H.U.S.S. Method For Height Increase By Hakker For Stacking Found

I am finding in recent days that a lot of people have been finding the website and have become willing to chip in in their way to contribute to the cause.

I got a message on the Natural Height Growth  Facebook page from a regular reader who goes by the name “Knivez” who said that they have been doing A LOT of research on height increase through stacking steroids and supplements. And he provided to me the complete H.U.S.S. method, which if I remember correctly would be able to give the person who did it around 4.5 cm of height increease in 3 months or something around those values.

At this point I am trying to finish the old private posts and add upon the “Library” section to get a real database going. A lot of it is just to clean the website out and to sort things out so that it would be easier for me and the readers to access any important  material easier. That will the main focus for me for the next month or so. More material will be added but they are ideas or topics which I’ve thought about but haven’t gotten to talking about. I’m still hoping to get people like Hakker who has shown back up, Kazlina (goes by Nikki), and Dr. Brighton to come and get interviewed.

From the message poster….

I’m not exactly sure if this information is valid or not but I’ve been doing a lot of research lately pertaining to Height Increase and I found some interesting topics such as the HUSS Routine; 

Ghenerate 8 sprays – Stimulates Pi3K Activity and cell proliferation
– IGH1 1 pill – Stimulates LH secretion and increases GH production – NOT FOR OPEN PLATES
Niacin 500mg – Acts as a vasodilator and contributes to GH release – EOD
Melatonin 3mg – Increases sleep depth and acts as a mild AI – EOD
Triazole 3 pills – Suppresses aromatase activity AI
Huperzine A 100mcg – Inhibits release of somatostatin – EOD
Pyridostigmine 60mg – Better than huperzine A but kinda expensive.
Ipriflavone – Promotes chondrogenesis
– SAM e – Dna methylation and anti-oxidant
L-Arginine/L-Ornithine/L-GABA – 500mg+ – Stimulates GH production – EOD
Chondroitin – Amplifies IGF1 effect on chondrocytes
E-BOL – Promotes protein synthesis (ask altitude for sources and dosing)

I thought you might benefit from knowing exactly what some of the stacks were used in the past since they are not readily available. I’m also looking into some other methods previously discussed if you are interested 
– Multivitamin (Optimen) – A to Z – Nutrients and minerals
– Calcium 1500mg – For bone modelling and density

Analysis: If this list is the H.U.S.S. routine, I think then they are missing the part about exercise, nutrition, and sleep. If however they are just showing the supplement stack Hakker was suggesting, then the supplements are very accurate. Most of these supplements have been looked at some level before and I have stated that some of them have a real possibility to increase height. Right now I don’t intend to go into the science and theory of the supplements until I get some logistical and website issues worked out. However I will be keeping the list in the back of my mind so I can go back to this post to either edit and add upon the list or to write up new  posts looking at each compound individually.

Message For Tyler: If you are reading this, would you care to leave a comment on what you think about some of these supplement stacks? I don’t have the technical ability at this point to do a good enough critique for some of the stuff I haven’t seen before.

3 thoughts on “H.U.S.S. Method For Height Increase By Hakker For Stacking Found

  1. Tsm

    Hakker did a lot of great work, including use of letrozole and anavar. One member tested it, and had great succes. He had designed a closed plates stack, but nobody tried it, because of the money needed. Hakker is one of those few people who really gave me hope that we can grow. I don’t know how to contact him, though. He had a website, but it is down.

  2. ed

    hi i know this might be random . but heres my situation im almost 20 in 2 weeks , but i have mild acne and look young and i have very little facial hair , and my bone structure is small especially my wrists. im 5’8.5 atm .i feel like im not done what do u think? ……..my brother is 511 or 6 ft btw hes 22


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