A Honest Guide On How To Possibly Increase Height And Grow Taller, For The Person With Open Epiphyseal Growth Plates

Not available at this time – Earliest release date: July 1, 2013

A Honest Guide On How To Possibly Increase Height And Grow Taller, For People With OPEN Epiphyseal Growth Plates

A guide on Honest, non-BS, logical, scientifically validated ideas to possibly increase the growth rate of height increase during the years when the growth plates are still open.

Warning #1: Do not purchase this product on the spur of the moment. I will just say it right now. There is NO REFUND. Please read that last part again.

Price Of This Product: Not Sure Yet

  • Length Of Product: over 100 pages for sure. – at this point it is still being developed and in the infancy stages of being finished (ie. 4-5 pages finished)
  • Number Of Actual Proposed Ideas, Methods, and Techniques You Can Implement: over 10 techniques, ideas and things which have been documented by real researchers and medical professionals have proven through experimentation in the laboratory to work.

First thing first, the most obvious thing about the book – This book is going to be quite expensive

There is no doubt about it. If you want one of the regular E-Books that some Internet Marketer who uses Clickbank to sell a weak content based book, go to the – Free Stuff – or The Library section. Those E-Books and E-Products have the regular type of information which you would find in most books. This book is real and detailed of only technical information. However that technical information is only used to validate and show definite proof from sources, citations, and references that scientific professionals in the past have seen the same type of results and phenomena.

In this book I will be giving specific step by step directions on what to do. The book is a guide and an instruction manual. Sure, I can spend the next 40 minutes giving as many fluffy reasons on why you should buy this book to justify the of price but I can’t. I am going to let the content and the information built its own reputation.

The Truth: All the information you will find in the book, you can find at some point on the website. At some point I have talked about one of the 4 main ideas already. What I have done is take all the most useful and applicable content from the last 1000 posts and placed them in one place.

At some point I realized that the Supplement Guide and the Exercise Program Guide was not enough. The section I put up for FAQS to help slow down the onset of dozens of emails I get each day still did not stop the emails. This is the way I can put a full stop to the emails. This “book” is the best advice that I can give at this stage in my research.

I will NEVER lie or try to deceive the readers and the visitors to this website/blog. Everything I am showing you is the best content and “secrets” that I have found. There is NO Magic Pill.

Warning #2: Do not purchase this product on the spur of the moment. I will just say it right now. There is NO REFUND. Please read this again. Think rationally about this choice and ask yourself whether you are really going to put the energy, effort, and time to implement the suggestions and steps given.

The reason There is no refund is because I am around 80-85% confident that the methods described in the book will work in increasing the rate of longitudinal growth in the long bones of the person who is still developing with OPEN growth plates. I don’t have 100% confidence because that would be arrogant of me to think I would know all the answers.

The whole endeavor of trying to increase one’s height is a very tricky and sensitive subject.

The most important question you probably should ask yourself is….

How badly do I really want it? How much do I really want to increase my height? What am I willing to give up and sacrifice to gain the amount of height increase that I am hoping for?

I wrote in a post about this exact issue because I understand the psychological resistance there is with this type of purchase. You have been tricked before. The scam artists are many and this ENTIRE niche is a cesspool of scams and frauds. I have looked at the past work of the other height increase researchers and seekers before me. I have read everything I could about the research Sky (from EasyHeight.com and LimbCenter.org), Tyler (from HeightQuest.com), Hakker (from GrowTallForum.com), the GrowTallerForum.com (which is not related to the more popular forum), the GrowTallerInfo.com forum, Alkoclar, XCrunner211, Bababooey, GiantScientific.com, the people on the MakeMakeTaller.org forum, and whatever else I have been able to find.

If you are going to put your (or your parents’, siblings’, friends’) credit card information in, I hope you are really ready to make the type of commitment to say that you are willing to actually go through with the stuff that the book talks about.

I don’t intend for this book to make a lot of money. I know very few people would accept the idea of paying $100 for a book. and that is perfectly okay. If I sell not one copy in its existence I will still be okay. This is a book which I am writing for my future children, which I will use on my own children in time since I have confidence in the ideas I propose. This book is my legacy.

I don’t intend to take down this website for a long time, at least until the internet changes so much that this type of format can no longer function. Sky from EasyHeight.com and LimbCenter.org had those sites up for over 6 years. Hakker had his website up for around 4-5 years. If you would like to see what was on those websites you can use the Wayback Machine that archives old, dead websites from the entire internet.

This website/blog is not going away, since I know for a fact that I am making a difference in this world by doing more research on this subject.

[Disclaimer: As always I am not a medical professional but just an obsessive amateur researcher on auxology and height increase, so taking any type of advice from me is at your own risk. I can not and will not be held responsible legally or financially for any injuries or adverse affects that might happen to the individual who does indeed choose to go through the procedures I talk about. I have a high level of  confidence in my own product and my research can indeed stand up to close scrutiny, scientific scepticism, and criticism by people from the medical establishment.]

Before you click on that link below to buy this book, read this final message very clearly!

This book is for people with OPEN EPIPHYSEAL GROWTH PLATES. If you are still at the age or stage in your life where natural normal growth is still possible since your growth plates are around, then this book is okay to buy. –

– If however your epiphyseal growth plates aka physis is CLOSED, gone, ossified, etc. whatever you want to call it, then do not buy this book. It will NOT help you. Buy the CLOSED EPIPHYSEAL PLATE BOOK instead, assuming that I ever do manage to finish that book and find real viable ideas and techniques.  –

So please put your full name and personal email information below to make a reservation for the option to buy the book when it finally is finished. I promise that when the book is finally finished, I will give you a email notice/message that the book is ready for you to easily buy and download for use. There is also a very good chance that I will upload the book to Amazon.com as a Kindle E-Reader file.

5 thoughts on “A Honest Guide On How To Possibly Increase Height And Grow Taller, For The Person With Open Epiphyseal Growth Plates

  1. haith

    I am 21 years old male , I am 5’3
    after visiting your website I read that you are working on a book to help people grow taller
    I want to know if this book can help me grow taller
    i tried lots of things to grow taller , and recently I started thinking of doing a leg-lengthening surgery
    I am really desperate , I want to leave the surgery as my last option
    I want you to tell me if your book is going to work for me or I am too old for it because I really want something that works

  2. Filimon Kidane Tewelde

    Hi this is me filimon. Would you like to mention me the real about how the method i able to use in increase height. I am too boring of being short person. Plz let me tell the way to stand even an inch with little hope.
    I give my special thanks in advance


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