Mind Hack XII: The Power Of Galantamine To Increase Intelligence, Memory, And Just About Every Other Type Of Cognitive Ability

Me: I have recently found out from the website and publication Life-Enhancement about this really powerful supplement product called Galantamine and the articles and information about it is enormous. In my most recent post in Mind Hack XI I showed that IGF-2 dosage can increase memory ability but it seems that the pathway of IGF-2 is actually controlled by Galantamine. I had posted an article from the Nov. 2012 edition of LIfe-Enhancement. If you actually go through the entire LIfe-Enhancement website you will find that there are a lot of articles written about the power of Galantamine. 

Seriously, the entire Life-Enhancement website is FILLED with Galantamine articles and how it improves some form of mental/cognitive ability. From the research on the internet on the effectiveness and ability of galantine supplements, it seems that one of the effects of Galantamine is that gives you more vivid and even lucid dreams. It seems that quite a few studies have been tested on the ability of Galantamine to treat and reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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