The WikiHow Article “How To Grow Taller” Is Google Ranked Number 1 In Search And I Hate It

This post is my rant against the unfairness of the Google Ranking system which puts SEO leveraged articles ahead of the real content websites on the internet.

My Google Keywords tool is telling me that apparently that there is over 5,000,000 monthly searches for the phrase “How Do I Get Taller” and the #1 link for the 1st page is from a very plain, non-scientific, weak content article on the Article Database website WikiHow entitled “How Do Grow Taller: 8 Steps“. This article has so far 157 authors with up to 812 Revisions (and counting). There is over 2300 Facebook Likes, 3 Pins on it to Pinterest, and 148 Connections by Google+ Members. This article is also filled with Google Adsense ads in a rather sneaky way.

Of the entire article, there is only 8 sections with some really, really general recommendations with very little actionable steps. Sure, there is some nice pictures and the points are bulleted and numbered with easy to read colored material which makes things easy to read. Why is it that people are always more interested in what looks better and has weak content over the stuff which has strong content and not as good of an outer appearance?

So there is a video from the Video Database site HowCast on the article and it gives the same level of weak content.

On the entire article webpage there is 7 very well placed Google Adsense Ads with the most irrelevant ads on the right side offering me the opportunity to “Meet and Date Russian Girls”. Whoever wrote that short article probably has 20 clicks and day and makes $15/ day from just this one well ranked and ads stuffed article. This website has no ads placed and I am not making any income using the methods. I think it is unfair that things are so screwed up. While Blogs and Sites like which offers incredibly original research and analysis on this niche of height increase gets so little traffic, articles like this is getting maybe 10X the amount of traffic.

Why is this website not ranked at least on the first page of Google for this heavily typed in phrase? We need a change.




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