HELP WANTED: The Website Needs Chinese And Korean Translators And Detectives To Translate And Find Scientific PubMed Study Articles

imgresWhat I am noticing a lot recently is that some of the more interesting article posts are written in languages which I can not read (yet). So I am throwing a post out there looking for a people who can read, and translate Chinese and Korean scientific studies, articles, and papers.

Sometimes I come across papers in German, or Finnish, or Japanese but some of the more recent ones which I find the most interesting are both hard to find a complete full document file and text on as well as being in a language which I can’t read.

So there is two job roles that I hope people can take on to help make a contribution to the cause.

  • I would like people to first go to  The Library section on where they can get just The Abstract, but still need the full document. The articles that are in another language are always in brackets, which is a nice thing that the PubMed database has already done, to indicate to native English readers that the paper is in another language.
  • Then hope you can translate (you can use Google translate, Yahoo Babelfish, etc.) the documents completely, at least the introduction, discussion, and conclusion parts. The experimental, and method sections can be left untranslated, until we are sure that the experiment showed success in what we are hoping for.

I am willing to pay for these documents if there is a database somewhere which does hold them and require payment. However I prefer not to expend the effort, energy, and time to find these key papers/ documents. That hopefully would be the job of a person who would like like to make a contribution to the website.

At this point I can’t pay anything to the person who does this. The only thing I can do at this point is give them credit and put their name on any posts and papers we the researchers would write about.

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