Increase Height And Grow Taller Through IGF-2 Localized Injections. (BREAKTHROUGH?)

Me: This is the first article I have posted that showed that using IGF-2 will also lead to longitudinal growth. The authors Zhang and Yokota are the same guys who have been doing the mice hind limb loading tests. This study showed that if you make a localized injection of IGF-2 in the distal epiphysis femur region you would get about an increase of 1.6-1.7% in length. The dosage of IGF-2 was 100 μg/kg/day for 5 consecutive days. Bone samples were taken after 14 days for analysis. The cause is the upregulated phosphorylation of an extracellular signal-regulated kinase in the treated femur.

Further Analysis: It is important to note that the purpose of the study was to see whether there was a way to correct for limb length discrepancies. Two things to note is the life expectancy and age at which mice will stop growing. Mice usually live 1-3 years, but the records have them at 5 years. Assume that mice live usually 2-3 years. The time they stop growing I’ve researched and the numbers seem to suggest that they can stop growing around 4-5 months or as early as 2-3 months. I would assume that the mice tested in the study at 8 weeks still had some growing to do. What is interesting is that the hormone was injected into the bone, specifically the epiphysis, but NOT the growth plate. I would guess that an IGF-2 Injection into the epiphysis while a patient goes through limb lengthening surgery will lead to a faster distraction rate. What I really wonder is whether the mice’s limb grew by themselves or was the lengthening a part of the greater speed of the growth plates which would still be there.

Overall the IGf-2 has been shown to be a really good supplement for muscle mass building, increased energy, and sexual enhancement and drive.

Places to get IGF-2: Bodybuilding.Com,,,,  These places are only for the oral intake supplement variety of IGF-2 which would not work if you are already physically mature. The cost ranges from usually $40-$60 . However I don’t see any issues with grinding up the pill, mixing it with a saline compound and injecting it into the localized epiphysis area. I personally would try to get some mice from my local pet store, grow them to 1 years age, and repeat this experiment to see what would happen to their limbs with the IGF-2 injections. I know of many bodybuilders who inject themselves intravenously or Intramuscular with liquid IGF-2 and I would wonder where they got the liquid version. For our purposes we would have to get into the very bone to the center.

From PubMed study link HERE

J Chin Med Assoc. 2012 Oct;75(10):494-500. doi: 10.1016/j.jcma.2012.07.009. Epub 2012 Sep 28.

Lengthening of mouse hind limbs with local administration of insulin-like growth factor 2.

Zhang P, Jiang C, Yokota H.


Biomedical Engineering, Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; School of Basic Medical Sciences, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China; Anatomy and Cell Biology, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Electronic address:



For devising potential clinical approaches for limb length discrepancies, we examined local administration of insulin-like growth factor 2 (IGF2).


C57/BL/6 mice (∼ 8 weeks old) were used in this study, and the mice were separated into two groups: an IGF2-treated group and a placebo group. In the IGF2-treated group, IGF2 was locally administered into the distal epiphysis of the left femur, and the right femur was used as a contralateral control. In the placebo group, saline was administered to the left femur as a vehicle control. The left and right tibiae, without any direct intervention, were employed as negative controls. The dosage of IGF2 was 100 μg/kg/day for 5 consecutive days, and bone samples were harvested on Day 14. Microcomputed tomography images did not show any anomaly at the IGF2 or saline injection sites.


In comparison with the vehicle control as well as the contralateral control, the results revealed that IGF2 significantly lengthened the treated femur, with an elevation of bone mineral density (BMD) as well as bone mineral content (BMC). The increase in the femoral length of the IGF2-treated left limb was 1.6% (p < 0.05) to the vehicle control, and 1.7% (p < 0.05) to the contralateral control. However, the length, BMD, and BMC of the tibiae were not affected by administration of IGF2 or saline. Western blotting analysis demonstrated that this administration of IGF2 upregulated phosphorylation of an extracellular signal-regulated kinase in the treated femur.


The current study supports for the first time the potential effectiveness of administration of IGF2 in adjusting limb length discrepancy.

Copyright © 2012. Published by Elsevier B.V.

PMID: 23089400    [PubMed – in process]

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    I turned 23 last April, will IGF-2 in pill form might give me the chance to increase growth? And if not do you have any options as I’ve you discuss numerous other options such as Meclizine and a CNP supplement (which i don’t know where i can buy it). I’m 5’6 work out every other day and diverse stretching techniques before bed. Any help will be a huge effort.


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