Heightex Tablets For Developing Children In India Review

Me: Again and again we find more and more products which sell the claim that the capsule, pill, or tablet you take orally will help increase height. This product is sold as a pill for growing children. This product is sold in India as a Ayurvedic Medicine formulation. What I found really interesting is that this product is VERY cheap ($1 USD). The location is at Allahabad, which is a major city in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in India. I know that it probably is a waste of my time to even review a product like this since I can’t be conclusive in seeing how feasible it is.

There are links on the internet like from IndiaStudyChannel.com which discuss the possibility of using this aryuvedic mixture concoction for children to increase their height but I would not be comfortable buying anything of this nature for my children.

What is interesting to me are the ingredients inside which I found from this link HERE

Silicea, Baryta Carbonicum, Natrum Muriaticum, Calcarea Phosphoricum.
Analysis: You are supposed to take 2-4 tablets a day. What is interesting is that the ingredients are the ones I have looked at before like the Silicea and the Baryta Cabonicum, which have been talked about on other forums which use homeopathic ways to increase height. The Natrum Muriaticum is another compound I have seen listed in capsules or pills sold which proclaim height increase benefits derived from Ayurvedic principles. This compound was seen in another recent post I wrote up looking at it. From the website Arcanum Wholistic Clinic we find out that the Natrum Muriatinum is just Sodium Chloride, ordinary table salt. From YumKind.com we learn that the Calcarea Phosphoricum or Calcarea Phos is just the latin name for a calcium powder, similar to the oyster sea shell powder we looked at recently. So this Height increase mixture for children has basically some salt, calcium powder, Silicon derivative, and barium carbonate. These ingredients are mostly safe, and if the FDA looked at this stuff, they would approve of it. The fact that someone in India decided to combine these 4 active ingredients together and sold them as a children height inhancer pill shows that they at least know a little bit of the theory of ayurvedic medicine and homeopathic therapy. I can’t really say this tablet, pill is uneffective since it is prescribed for children and there are places in India where in terms of malnutrition, children might not be getting enough calcium and that means stunted growth. If we look at it that way, the ingestion of extra calcium for kids who don’t get enough calcium for proper bone formation means that this product might do help increase height in a strange, convoluted way.

From the website DrugNeed.com

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