Reviewing A Height Increase Success Story By SkinTightFlash From Youtube, A Lance Ward Supporter

Yesterday I got an email from a reader of the website who wanted me to check out the videos on YouTube of a guy names SkinTightFlash who was showing his face and talking about his height increase success story. From only looking at 4 of the 7 videos he has uploaded to date, I would guess that he is a real honest person who is not trying to scam or con people out of money and pushing them to buy a product that doesn’t work. It seems that Lance Ward has featured him and his videos on the GTG (Grow Taller Guru) youtube channel to show that his programs do work in helping people grow taller. That is fair enough. So far he has become rather popular and even though he has 7 videos uploaded as of this current date, he has over 2000 video views, as he states. In each video, you can see that he gets dozens of comments asking for his routine and stretching patterns of who give his a congratulatory note. He seems like a really nice and likeable guy.

You can get to his YouTube video Channel by clicking the his profile at TightSkinFLash.

Click Here–>TightSkinFlash <– Click Here.

I will not be uploading, embedding, or posting any of his videos on this post since there is too many and the information I have below I had to watch all the videos and combine all the information he has given are all scattered through out the videos. There is no central video he has which would give all of the information below.

So far these are the facts we know about him.

Obviously he is an African American male

Age: over 25 years old, as he reports

Old claimed height: 5′ 7.25″ He says that from the age of 18 and high school, he remembers that he was always at 5′ 7″ and he is not sure where the quarter of inch came from after that. From his early 20s, he was always at 5′ 7″, not any taller.

Height found on his Driver’s License: 5 ‘7″ based in Texas. Note: The issue I have with that drivers license shot was that he did not show his face. That makes me slightly suspicious. There is really nothing to cover or hide from revealing his face on the drivers license. At least that would be a way to 

Claimed new height #1: 5′ 8.125″ , this is for his morning height, after he gets out of bed

Claimed new height #2 after more stretching: 5′ 8.25″ (for sometime later after September, maybe November-Decembet time range.)

Measured height late at night at the gym: 170.9 cm which is 67.2835 inches or 5′ 7.25″

Dad’s Height: 6′ 2″

Real Goal: 6′ 4″

Would settle for: 6′ 1.5″- 6′ 2″

Won’t really start to give advice or talk about his methods, routines, or ideas until he reaches: 5′ 11″

Won’t be sure if his height increase is real until he reaches: 5′ 9″

Others things to consider: The possibility of his measuring error is reduced because of his shaved head. Hair plays a large part in height measuring error. In one videos he explicitly shows a shot of his head before and after getting it shaved since he realizes that he had to be more accurate in his measurements and wanted to make sure the height increase he was measuring was real. Good for him. That shows he is really dedicated.

Measuring Technique: From one video he states that all though he has gotten people and commenters who suggest him getting a stadiometer, he has not gone that path since those things cost hundreds of dollars. His method is to measure and mark horizontal lines on a wall and use a book that pushes down until it reaches his head to measure himself. I would say that is still reasonable although it would lead to more measurement error than I would have desired.

Schedule of Measurement: He measures himself every morning. He did the very first measurement “late, late, late at night on the 13th of September…or maybe even the 14th of September since it might have crossed midnight…“(his quote) He was also dehydrated that date. Every other measurement after that first measurement was done in the morning. That is what he has chosen to measure himself.

This guy is on a 90 days height increase challenge. His routine he states is that he stretches 2 hours a day, which I found really impressive. He says in one of his videos that he tries to stretch 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes in the evening, and have the other 2 hours somewhere in the middle.

He does try some hanging on a bar chin-up style like Michael Jordan but he says in one of his replied comments that he can’t do it for more than 10 seconds.

So far, I have gone to his YouTube channel and written a message asking him if he would like to join in a discussion with me for one of the podcast episodes so we can record his story and hear everything. Apparently he does try to take the HGH cocktail we found from the Grow Taller 4 Idiots book, which is a mixture of Fava beans, raw cabbage, and tomatoes. He stated he goes with organic ingredients which is fine by me. Whatever makes him feel better. From the video it seems he buys his organic vegetables from Whole Foods and mixes the secret ingredient, organic natural milk with his vegetable “HGH Cocktail”.

When he talks about the secret ingredient, what I am guessing he is referring to is “organic natural milk“. The tallest groups of people in the world are either tribes in africa, the Dutch, or the Croatians/Serbians. Some of them do drink a lot of milk, while the  African tribes drink a lot of goat milk. The thing is that the pure cow milk is actually illegal to be sold in some states due to the fact most people feel the pure stuff may contain harmful compounds inside. Additional compounds are added which is believed to eliminate potential biological parasites or bacterial which could be harmful. In replacement, most places choose to add a chemical additive, which means you replace a potentially dangerous compounds from a biological source to a potentially dangerous compounds from a chemical source. He claims that SIMPLE SUGARS are bad if you want to be skinny or tall. I agree with him about the skinny part since there has been studies which link carbohydrates with increased fat retention, and carbohydrates are just complex sugars. However, I can’t give an opinon about his claim on the link between simple sugars and height since I have seen nothing to back up his claim about that. From the section of video it is shot at, note that he uses the term “a gallon and a half a day” when he types it up. That means the secret stuff is a liquid form measured in volumetric units. Plus, you can see him driving through an area which looks to be rural, so he might be actually at a farm. Of course I kept pausing his video so the last section was actually written before he revealed that the secret compound was organic natural milk in the next 3 seconds of the video.

