains 3 inches through pregnancy.

From BabyCenter.Com… there is one post of a women who noticed her pants have gotten shorter and she doesn’t fit in them anymore.

From TheBump.Com community…

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Growing taller because of pregnancy?

Is it possible for pregnancy to give you a growth spurt of some kind? I have been 5’3” since I was 12/13 and I had my FI measure me and I am now 5’5”. I tried searching on the web for an answer but I just kept coming to dead ends. So has this happened to anyone else? Or has anyone heard of such a thing? TIA

Me: This woman poster was measured 9-10 months ago and she was 5’3″. Now she is 5′ 5″ and she is 23. However a reply on the same board link is even crazier. Read below…

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Even though my doctor said it’s impossible he can’t deny that I have grown.  I was 26 during my first pregnancy.  I started the pregnancy at 5’1 and ended it at 5’3.  I stayed at 5’3 for two years and then got pregnant again.  I am now 28 and started this pregnancy at 5’3 and already at 7 1/2 months pregnant I have grown to 5’4.  I seem to gain 1-2 inches with every pregnancy.  My doctor has no explanation for this and neither does the internet.  But it’s such a relief to know I’m not the only “freak” 🙂 out there who is doing this!

Me: So this mother grows 2 inches in her first pregnancy at the age of 26 and grows another  1 inch on her 2nd pregnancy at age 28. Her doctors can’t explain it.
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Hey ladies,
so something interesting has just recently come to my attention.
I am almost 22 weeks pregnant now, i am due the end of august.
I am 22 years old and i have a younger sister who is 12.
now i am on the shorter side, i have been 5 foot even since i was 17. Just before my 3 month mark i was weighed and measured for my first WIC appointment at my local Health Department, and once again i was about 5 foot even.
Well my 12 year old younger sister has been about a 1/4 inch taller than me for several months now, well just a few days ago she was standing next to me and i realized that i was looking down to talk to her.
my mom laughed (she frequently ribs me about my height) and stood us back to back and proclaimed that i was indeed taller than my sister, when just a few months before we had done the same and my little sis was taller.
My mom immediately measured me and i’ll be ****** the tape measure read clearly…
5′ 2 1/2″
somehow i had gained over 2 inches of height!!!
now i have scoured the internet and i cant find ANY medical findings on this, but a few other accounts of women asking something similar.
has anyone else had this?
has pregnancy caused anyone else to grow?
is there a name for this kind of phenomenon?

Me: This girl who is 22 was first measured at 3 months of pregnancy (12 weeks) at 5 feet tall and in the 22 week she is measured at 5′ 2.5″ which means over a 2 inch increase over 10 weeks. I could say that she is unique at age 22 for having another growth spurt. Since she is rather short I could claim that catch up growth is what caused it.

From the website Mothering.Com

Getting taller during pregnancy?

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I’m out of the age range of height growth and yet I found myself growing about three inches during my pregnancy. Has this happened to anyone? My height never went back to normal.
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Hmmm…. Now you’ve got me thinking.

I have always been 5’2″, and I’m way after the age range for height growth. (I’ll be 41 in a few months.)

This past spring I had to measure myself for a costume and I was, very surprisingly: 5’3″! Now, that’s only one inch compared to your three inches, but it is possible that it was from the pregnancy… I honestly don’t know what else it could be. Other than maybe Yoga, but I’ve been doing yoga since ’93 and it had never caused any height increse before. And I’ve been very neglectful of my yoga practice these past few years.


I should mention that my feet remained their normal size through out the prenancy and although my butt and chest got bigger they’ve mostly gone back to Pre pregnancy size.

6 thoughts on “Even More Evidence That Pregnancy Can Lead To Height Increase, This Must Be Considered!!

  1. Nicki

    This is such a blow, if they are growing in the legs then our understanding of growth plate fusion is flawed…

    theres a chance that the growth plates actually don’t fuse…

  2. heightseeker

    you should try to follow this trail, this is definitely interesting. However I find it weird that the growth wouldnt affect the torso, since growth plates in the spine supposedly fuses later than the other growth plates, and I have even heard that some of them in the spine never fuses because they need to be movable throughout life.

    However maybe that was only that one case and the growth could happen anywhere in the body, however it doesnt explain why the growth plates are affected in the first place when they are supposed to be closed at that old age. very interesting

  3. Stacie

    I am currently 8 months pregnant with my first child and I recently noticed my husband seemed shorter based on standing by him and looking at a few recent pictures of us. After thinking about it for awhile and asking him what he thought, he said he thought the same thing the other day when he was standing next to me and when he saw a picture of us as well. It definitely seems more likely that I am the one whose height changed since there are so many changes going on right now … I am already 5’10 and I don’t want to grow anymore! I am going to the Dr. on Monday and am going to ask them to measure me to see if I am taller than the last time they measures. We will see what happens … If I did get taller, I hope it is in my torso and changes back after I have the baby, but from the message boards I have read online, it seems like me height will not change back 🙁

  4. serena sharma

    im 20 years old and im pregnent since 3 weaks.im short height of 4″11.many times im blamed because of my short height by my family.can i grow taller even during my pregnancy?is it possible?what if i do to increase my height?


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