Natural Height Growth Podcast, Episode 2: Guest Tyler From HeightQuest Discusses His Research

The 2nd episode for the Natural Height Quest podcast has Tyler from come on the show to discuss his own research into the endeavor of increasing our height. I am very welcomed to have him on since I’ve been following and reading on his posts for a while now to see what he has found in his discoveries.

Episode #2: Guest Tyler From HeightQuest Discusses His Research

I give a rather long introduction to the man who needs no introduction. We go into his back story, his analysis of Sky’s old work, the theory on why Lateral Synovial Joint Loading works, how his own height increase has been developing, and how the different types of loading leads to different ways for bone growth. Later on we touch upon the recent discoveries on the correlation between pregnancy and the hormone relaxin, how government regulations may cause issues with the growth plate implantation idea, and the need to find professionals in the medical field.

Along the way, the sequencing of the questions were mixed a little so it is not really in a fluid way. Hang in there with us. I think we are improving. Overall, I think the interview was a great success. Maybe next time we can answer questions from the listeners and readers who want to email in to us questions they have.

[Warning: The volume of the intro music and the our voices are way different. The music is very low and soft while out voices came out to be rather loud. You will probably need to adjust the volume. I will try to correct this problem in future episodes.]

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Length of time: 31 mins

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13 thoughts on “Natural Height Growth Podcast, Episode 2: Guest Tyler From HeightQuest Discusses His Research

    1. MiniGolfer

      No, I meant to say that axial loading resulted in heavy compression of my spine resulting in height loss. So when I stopped I went from 5’7 1/2″ to 5’8 1/2″ and that axial loading may have primed me for LSJL results.

      1. Jimmy

        Oh ok gotcha. How heavy did you lift (Bench, Squat, Dead-lift, etc.) before LSJL? Also do you still weight-lift currently and if so have you increased the axial loads? Lastly, do you think leg training would be more synergistic with LSJL than training other muscle groups?

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  2. josh

    you raised interesting points about the force and pressure questions-should link into a comment the time its at-any way bones withstand lots of force yet we
    need to do this-

    FIRST stem cells-(either get them naturally(how?) to the epiphyseal area or unnaturally with injection/transplants)

    2-proliferate them via methods-
    3hypertroph them via methods-
    and then 4 would be when they are reaching termination, they get to the point before they ossify and turn into bone but
    they have to explode and exert force to push the bones/joints and remodel them,
    yet is that realistic?, how can that happen and how much pressure is required and how much proliferation and hypertrophy is required?

    can it be done in a controllable way like natural growth?

    about the growth plates/ are they fused? can they be unfused-unossified-unminerlaized? can that be even done safely?

    or, can a growth plate even form? or does the growth area need some kind of change for stem cells to rethrive, (recreating a stemcell chondroinductive growth plate)

    dentin, being a method to surface the growth plates to recreate a growthplate hospitable to stem cells to recreate a growth plate.

    so i think of it like

    but you still have these questions
    growthplate-hospitable to stemcells? fused? demineralization to unfuse? possible/safe?

    chondrocytes and bone remodeling force? can they exert the pressure? how does the bone get remodeled?

  3. josh

    .sorry about any spelling errors, anyway i hope you can use those questions for your next podcast,
    we have some ideas on chondroinduction and hypertrophy, but maximal hypertrophy is a bit unknown, and, also knowing if your growth plate is forming again getting the stem cells to restart a growthplate.

  4. tim

    wow, the two best height-guys are talking in a podcast. WOW.
    I”m really vitnessing a hystorical internet moment, i’m not exaggerating.

    haven’t you thought of a youtube account?

  5. Jacob

    Last podcast was pretty good
    and i think regarding you website traffic you should keep an eye on it cuz in this way if its increasing which is it you will be encouraged
    and the fact that you are not letting any private company to have adds on this site is good idea because in this way this website will be clean and scam free
    To decrease pain in limb-lengthening surgery and ease patient goal is also good idea but we should focus more on non invasive procedures like LSJL etc
    china blocking this website is also a main factor contributing to less traffic on this website
    But anyway this website and podcast together is a great contribution in this field and subject because no one has brought attention and spend money and time before on this topic
    regarding feedback from researchers and doctors is tough job but keep it up and i hope as this website and issue and idea is growing more and more may be in future we will get enough from them and they will start looking more seriously on it
    live skype calling with tyler and different ppl is excellent idea instead of just blogs and forums and posts
    at least we have started working on it and one way or either we are gona get it
    so keep it guys and even with -ve comments like you said are part of feedback and its excellent clean way of feedback that tells that we are honest in this issue and every single comment is welcomed
    i am pretty happy and it was my dream to have do something like that you guys are doing
    we are close to our goal because once you set up destination and start journey victory is ours.

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