Reviewing Company LiftKits Or Lift Kits, Height Increasing Insoles By Derek White

Me: Although there is already quite a few links and online shops I put in the resource section, there does seem to be one company or corporation that I have noticed been getting quite a bit of media coverage, at least more than the usual shop which offers height enhancing footwear. I was recently made aware of a company called Lift Kits

The name of their website is My Lift Kits at Looking at the section and variety of products they sell, I would say that the quality and insoles they sell is above average than what you might find from Alibaba or Ebay. The founder is some guy named Derek White who seems to be based off of Hollywood, California.

It seems that there is even a few big named celebrities who is on video sponsoring this company and its products. In the video section HERE  the main video is from some actor Rick Mora (I don’t know who he is) who appears to be from the Twilight series movies, which I have no opinion about.

The message on the website says that with these comfortable insoles, you can increase you height by up to 2 inches. Judging by the insole thickness, I would say they are better quality and better suited for the wearer in mind than some other online shops. At least with these, they look kind of comfortable.

The big difference between the design of these insoles compared to others seems to be the ability to snap on more insoles in a easy fashion to add to the thickness of the insoles. It is kind of clever.

Ultimately it is about confidence and having a better state of mind. I think that is admirable. The website is fashionably designed, which can be easily made using a premium wordpress theme with the wordpress platform. The website is connected with social media to the biggest networks, and has a easy to reach phone number. From a internet marketing perspective, the website designer is doing everything right.

I personally don’t know much about the founder Derek White but I think he is an actor or at least someone in the hollywood scene. Lift Kits have so far been getting press from some of the biggest magazines around including Maxim, US Weekly, Elle, inTouch, The Today Show, The Tyra Show, OK! Magazine, and many many more. Overall, this Derek guy is not selling something completely new, but the marketing and personal connections the founder has definitely helped in bringing this website and the company out in the spotlight and get more coverage than most other height insole selling websites.

Personally, our website website here is intended to find a real valid method or technique to increase height for the individual who has already reached physical maturity and have their epiphyseal plates closed. This product offers a easy, simple, quick solution to help provide a person the extra confidence when they know that that they can look better from using the insoles. I do not endorse, promote, or sell any products related to the company. I just think the company is well received by the media, has a novel approach to height increase insoles, and is doing a good job in providing a nice product for people who wish to look taller.

I decided to post a Youtube video of the founder Derek White talking about his story up which I found from Youtube. The source link is from HERE

3 thoughts on “Reviewing Company LiftKits Or Lift Kits, Height Increasing Insoles By Derek White

  1. Lift kits suck

    The reason lifkits gets media attention is because the company pays advertisers to market their chinese made shit. You can make people people buy a turd in a box if it is made to look like the monkey masses are buying it. Whoever wrote this article was either paid or is an idiot!

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