Swiss Laboratory Develops Height Increase Technology Called Stature Augmentation Treatment By Ura Schmuck (April Fools!)

When I was going through the Make Me Taller Forums today I found a link that someone posted about another possible way to increase height which seems to have been developed by a Israeli academic Professor Ura Schmuck and was being tested at some Swiss Laboratory. (source link)

The big thing to note is that this story was written by the sensations tabloid “The Sun” whose job is to write up exaggerated, and maybe even sometimes fake, stories which will get eyeballs and ratings and press. I am not sure if the fact that the former french president Sarkozy did use the technology or not was true.

Analysis: My issue with this story is that when I tried to find out more about this “Stature Augmentation Treatment” and “Ura Schmuck” nothing came up. Then I sort of realize the name and the date.

Conclusion: The fact is that the Doctor’s name is “Ura Schmuck” is a homonym for “You Are A Schmuck” meaning that if you really believed in this article, you are an idiot, and that the writer wrote this article on April 1st means that they were just playing an April Fool’s joke on the readers. Get That Part? However, I stated that I would look at every single idea ever posed and this article was still fun to write up.

The full article is found from HERE and is posted below…

Docs to stretch small Sarkozy

Published: 01st April 2008

Stretch ops pose high risk to Nicolas

THE procedure is highly experimental and President Sarkozy risks kidney damage as a result of the mega doses of calcium that will be injected into his legs, writes Sun GP Dr Carol Cooper.

FRENCH President Nicolas Sarkozy is to have pioneering stretch surgery in a bid to make him taller.

The 5ft 5ins leader has contacted a leading Swiss laboratory because he has become so paranoid about his frame.

Doctors reckon they will be able to add an amazing FIVE INCHES to his height in just over a year.

When surgery is completed he will be an inch taller than his stunning ex-model wife Carla Bruni.

Sarkozy, 53, was ridiculed on last week’s state visit to Britain for being so short.

Procedure ... how it works

Procedure … how it works

He had elevated heels in his shoes while wife Carla, 40, wore a flat pair of pumps.The method, Stature Augmentation Treatment, was developed on guinea pigs by Israeli academic Professor Ura Schmuck.

He said: “SAT replicates the growth the human body goes through from birth to adolescence.

“The patient is stretched on a traction bed for several hours and calcium supplements are injected in the bone shafts near the joints.

“The bones are tricked into thinking they are growing again.” Last night French government spokesman Luc Biggér admitted: “He wants to add five inches to his height.

“He read in a science journal about a short man who is now over 6ft.”

He said the President would have a series of ops at the Poisson D’Avril Medical Centre in Geneva over the next year.

Mr Sarkozy would not comment last night.


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