Why Are We So Afraid To Reveal Our Identity For This Endeavor?

Recently I have noticed that even with the newly created Frequently Asked Questions sections uploaded which I hope would reduce most of the emails the website email has been getting, the emails still have increased in number. Overall, I would say that creating the FAQs section was still a good idea but one pattern I have noticed a lot in just the last few weeks or so was that as people start to email me multiple times, they start to become really concerned over their identity and state either in the first or last sentence of their message that they wish that I would not divulge to the other readers and visitors of the website who they really are, whether it would be email, country of origin, name, or even comment name.

Now, I could be wrong about this and it could be that some people just don’t want their name posted on the internet or desire any type of fame or notoriety, even for good things like success or high accomplishment. I have known many people and have read many instances where extremely brilliant people are nominated for medals, awards, and honors and when they choose to refuse the prize that they are awarded, it leads to the opposite intended effect, causing them to be even more thrown into the limelight and have people see who they are. However, I could be completely wrong and there is no valid theory behind this reasoning theory.

Here is what I think is the primary reason almost no one wants their name to be published on a height increase research website…

Here is what I am guessing is the real reason why no one wants to be associated with the project or endeavor, or at least have their real names and identity used.

They are afraid to be associated with failure, which would in some way through inference imply that they are also a failure. 

AnonymityI am quite positive that if we somehow came up with something that was shown to consistently give amazing results, most of the people who emailed me would prefer to get their names out. If this website ultimately succeeds in its original intention, it would completely change the way humans will live, behave, and act.

The truth is that in life, most people don’t care about what happens in the rest of the world, and only choose to focus and care about what is going on in their own life. If a person is choosing to take any form of initiative to do some form of action, it is done because they hope to gain something from doing it.

Failure can be described as a psychological “slap in the face” for trying to accomplish a task which would result in a person gaining something they desire.

Most people would not be willing to take the lead in a large group for fear that they would do something wrong, or decide to choice to take a path that leads to ruin or failure. They would instead play the game in a defensive way, waiting for another person who is willing to take the initiave, form a cause or manifestor, and follow them. It is almost automatically assumed that whoeve is the first to take a stance on something, or go down a path, they probably know more or is smarter than the other people who are waiting for a signal from everyone else. This way, even if the endeavor ends in failure, at least they don’t have to feel bad about themselves since they can always rationalize away their wrong choices by saying that everyone else was doing it and that they were just following the crowd.

In most of life, people are very risk averse. In general, females are even more risk averse. They learn better from bad experiences and almost completely stop trying a specific endeavor if the first time they tried the experience it resulted in high levels of pain. For most people in life, they are only willing to do the minimum amount of work and give just enough effort to get by in life and just survive to the next day. It really does take a large amount of mental and emotional energy and effort to be better and further than one’s peers and contemporaries.

Our real reason for not revealing our identity is that we know that our desired out come has a high chance of failure. Success is something which will not come quickly, but can only be found after years and years of dedicated research, testing, and errors.

If instead you were commenting or discussing your idea on a website devoted to weight loss, one would probably be far more comfortable with giving and using one’s real name and usernames. Weight loss is relatively easy, well defined, easy to perform and get results, and is a overall socially promoted and accepted idea. When people decide to write out their New Year’s resolutions, one of the most common resolutions is to loss weight. This means that they probably at one point in time went on a health, fitness, and nutrition website and read a few articles on how to get fit, get strong, and loss weight.¬†Weight loss is possible, since the adipose tissues are malleable, easy to contort and push around. Weight loss is even automatic, if one decided to follow certain diet rules with discipline. A person can quite easily call themselves a fitness and weight loss expert if they can show some results themselves and they would be willing to put their names on their method, system, or technique since weight loss has been consistently shown to work and have results.

Height increase, but especially for people after physical maturity, is an endeavor that is extremely difficult, if not impossible for most people. Whatever stories or results we do find online in those websites or forums are almost never reproducible by other people. The results and successes are also sporatic, random, and unpredictable. The methods and proposed ideas are many but few get any results. What results that are seen are often just temporary. This means that for our desire to grow taller, it is not likely, it is more likely to fail than succeed, and very difficult to achieve, not matter how much we desire for it with our minds and hearts, since some things in world just can’t be changed without insane amounts of power and force to even alter the way things are even a slight bit.

So…Why Are We So Afraid To Reveal Our Identity For This Endeavor?

  • A Personal Answer: Because we are afraid that we would become associated with an endeavor that would not lead to any solution, failure.


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