From, Xcrunner211 Notes On Height Increase For Teenage Males With Open Plates, Warning NSFW

Warning, NSFW: Right at the beginning, XRunner starts talking about the subject of masturbation, which is a sensitive topic for some people. This makes me conclude that he (I assume XRunner is a guy) is talking mainly to guys about this topic. 

About two days ago I got in the website email a message from a guy “Eliot” who sent to me a .docx file which seems to be a collection of posts this person on other height increase forums calls Xcrunner211. The name is only familiar since James/Hakker said in the last podcast episode, which I took down, that there were a few big players in the now dead website one being this guy XRunner, another being Alkoclar, and a few others.

It seems that XRunner had his own ideas, his own theories, and routines on how to grow taller.

I looked at only the first few pages only so from what I am interpreting of his routines, they are supposed to be used mainly for teenage males who are still growing. He suggest using a combination of IGH-1 and Ghenerate with also Glucosamine/Chondroiton/MSM thrown in there as well. We can see that the ideas from the MENS routine is mentioned since growth hormone secretagogues, melatonin, and niacin are all mentioned. He does say that lithium only works for people who have open growth plates.

On a side note: I actually took Lithium when I was around 16, when I was still growing and I can absolutely attest to the fact that Lithium made me go from a weight of around 170-175 to 205. As for height, I never noticed whether it had any affect there but I (and my parents) all noticed a dramatic weight increase from using the precription.

I would say that XRunner is quite knowledgeable on the possible routines and mechanics on HOW to grow taller. He mentions two compounds which I have heard about Folic Acid, and Folinic Acid. Sam-e is also mentioned.

His advice on playing basketball I felt is not needed. In general, we must remember that people who play basketball don’t become taller. It is more likely that people end up playing basketball from peer or social pressure because they were naturally tall from the beginning. This is where people think correlation is causation, which it is not. I would rather suggest going for swimming since the load is removed from the body and the bone density of swimmers I’ve found from swimmers are far less than still growing teenagers who play other sports like soccer. We then must remember that in general, being tall and having longer bones has some correlation to having lower than average bone densities. With this weak link of logic, I would say that swimming leads to lower bone density, less compressive loading on the bones, and leads to possible greater overall height.

The ideas on masturbation has no scientific basis. There are studies which show that high levels of stress during the young growing years might have some form of growth stunting effect. Since the act of masturbation and orgasm causes stress levels to drop from the dopamine release during orgasm, we would infer using inductive reasoning that masturbation may be a good thing helping to lower stress levels, thus maybe leading to more normal levels of growth. Of course, this is all just complete guess work and I can be completely wrong about this.

XRunner, if you are a reader of this website, I hope you are willing to come forward and give your opinions and thoughts on what you wrote before on the other height increase forums and boards.

Conclusion: From what I can tell, some of the ideas make some sense and do seem to have a real possibility of working for teenage males who are still growing in possibly increasing their height growth rate. He is willing to claim that this stuff would work for people with even closed plates in their early 20s and obviously I can’t back that claim up.

If you really wanted to look at the file, I decided to put it as a link below. The file is a .docx file so if you have Microsoft Word of any of the newest version it should be no problem in opening the file. This file will also be uploaded to The Library section.

Click Here –> XRunner Research File <– Click Here

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    Hello, I am xcrunner, contact me here at my new email( if you want to grow. .closed or open growth plates, it doesn’t matter


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