A New Proposed Height Increase And Grow Taller Method From Periosteum Removal (Breakthrough)

In the last post I would reveal that I had found a study done years ago where a group of researchers found that if you strip the periosteum area close to (but not on) the epiphyseal cartilage area, there was a noticeable increase in longitudinal growth of the bone.

What I would suggest then in this post is an idea for increasing height for people who are still growing which I would say is very simple.

What I would suggest is that the individual would try to stimulate the areas close to the growth plates in their body, near the bone area to lead to increased longitudinal growth.

If we remember the application of the LSJL method using the dumbbells, I would suggest actually something very similar. We take a large, rather blunt heavy instrument, and apply a sliding force to the region of the lower leg/tibia in the epiphysis region, which would be close to the physis (growth plate).

While the rate/frequency of the rubbing has not been determined or optimized yet, I propose that the rubbing action of say a heavy, large surfaced dumbbell would be effective enough to possibly strip some of the periosteum level cells and possibly cause some increased growth.

What I have been thinking is to use a type of chisel that one finds from woodworking like a fishtail chisel wurlhich can evenly and accurately reach a more uniform compressive load action on the bone area.

kneeThe area to rub in the knee region is right on the bone area above where the growth plate would be located. Refer to the picture to the left where the arrow is point at. We would be wanting to rub and try to get the periosteum in the bone area above it.

The action I would suggest is to go with a scrapping or up and down motion on the bone above the tibial physis but the motion should be performed across the entire bone region.

If the study “A PROCEDURE FOR STIMULATION OF LONGITUDINAL GROWTH OF BONE” done on rabbits can be translated to humans even slightly, this method for increased longitudinal growth in growing children should work.

However it might be a better idea to move away from sharp tools that might have been traditionally for woodworking purposes and go with even the hard, but large area edge of a textbook to get the same type of movement and stimulating effect. Interesting, this idea was also proposed in the Book “School Of Height” which I had briefly talked about in the previous post “The School Of Height By A.S. Palko Book Arrived, Thanks Kazlina“, but the idea was instead to rub the knee or joint regions with a certain type of material.


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