Increase Height And Grow Taller Using Local Subperiosteal Injection Of Growth Factors IGF-1 And TGF-Beta Percutaneously.

As a followup to our previous post “Local Growth Factor Injections In Aged Periosteum Result In Increased Cambium Proliferation And Cartilage Formation (Breakthrough)” which I found a study which proves that the 2nd major step or element that has to be done was shown to be successful.

This method I am very confident will result in some height increase, even if it is from the thickening of the articular cartilage or the thickening of the periosteum layer on top of the epiphysis at the end of the long bones will lead to height increase.

Overall, this is probably the easiest method I have devised so far to lead to possible height increase so far. We already know that we can get TGF-Beta 1, 2, BMP-2, 7, and other growth factors from some companies which sell to biology and genetics researchers like Sino Biological Inc. and Invitrogen and Boston BioChem. From a quick look at the websites and the companies, we are finding that these growth factors like TGF-beta 1 and BMP-2 are very expensive at around $300 for just 25 or 50 micrograms. If we don’t wish to throw away money we would have to be very acurate in where to inject the growth factor. If we remember that even growth hormone injections for growth hormone deficient children is also very expensive due to the nature of real somatotropin being hard to make as a human recombinant derived synthetic version.

All that is needed to be done is to inject the growth factor TGF-beta 1 and IGF-1 into the cambium cell layer of the perisoteum on top of the epiphysis to get them to start differentiating into cartilage, increase the Type II collagen content, increase sulfate incorporation, 

This method I am very positive will lead to increased periosteum thickness and cause some height increase. However, we have to note that the cambium layer in humans do get thinner and thinner as we get older but never completely disappear until our later years.

The hard part is to figure out how to find the exact location of the periosteum layer on the epiphysis since it is covered by the articular cartilage Any type of injection would obviously have to puncture the articular cartilage covering and lead to medical complication.

If we couple this with LSJL it would lead to a possible synergistic effect.

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