In another video, you can hear a female voice interject which shows that he has not been doing these program on his own. That woman seems to be doing some of the camera holding on some of the videos. She is revealed to be his wife. He says that she supports his decision and desire to go through with the grow taller program 100% which is very commendable. In the same video, he reveals that his has two beliefs on why his situation is a littler harder than other people’s being slightly older that other people who are trying to grow taller and being overweight. He says that because of him being overweight, he would have to try harder than most others to get the results he wants.

In another video, he shares the story of how his cousin who used to tease him for him being shorter than him was recently compared in height to him to find out he was taller than her, both with shoes off. That would be a good ego boost to anyone, to get back at people.

My Personal Analysis: In many of my previous posts I had talked about this idea I called “Hidden Height” and I will say it again. Most people in society actually are not at their full height potential because they actually have “Hidden Height” which is never realized. What I am claiming to this guy is that he is just finally decideding to change his lifestyle incorporating better diet habits and exercises and stretching to realize that hidden height. I stated in a previous post entitled “What Percentage Of The General Population Can Increase Their Height?” which was written in the beginning of September about the idea of Hidden Height but I have also talked about it occasionally. In general, I have stated that people who have being overweight living unhealthy lifestyles before they start a height increase program are far more likely to see results that the people who are already doing fitness. This is because the person who is not doing fitness has not tried to realize that hidden height.

Since they don’t exercise a lot or try to stand completely straight, their vertebrate through gravity will actually start to curve more and their posture gets worst as a result. Being overwieght and/or obsese is the easiest way for people to have hidden height. The excess weight actually prevents their vertebrate from decompressing completely and letting them to stand completely straight. Further bad posture lead to further vertebrate curvature. My old girlfriend’s father had the the cervical vertebrate region so curved forward that the back of his head would never touch the bed if he lied on his back on the bed and removed the pillow. From older pictures you can see that he in his 20-30s always stood straight and had good posture but the years cause him to loss the good posture excess eating habits, long working hours, excess drinking, and habitual bad posture. If he tried a height increase routine he would have gained at least 1 inch back permanently.

That hidden height is from the fact that there are stretching a person with closed growth plates can do which can help them lead to 2-3 cms, and maybe even sometimes 4 cms of extra height which is mostly permanent. This guy states himself that he is overweight. This makes him the perfect candidate to see dramatic results. If he was a Olympic level gymnastic, no matter how much stretching he did, he would NOT increase even 0.25″ of extra height .It really does suck that the for the people who live healthy lives, the exercise and stretching routines won’t give them much results but can only be seen by people who have not been doing it.

There is a chance for a certain percentage of the population people to get some extra height in adulthood and that is seen in other posts whether you use rolfing, chiropractor, Alexander Method, PIlates, or Yoga. However, again it is really them gaining the hidden height potential they always had in their curved posture and vertebrate.

Conclusion: His 1 inch height increase is real and probably will be permanent. However my claim is that the increase is from hidden height which was already there which he is only now is being fully realized. There will come a point where he will be limited to any more height increase due to the contraints of bone i.e. the intervertebral disks can no longer decompress any more, and I would guess he won’t ever get past the 5′ 9″ limit. The clearest examples was the Monaug case from GiantScientific forums. He gained around 2 inches from a massive real dedicated stretching program  but eventually lost some of that and eventually ended up with about 1 inch of permanent growth. If he does however get beyond, 5′ 9″ to even 5′ 9.5″ then we really have something to look into and checking up on.

9 thoughts on “Reviewing A Height Increase Success Story By SkinTightFlash From Youtube, A Lance Ward Supporter

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  3. James Crowley Maximus Meridius

    I’m 5ft 7.75in i would like too be 6ft 1in i would settle for 5ft 10.5in 5ft 11in.

  4. James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridiuss

    Skintight flash is still doing the program he does stretches and weights twice a day i’m thinking doing the weights at home three times a day instead of one if skintight flash grows too 6ft 4in will be slimmer when lance was 5ft 8in he was fat when he grow too 6ft 2in he became slimmer.

  5. James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius

    Skintight is still doing the program he does stretches and weights twice a day i’m thinking of doing weights three times a day instead of twice lifting weights does help too grow taller as Lance said if Skintight flash grows too 6ft 4in will be slimmer when Lance was 5ft 8in he was fat when he grow too 6ft 2in he become slimmer.


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